Pay It Forward – Yellow Ribbon Project

The Yellow Ribbon Project has done it again and this time we are going to be paying it forward, The Yellow Ribbon Project is starting the “Pay It Forward” social media campaign in support of the rehabilitation and reintegration of ex- offenders back into society.

With your participation, you will help promote a more accepting society through community-based initiatives which provide ex-offenders with much-needed emotional support and a sense of dignity. First of all how can one participate in this awesome project.

PayitForwardYou can play your part in spreading the hope of second chances by taking a photograph of you and your friends posing with the Yellow Ribbon and posting it on any social media platform (e.g. Facebook, Instagram) and hash-tagging #SG4YRP – this will show how support from the diverse communities within Singapore are the foundation to continue the support of rehabilitation and reintegration for ex-offenders.  remember to hashtag #SG4YRP

in-conjunction with SG50 CARE Network held a Sports Carnival last two weeks ago and their theme was all about ‘Supporting Reintegration through Sports’ encompasses how CARE Network encourages ex-offender reintegration, thus contributing to Singapore’s future. It is organised by CARE Network, with SANA taking the lead. So what is Sana all about ? I will let Ambiga explain it all here

Using sports, as a strategy, can help CARE and SANA achieve their national priorities such as forging strong communities through positive lifestyles. It can also help foster re-integration and create a common ground for ex-offenders and the community groups to come together to contribute to a resilient and compassionate society.

The Sports Carnival feature two types of tournaments – the Futsal (Men) under three categories, Youth, Open and Veteran and the Captain’s Ball (Ladies) an open category.  The friendly matches will comprise teams from the CARE Network, Half-Way Houses and Polytechnics.  There will be approximately 40 participating teams. I for one got to play at the exhibition match along side with football legends. Check out some awesome action through out that day.

DSC_4248 DSC_4257 DSC_4284 DSC_4277 DSC_4267 DSC_4261

DSC_4278 DSC_4314 DSC_4318 DSC_4345 DSC_4355 DSC_4366


  1. To help reintegrate ex-offenders into society through sports to create social cohesion, thereby reducing the pressure of social exclusion that may lead to repeat offending.
  2. To encourage both ex-offenders and the different segments of the community to emphasize their own strengths, talents and abilities, instead of resorting to undesirable lifestyle behaviors.
  3. To reinforce the community’s vigilance of the damaging effects of narcotics on society, especially its youth.
  4. To provide an opportunity for ex-offenders to give back to society.
  5. To generate public awareness on the various community services in which to render support.



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