Puma Lights up the Singapore Flyer

PUMA is excited to launch IGNITE, the brand’s latest running shoe that has been designed to provide maximum energy return. To mark the launch of its most energized running shoe yet, PUMA calls on all running enthusiasts to join us as they work together to ignite Singapore.

The goal – generate enough energy to light up the Singapore Flyer!

Puma Run Ignite

Runners are invited to run on treadmills alongside artistes like Xu Bin, Aloysius Pang, Dawn Yeoh, Allen Chen and Charles Lee where the energy generated from their runs will be stored. Upon reaching the threshold of 100 percent, the harnessed energy will be unleashed to ignite the entire Singapore Flyer.

During this launch event, runners and members of the public can look forward to be among the first to experience the PUMA IGNITE as they contribute to powering up the Singapore Flyer. For the rest of the night, they will also be able to find out more about the technology behind the IGNITE as well as enjoy a complementary ride on the Singapore Flyer.

Running attire is welcomed but not required! There will be PUMA IGNITEs on-site for runners to experience our latest running shoe as we light up the Singapore Flyer together! Details for the launch event is as follow

  • Date: 12 March 2015
  • Time: 7pm
  • Location: The Greek Theater, Singapore Flyer

This launch event also kick-starts the #IGNITEsg campaign as part of PUMA’s IGNITE YOUR CITY campaign globally. #IGNITEsg will see personalities from Singapore commit to running for 21 consecutive days and share their IGNITE story via their social media channels, igniting runners in Singapore and inspiring them to run.

As part of this campaign, runners can also join in the 21 days challenge, where they are encouraged to chronicle their runs on Instagram with #IGNITEsg. To reward the challengers’ commitment, PUMA will select 3 winners based on originality and creativity of their posts. Each winner will walk away with $200 PUMA voucher.


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