Race Against Racism – Orange Ribbon

In the current times we live in, we face many challenges and adversity and even worst each country face a even bigger challenge with racism, I am pretty lucky to be staying in a country that racism is admired by many country leaders and is considered a role model, for instant Obama made a statement saying “S’pore’s racial integration has contributed to its success”

S’pore’s racial integration has contributed to its success: Obama

So it is pretty wonderful to be living in a harmonious country with all race living hand in hand, to me racial harmony is when I sit in a food center and all type of race sitting on the same table eating and talking without any difference, but if you know me well I always incorporate sports in whatever I do and to me when any sports person is competing in the arena, there is no color, there is no race, there is only one goal “To Win” but never forgetting sportsmanship.

So what is racial harmony to you ?

Do join us this 29 August to Race Against Racism at the upcoming Orange Ribbon Run at Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza with a variety of race distance 5km to 10km and if running is not your fancy there is a 3.5km family walk, to find out more please visit OnePeople.SG Facebook


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