COMPRESSPORT Run & Trail Shorts Review

CompressportWho doesn’t like a running shorts in fancy packaging, cool fabric in names I can’t even pronounce and best of all, Made in the beautiful country of Switzerland, if you have not been there I have to tell you the scenery is just outright gorgeous and not to mention the people are very nice, sadly I am no where near that place and the closest I will ever get is the product made from Swizterland and here I have with me Compressport Ultra Trail Shorts and its review.

Out of the box, I have to think it looks WAY ridiculous for a running tights, it is so high waisted and it goes all the way down to knee length (there is a reason for this), it is made of airy breathable mesh, with a back pocket  that allows water evaporation and dries quickly. Thanks to its specific design, there is zipper or other closing system that might be damaged, just a reachable pocket that will close like a pocket when you put it on

CompressportWhat really amazes me is that when out of the box it feels like your just holding nothing but a piece of cloth (ok literally speaking there) but it weighs a mere 99gm and COMPRESSPORT®  can proudly boast that it makes the lightest true compression trail running shorts ever made

Remember I said really high ridiculous waisted and extremely lengthy size till the knee, well this gives us a complete coverage of the lower abdominals, the glute, the hamstrings, and the quads basically overall compression, It creates this posture when you put it on that it actually straighten you out your posture when you run, I wear it so high that the waist band is right below my chest. (No pic for this as I would consider it obscene to show..LOL)

The inside of the high waist is ringed with a silicone overlay that’s designed to create friction between the shorts and your skin to prevent movement and sagging. I have been wearing it for about a month now for my runs and you can see some of the silicon has dropped out.

Compressport CompressportAdditionally, there are several silicone overlays on the outside of the thighs – words, circles, and swishes and they have a reason for that, it is just not any fancy shamcy prints to show off their product but they are designed to give you a friction-ed place to put your hands when you’re climbing uphill. (so smart)

The seams are flat and strategically placed to avoid crotch-chafing issues. The short is unisex and come in four sizes that you fit yourself into based upon the circumference of your upper and lower quads. As for sizing I do suggest you head down to talk to your retailer as getting the wrong fit will not maximize your experience on this wonderful shorts

Compressport Compressport

Isaac’s 2cents Worth

So how do I find the product and if it is worth the price? (it is one of the highly priced trail running shorts out there), the short is wonderfully made with thoughts of the runners, in Singapore we have climate that melts rocks and cook eggs on pavement so the fabric helps a lot in keeping moisture away and evacuates sweat without absorbing it, even when excessive. It kept me dry all throughout the trail runs

I keep coming back to the ridiculously high waist because I have to admit I have a long torso but short legs so putting this on reminds me Urkle of Family Matters but I ain’t as cool as him, so what happen when it is that high waisted? it creates this protection around the waist and thus creating this comfort when you run, It acts like a band to absorb the impact from the back areas which is prone to fatigue and I have been on runs longer than 20km in these shorts and it work wonders (like magic)

Compression shorts are made to compress your muscle and the compression on this shorts are tight but not overly tight, the first time I put it on I felt as if I was being strangled by my legs but after a run it just feels right, the support it gives to my quads was like extra hands pushing me up the climbs, everything just feels right

Well no product is every perfect and the bad thing I find from this product is that the silicon tends to drop/fade when I have worn it for a few times and also the price, If these babies are on sale I would definitely grab em without a doubt, but if it’s not I would still buy them a pair at a time till I have worn them out.

there will be more product reviews coming up and thanks for checking my review out, do drop me a comment of email if you want to know of a sports apparel of shoes that you want to be reviewed, If I can find the time I will check it out.

Cycling Compressport

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