Jean Paul Gaultier and Eastpak join forces to create awareness about HIV/AIDS

A Common Cause! Jean Paul Gaultier and Eastpak join forces to create awareness about HIV/AIDS.


It began with a single bag: Jean Paul Gaultier’s unique creation for the fourth edition of Eastpak Artist Studio in support of Designers Against AIDS (DAA). Now, that first encounter has grown into something even bigger: a full collaborative collection that combines Jean Paul Gaultier’s unique artistic vision and Eastpak’s uncompromising passion for functionality, capturing the spirit, heritage, values and identity of both brands.

Jean Paul Gaultier House:

“Looking through the Eastpak heritage, the inspiration for the collection imposed itself quite naturally.

The Limited Edition Collection evokes Eastpak’s military heritage with its lacing and corsetry which plays an essential part in the history of Jean Paul Gaultier. In the Main Collection, Eastpak’s college and street heritage is represented through a bomber jacket and a denim jacket, iconic pieces which Jean Paul Gaultier has reinterpreted many times in his collections.”

The Eastpak x Jean Paul Gaultier collection includes 7 backpacks in all, three of which will be released as numbered, limited editions. All bags feature the overstitched Bretton stripe on the back, a signature Gaultier design element. Only the main collection pictured above will be available in Singapore


The Eastpak X JPG main collection backpacks are available from April at Eastpak boutique for $179


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