Puma PWR Cool Gear Review

It’s a beautiful Monday here in sunny Singapore and I have here John “flying Welshman”  review on the Puma PWR Cool Gear, read on to find out what’s his take on the latest Puma edition to the family

From John’s Running LifeBlogspot 14th June 2015

“It’s hot in the city. It’s ALWAYS hot in this city.

Fortunately, Puma may have the answer with their new PWRCOOL range of gear and shoes.
Graphic T

I prefer running in a tee to a vest, so when I find a tee that fits, looks good and handles moisture well, it gets a lot of use. I liked this shirt a lot.

This shirt has a number of features designed to help you stay cool in addition to the usual wicking material.

1) underarm mesh inserts
2) coolcell fused pieces to lower the temperature at the nape of the neck
3) pwrCOOL printed pattern inside the shirt

The overall effect was positive. I ran a 5km loop of the gardens at a 4.45/5.00 min/km pace.
It was 6pm and reasonably sunny and hot. I felt the tee performed well, although I couldn’t say which of the features was making the difference. I’ve worn it a few times since and had the same feeling when compared to a regular running shirt, so they are onto something good here!

I also road tested a pair of bright green FAAS 500 PWRCOOL. Reading the launch material and talking to the Puma reps, the main feature that makes these shoes ‘PWRCOOL’ is the same PWRCOOL pattern from inside the tee shirt printed on the underside of the tongue. The intended effect is to lower the temperature inside the shoe.

If I’m absolutely honest, I didn’t notice any noticeable cooling powers from these shoes. I did like them a lot though. Weighing in at 240g these lightweight trainers are my kind of shoe.

Due to a mix up with the Puma PR team I ended up running sockless – which I dont normally do, but this was fine. These shoes don’t have any seams inside to rub against bare feet and the inner is very soft – so possible a good choice as a triathlon shoe or for those who like to run sockless.

The 4mm drop gives them a racer feel, but with enough cushioning for those of us who weigh more than 50kg to be able to use day in day out. Definitely encouraging a forefoot style.

A great looking shoe, I’ve now done just over 50kms in the FAAS500 and I’m impressed. A similar shoe to the Mizuno Hitogami 2 that are also one of my favorites, but with a slightly more ‘spongy’ feel. If you like that feeling that there is cushioning under your feet, you’ll like the way these ride.
All in all this is a good release, balancing Puma’s serious running equipment intentions with cool looking products that will attract the more fashion conscious runner.

Good Job Puma!

Their official press release described this new range :

PUMA unveils the PWRCOOL, a cooling technology designed to keep the body at an optimal temperature to preserve energy. PWRCOOL is incorporated into a complete collection of thermo-regulated apparel and footwear.

PWRCOOL footwear products feature a ComfortTemp tongue liner to regulate body temperature. The apparel is complete with PWRCOOL cooling print on the inside that activates with moisture.  When you sweat, it cools you down.  The PWRCOOL collection is designed with CoolCELL: highly functional materials that draw sweat away from the skin while anatomically placed air flow features offer superior temperature regulation. CoolCELL keeps the body cool and dry during exercise.

I attended the Singapore launch event, held on a sticky Singapore afternoon – perfect conditions to test the claims made in the release.

I tried the PWRCOOL Graphic T and a pair of FAAS 500 PWRCOOL Trainers.

John Welsman


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