Infuusa Tea Drink Hydration and Eat Calories

Most average people dont understand after a short run or even a gym session, doesn’t warrant us to drink a bottle of sports drinks, energy drinks, bottled waters, fitness waters – who’s to know? We don’t all sweat like pigs when we exercise and drinking those only counter the hard work that we have put into. I am not saying dont drink it at all, drink it after an intense session of sports or if you are perspiring bucket loads.

Infuusa roadshow

Then came Infuusa, Wei is the founder of Infuusa and he told me why he have created this product, it is to target the athletes to “drink hydration and eat calories” back when he was training people in the gym for spinning class (he still is a spin instructor) he noticed the amount of people drinking sports drink and water, so he asked the members why did they do so?

Their answer usually was ‘I need to replace carbs/electrolytes lost during exercise.’  and well for water, sometimes it’s just too plain.

For me, I personally like a bit of taste to my water that is why I dilute my can of coke or redbull into my bottle, my ratio has always been 1:3. I have to admit it taste abit icky but hey flavor is important to me and it was what I have been doing for the longest time until Wei introduced me Infuusa, and the rest is history do check out my youtube video to see what I think about the drink


Infuusa uses a method called cold brewing and what cold brewing does is that not only it better preserves antioxidants, it also gives the resulting infusion a sweeter taste as compared to hot brewing.

You can also checkout Infuusa Instgram page you can see they post out fabulous recipes instead of the sachet into bottle like what I did, here is some shots I’ve taken from their Instagram page

Infuusa Shweppes

pic: infuusa instagram


pic: infuusa instragam

pic: infuusa instragam

In 2015 Infuusa now has additional flavors added to their line of tea, they now have Summer Peach, Quadbery and (spicy) LemonGrass Ginger

Benefits of Infuusa

No sugar added 5 calories. That is what’s inside 500 ml of Infuusa (1 sachet). Both QuadBerry and Lemongrass Ginger are also caffeine-free
More antioxidants for increased health Research shows cold brewing leaves more antioxidants intact in the drink
Natural ingredients Only real fruit, berries and organic spice is used in Infuusa. No strange chemicals here.
Lets you hydrate more Research shows that adding taste to water makes you reach for the bottle more often, letting you stay hydrated throughout the day
Designed for activity Infuusa contains 50% more ingredients making it specific for bottle brewing . Just pop a sachet into a bottle of cold or room temperature water, shake and hydrate in minutes. No hot water is needed

Retail Price Infuusa retails for S$13.90 for a 10-pack, and S$29.70 for a 30-pack. Pssst, you can get an additional 10% discount just by signing up their newsletter. Do visit all their webiste to place your order now.




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