Salomon X-Scream 3D First Impressions

Having the perks to work with so many sports agency and PR company is one of my driving force to wake up early in the morning on a rainy weekend when I am not in training season, running this blog is not monetary purpose I assure you and what I pen down is totally my own thoughts and first impression of the product, so no bullshit no sugar coating, You guys can ask me anything about the product and I would be happy to reply if I have the answer. So this week I am bringing you my First Impression of the Salomon X-Scream 3D

Do catch my teaser trailer and other runners opinion on the X-Scream here usually my posting will be later than my Youtube videos as I have to post there before drafting this down. So if you want first hand information, do subscribe to my Youtube channel as I will be posting more product and training videos there soon.

Well let’s get it on, Last Sunday we ran with the Salomon team and it was an invite extended to me by Salomon sponsored by World Of Sports. This event was for the exclusive launch of the X-Scream 3D, if you did not follow my blog X-Scream is the Salomon City to Trail series. Much have been improved over the previous X-Scream Salomon have heard from the runners and improved on all design aspect starting from the.

X-Scream 3D (2)


 The new X-Scream 3D design is now based more closely to the higher end Sense-Pro series, this gives the shoe a more attractive look and color way have also improved with bright and bold colors similiar to SpeedCross, but this shoe is not all about the look. It performs as expected and maybe a little bit even more.  X-Scream 3D (3) X-Scream 3D (4) X-Scream 3D (5) X-Scream 3D (6) X-Scream 3D (7) X-Scream 3D (8) X-Scream 3D (9) X-Scream 3D (11)Improvement to the X-Scream 3D

If you want to see the full comparison between the old and new X-Scream I suggest you click on this link for the video First Impression. Major improvements have been done to the soles of the shoe replacing it’s OS Tendon system with a new 3D Pro Feel Film.  Click on the photo to see a close up.

Grip and traction was a problem face with the previous version because of its design despite the contagrip but this new on will have new lugs designed closely to the tentacle of an octopus which will spread and clear water away from the soles for a better grip.

X-Scream 3D (14)

X-Scream 3D (10)Endofit and Heel Cup

Salomon retained the Endofit system which I approve as you will experience a snug fit from your heel cup to your arch giving you much support needed on your trail run. The upper mesh has slight improvement in terms of material and the breathable mesh feels more airy

X-Scream 3D (15) X-Scream 3D (13)Lock Lace and Lace Pocket

Not much changes have been done in this department but a noticeable boo boo was highlighted to me by other runners saying that the lace pocket for this design is slightly lower than the lace which makes it harder to tighten as it will dig into your upper feet if you run. My favourite upgrade of the shoe has got to be the tongue design as it is now slimmer and is more flexible than the previous version.

X-Scream 3D (12)Isaac’s 2Cents Worth

First impression most noticeable was the heel cup which digs in deeper than previous version, it held a snug fit which I like as it doesnt roll the ankles as much. The upper tongue is now slimmer and for forefoot runner they will rejoice as the OS Tendon is now changed to the new and improved 3D Feel where the flexion from the front push off will greatly improve their stride.

Heel Runner should not be discourage as this shoe has a great back support and it feels plush enough to take on the City to Trail Challenge. What I didn’t like is that the shoe is not true to size and it has been size down. (some say up) so I have to say it could be batch manufacturing problem. I dont agree with many other review saying its overly gripp, yes the grip has been improved but by a slight margin

PS: Watch My interview with Samuel (Product Manager for Salomon Asia) on what he thinks of the new X-Scream 3D

X-Scream 3D (1)


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