Mizuno Wave Rider 18 (Rainbow Warrior)

This month’s shoe review will be a guest post by ZJ aka Joe and he will be giving his first impression and running experience with the Limited Edition Mizuno Wave Rider 18 (Osaka Edition), so read on for his personal views on the following

First and foremost I would like to thank Isaac for this opportunity for providing me with this Wave Rider 18 for the review as because the new Wave Rider 18 made its debut recently at the first Singapore Mizuno Concept Store  and I must say this pair of shoes is quite unlike the rest. First of all, look at all the colours that it has to offer. I really like what Mizuno did with this pair of shoes, I think it’s a very bold move, and honestly how many pairs of rainbow coloured shoes have you seen on the streets.

After putting in a few runs into the shoe I felt that the Wave Rider 18 has a very comfortable shoe upper which does not constrict the movement of the feet,  The AIRmesh provides breathability to keep the foot cool and the OrthoLite Sockliner provides a moisture absorbent environment that caters to people like Isaac976 who hates socks so that is a plus for people who run sockless

The Midsole of the Wave Rider 18is made up of Mizuno Iconic U4ic pronounce as Euphoric, the shoe itself is very lightweight and it provides optimal shock absorption, durability as well as a resilient ride. The Mizuno Wave running from heel to midfoot creates an impressive springy and well cushioned ride.

The Blown Rubber in the forefoot increases cushioning   and made the shoe very responsive. Like the Wave Rider 17 the X10 provide enhanced traction. The most noticeable change since the 17 was the sole being a broader base which actually enhances the running experiences and keeping the runner well balance in their running gait.

Upon putting on this pair of shoes I felt that it is slightly heavier than the NB Fresh Foam 980 which I loved. Unlike the NB Fresh Foam which had an upper to midsole that was virtually flimsy and does not hold,as for the AIRmesh  was well made and you can actually feel it clinging onto the top of your feet. Despite that, the toe box still provides sufficient space for toe play making it very roomy and comfortable shoe.

Though the sole of the Wave Rider 18 is slightly harder than the NB Fresh Foam 980, it feels more responsive than the Fresh Foam. Having run in the Wave Rider 18, all I can say is this pair of shoes is perfect for the heel strikers. The groove of the shoes keeps your legs momentum going when it lands on the ground. It’s like the Wave Rider 18 itself is encouraging you to keep on running.

 Mizuno Wave Rider 18

ZJ’s 2cents Worth of the Mizuno Wave Rider 18:


  1. The shoe easily caters for all the different types of Running Styles
  2. Responsiveness of the shoe when toe off feels instant
  3. I am using this shoe for Basketball for its wide base sole which I love


  1. Hardness of the sole can be quite taxing your feet when doing long distance running.
  2. Shoe can be slightly lighter
  3. Design didn’t vary much from its predecessor



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