Problem Pinning Your Race Bib?

Update: Got back from work and I have to say the Bib Fix Give Away is now Closed ! Thank you for the overwhelming response… I will be sending it to you guys by post tomorrow. Sorry It is only to 5 person. Do wait for the more Isaac’s Give Away.


This was my 2015 Tokyo Marathon bib, and in that bib it states Gate 4 on the upper left, that means I am in the holding pen for the 4hour category, and now if you ask me why are you looking at my bib, you would notice the pins in the middle of the picture right? That is a standard that comes with all race bibs, Well this post is dedicated to divorcing those little pins

BibFix (1)

Last year I did about 12 races and most definitely all races comes with a identification tag (Race Bib) that is given to you to identify the racer, and you wonder what is the most annoying thing that could result from just seems to be a harmful piece of paper? what could go wrong? Just a paper right ?  I can name you plenty

  1. Torn race singlet
  2. Mis-aligned Race Bib
  3. Pinning your own self (ok I admit It happend to me)
  4. Torn race bib

Putting on your race bib correctly is an essential step to having a great race. It’s important that race officials see your race bib so they know that you’re an official participant. If you don’t have your bib securely fastened on the right way, it could get annoying and uncomfortable during the race. You also want to make sure that the professional photographers on the course can clearly see your bib because they use your race number to match you and your race

How hard could it be right? well it’s not a matter of how hard, I always try to find the most convenient way to put it on, the fast way I found pinning my bibs has always been with two pins, Just pinning it on the top part which resulting in the bib flapping upwards. I do find it annoying but recently I have tried a couple of brands

Tackonz and Bibbits

tackonzBib bits

If you notice all my bib pins are red cause that’s yours truly lucky color, if you notice one of the bib bits is missing cause that what it is, ran my Berlin Marathon with only 3, bummer.

Then came a saviour which I have tried and tested, it is BIB FIX which I used for my most recent races (yes it is red again)

Bib Fix

If you notice that at first I thought this was similar to Tackonz and I hated Tackonz cause it was the hardest to put on and I keep fumbling while putting it on, worst is after running with Tackonz my bib is totally crushed and some Tackonz have popped out of place.

If you are wondering BibFix is from Spain and it is also made in Spain, It is pretty much easy to put on even easier than Tackonz I assure you but my BibBits which is the magnet was the easiest to put on but falls of even easier (there goes my TEN EUROS)

BibFix (2)

Putting is on is simple I assure you and I have found the easier way to do it also

  1. Firstly take all the Bib Fix out
  2. Align your Bib and Tshrt to the part where you like it (usually I will align in to the region of my tummy)
  3. Place the Bib Fix then place the white part of Bib Fix and press firmly till you hear a click
  4. Done, Now go RACE !

BibFix (5) BibFix (6) BibFix (7) BibFix (8) BibFix (9)

Bibfix is a reusable and affordable

So the benefits are as follow

  • Designed specifically for athletes participating in an array of sporting events
  • Causes no damage to clothing
  • Is lightweight
  • Presents a low profile
  • Is comfortable to wear
  • Will not cause skin irritation or allergies


Do visit  BibFixSGMY for all the colors available or if  you are interested in purchasing, do contact the person handling the BIB FIX account, from their comment and service response, they seem pretty fast and item ordered will be delivered promptly, they can even make arrangement to send it out to other countries but please do check with the people of BibFix,

Otherwise you can also try your luck at my BIB FIX give away, I know you guys like give away and here is to start the Month with.

Isaac 2cents GIVE AWAY

I am giving away 5 units of Bib Fix (random color to five lucky readers) First Five the answer to “Where is Bib Fix From” to . Remember to include the following




Remember, The First Five readers only.


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