Alcoholic Fitness Monday ?

Do you know what gets people motivated in sports? I like a bit of challenge but for most people it is the motivational quotes as well as inspirational words that people say,I am sure some of you hold one or two motivational quotes to heart and it does help us in the long run when we want to achieve our goal, Be it Half Marathon, Triathlon or even the Ironman Event.

Some people really do think out of the box and since it’s a slow Monday, I wanna share with you how creative people can get, like how some people say it is all in the perspective, some of it do made me chuckled but the last one is my fav (my favourite quote, not the drinking)

00379312 00379322 00379332 00379342 00379352 00379362 00379372 00379382 00379392 00379402 00379412 00379422 00379432 00379442 00379452 00379462 00379472 00379482 00379492 00379502 00379512 00379522 00379532 00379542 00379552 00379562 00379572 00379582

And my Favourite quote of all

00379602Have a great Week ahead guys, lets go for a drink.. er… run ..

thanks to walltowatch for all the wonderful pics


One response

  1. I liked “You never your limits until you push them”… That about sums it up. The poster is missing “know”. LOL


    13/04/2015 at 8:35 pm

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