Samsung S Action Bluetooth Mouse

Whats the use of a tablet for most people? surfing the net? entertainment hub? Gaming platform? Well I took one step further and bought myself a bluetooth wireless mouse from Samsung, This mouse needs no dongle to plugin like the one you use on your PC but this one connects through frequency hence eliminating the dongle, I have paired both my wireless keyboard and mouse and it works seamlessly

So now not only is the tablet just a table, it is also my laptop and after using the mouse on my laptop tablet it really felt like I was on my pc, I really can’t wait to try it out on my next travel, I will try to blog on the go as it has the full capability of doing all the things I do on my laptop. What’s there not to like, (Video editing apps, High quality pixel camera, HD video recording and editing apps). Do watch for the unboxing and how easy it is to pair

Eliminate the inaccuracy that you get with some types of wireless mouse! Samsung’s Bluetooth® mouse combines all the convenience of wireless connection with the precision of a wired mouse. With an omnidirectional range of up to 10metres, fully supporting Bluetooth® 3.0, the S Action Mouse delivers seamless connectivity with full control and high accuracy.

The Smarter Way To Communicate

Optimised For Multi-tasking

Optimised For Multi-tasking

Samsung Action mouse’s Recent App / Menu and Multi Window modes are optimised for Samsung Android™ tablets*. Briefly press the S Action Button to view recent apps at a glance at the bottom of the screen. Press and hold the S Action Button to run menu functions to access the setup of App Tray or Apps running, or the right button of the mouse to run Multi Window.

More Control In More Places

More Control In More Places

With Blue Trace technology, you will have excellent control and accuracy with the Bluetooth® mouse. And because it works fully on many different surface types*, there’s no need for a mouse pad anymore!

Ergonomic Design – Compact and ergonomic for easy gripping and maneuvering 

Bluetooth Type – Bluetooth wireless connectivity with an omnidirectional range of up to 33′

Gesture Recognition – Five gesture function keys for use with Windows 8 ; go back a page, switch apps, close apps, zoom in and out, or open the Charms menu with just one touch

No mouse pad needed – Blue trace technology combines optical and laser technologies to ensure accuracy, and allows it to work  on nearly any surface including wood, granite, and carpet

Fully optimized for Windows 8

Thanks for watching and reading this. Have a fabulous Monday people.


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