Gorgeous Audiophilia Pairing: Sonos X Klipsch

I never realized the importance of sound quality and by sound quality I meant “REAL” euphoric quality, having a dad who always loved his music, he spent thousands of dollars on sound system back when I was a young boy, He would get his speakers shipped in when he was travels to other countries, remember the time when he ships back brand such as Infinity, Yamaha’s, Marrantz, Harman Kardon and few others just to name a few, imagine at that young age I was exposed to good sound system. He would even go to the extent of pimping out his car with sound systems which some people call it ICE: short for In Car Entertainment and then having my mom giving him an earful. Seriously LOL, He would blast it out loud while washing his car on the weekend.

So growing up, I would understand why people would pay top dollar for headphones and speakers because the difference is stark in contrast. My latest setup would be the pairing of speakers of which it is like if you pair them both together it is so wrong that it becomes right ? (OK stupid analogy) anyway……

What I lately added to my arsenal of tech is the gorgeous pairing of SONOS X KLIPSH  on my TV console, I was pretty skeptical about SONOS at first, mainly because I have not heard of them, but to be honest maybe I was ignorant and only looking at the mainstream  brands made me blind to others, I should have done more research and bought them earlier because it will be the best investment for people who loves music. reading forum after forum there is nothing but praises for Sonos Connect Amp and even Klipsh Reference series speakers.

Even the infamous Harvey Specter from Suits listen to a pair of Klipsch Reference speakers (link), If you follow do follow the drama, you will understand that Harvey has a taste for vocal music, one of the episode Mike goes through his collection of vinyl, you would know there isn’t any House or Instrumental but only vocal groups or solo performer, it’s to say that this pair of speakers are made for vocal.

Suits Klipsch RB51

I was ecstatic that the iconic Klipsh Black and Gold RB reference speakers was on display on his office. (those are the RB51) These babies are no doubt one of the best I have heard when it plays vocals, the projection and accuracy of voice is realistic, the warmth of a human vocals projecting from the speakers to you ears.

Whats a good speaker to do without a solid amp, I got the SONOS connect amp which have the capability of a wireless functionality. Check out how I setup my speakers within 15mins. This is one seriously easy setup to be honest, OK, I was kinda scared on the setup at first. but trust me it is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Amp Out

2. Speakers Out

3. Connect wire connection then link all your device using your home internet connection

Done within 20 minutes or less, I have even put up in timelapse to show you how fast I did it.

See how easy it was, no fancy tools, no sweat and best of all it was all done in a jiffy and instantly you will be enjoying pure clarity high fidelity. What made me raved so much about this speakers was when I personally experienced downtime on my own TV network while watching a marathon of SUITS, and watching continuously 10hours I had to resort to using my laptop to go on and when I continued on with one of the episode, I basically cranked up my laptop speakers. What sounded good to me suddenly sounded like a sharp knife piercing my ears. what happen to clarity? what happened to warmth? what happened to surround? it’s all gone.

Without continuing my series, I tried to get my network to stream the series to my TV so that I can play beautiful warm vocal through it again, never after that I played any music or any thing through my laptop ever again. (this is not an exaggeration, sounds like but it is not I assure you)

I would like to suggest you to head down to Tat Chuan where I got my speakers from for a demo but I would still say it would not justify the sound but it is the best and only solution for you to try them out. Do visit their store as they have the full series of Sonos and Klipsh at their premises, not to mention their sales guys are outgoing and friendly, ask them anything and they will surely oblige to assist

Address  : The Adelphi (Opp. Funan / City Hall MRT)
                   1 Coleman St #01-17 S179803
Phone     : +65 6334 5566
Email      : shop@tcacoustic.com.sg

Isaac’s 2cents worth on SONOS X KLIPSCH aka SONOS ON STERIODS

This pairing is definitely speakers and amp made in heaven. If you are a fan of vocal and love live acoustic concerts, talk shows, drama with much conversation this is definitely your to go to speakers, best part is that SONOS has a tagline of “Stream All The Music On Earth”, This Sonos amp coupled with your tablet or smartphone it would make a music sharing a wonderful euphoria. The Klipsch speakers design team truly got sound right to the T making vocals never sounding punchy or pitchy, the balance is just on the money. My favourite vocal playing on repeat is Sam Smith – In the Lonely hour.

If I had to find a problem with this pairing, I would say lower our prices for the masses as this gorgeous pairing should be enjoyed by everyone who love music. If you love your music start saving for this, Hope you have enjoy reading this review as I have written it and if you have any question on the setup, Sonos or Klipsch do let me know in the comment box or Youtube comment. I will try my best to answer them all.

SONOS X Klipsch


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