How to fix your laptop in 2 hours

Technology is an extension of our daily lives, technology such as laptop, mobile phones, LCD television, Netflix and all digital gadget rule almost 80% of our time without us knowing, We are in Constantly alert for our next alert on our social media account, but what happens when your tech is in a glitch and by glitch I mean totally unusable. Well that happened to me two weeks ago on my laptop

I want to know how do you feel ? can you go without your mobile phone for a few days? can you stop watching your media through the ipad and watch the world go by through your window? When was the last time you went to the library to look for information? well this post is about me having to go through no laptop for a week or so.

One morning when I woke up (my laptop are always running 24/7 in my house for updating purpose) I found that my trusty laptop have been locked by the notorious CTB locker and what a notorious code this guy have created, virus is no longer virus and malware is no longer malware, this is another level we are looking at and it is called RANSOMware. What ever you do “DO NOT PAY MONEY to THEM” All they want is your money and even if you have banked in, what guarantee that they will send the key to unlock your files.

I am not going to talk about the CTB locker as there are already tons of info and with some good PC knowledge that I have, I manage to undo all this within a few hours, but not all is won at war, I lost the battles but won the war, as I did not manage to salvage a couple of files (but that is for sure),

If you run into Ransonware on your laptop / desktop first thing first do not panic. This malicious coding really do some harm as it will encrypt all your working files ext such as jpg, pdf, doc that you will use for normal work, This bugger will even lock all your files in cloud such as Google Drive and Dropbox (no where is safe) so make sure you unplug your external HDD if not you can kiss them good bye too,

Well if your reading this and you are looking for a solution, I used this advise from this website that helped me and Shadow Explorer will help you recover all file *if your lucky* .

So with that said, I am two weeks in and still reinstalling all my software and getting all my license key from the software manufacturer. as I have all my editing software that I use for this blog, that is why you don’t see me posting as regularly as usual.

This software called Malwarebytes, it really does it work by blocking all those unwanted sites that is phishing your info or even taking control of your PC, This is one software worth paying for. and I am not paid by them to say this. After I have installed this onto my PC, it manage to track down CTB and deleted it for me, NO THANKS to my expensive antivirus which do nothing but slow down my pc, from now on all my PC will have Malwarebytes (trust me once you installed this and do a scan you will be surprise on how many files you thought were safe ended up being detected by Malwarebytes)

Well, I hope to optimized my laptop soonest so I can start my reviews again, do hit me with any question if you happened to be searching for some answers for the CTB locker removal solution. Have a awesome week ahead guys


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