H&M Sports Autumn 2015 Collection


H&MsportFunctional pieces in vivid colours for the best style and fitness at H&M Sport this autumn. New thisseason are technical fabrics with a cotton feel that bring both performance and comfort, as well as vivid prints that are great for the gym and street style. For the perfect versatile outfit for a personalized training programme, oversized T-shirts can be worn with sports leggings. The full H&M Sport Autumn collection will be available late July onwards at the H&M Orchard Building and H&M Kallang Wave.

Loose and body-fit tanks in pops of pink or blurred black and white graphic print, fitness tights in bold zig-zag stripes or in all-over print with shape-defining waist and batik print running tights with reflective patches, all come in quick dry function fabric as the seasons change. Bodymind bra tops and tights come in comforting melange fabrics with soft colour blocking, while the warming layers for outdoor activities are topped by a hybrid hoodie with a padded front and melange sleeves.
“Autumn at H&M Sport is about fresh motivation and a return to the city streets after the summer break. I love how the training look of oversized T-shirt worn with tights is both functional and fashionable too,” says Petra Smeds, H&M Sport women’s designer.

Training gets new attitude with quick dry T-shirts and performance tights in black, grey and blue melanges or nature-inspired all-over prints. Long-sleeved training tops are quick-drying and breathable, while new technical training shorts have a cotton-like feel for comfort. Seamless and featherlight running T-shirts, a zip-up jacket and a gilet, are all equipped with technical layers for the unpredictable weather.

The influence for outdoor activities is both urban and futuristic; with skin-tight base layers that have panels like an action hero, along with looser cargo pants with multiple pockets. Hooded shell jackets and beanies complete the look in black and grey. “There’s urban energy at H&M Sport this autumn, with pieces to help make a serious commitment to a training regime. Functionality and comfort are everything, along with great style,” says Petter Klusell, H&M Sport men’s designer


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