To celebrate the continuing success of this once in a generation shoe, Salomon is introducing limited edition XA Pro 3D versions for both men and women in 2015. After completely revolutionizing the mountain multi-sport category, and selling over a million pairs, XA Pro 3D remains the shoe that defines mountain sports versatility.

Between 2003 and 2005, Salomon designers and engineers worked closely with elite adventure racing athletes to develop a shoe that would enable fast movement, running, hiking, scrambling, cycling, over a diverse mountain landscape.  The focus was to provide mid-foot and heel stability, while allowing agility in the forefoot. Through exhaustive testing, they developed the 3D Chassis, a flexible, cushioned plate in the midsole that provides an ideal balance of stability and flexibility for running in rugged terrain. In spring of 2005, the Salomon XA Pro 3D was launched into the global market.

Performing Even Better

Ten years later, the story has become familiar. XA Pro 3D has become synonymous with active mountain sports. Stable, lightweight, protective and cushioned, it is so loved by mountain athletes of all levels that you cannot visit a mountain town anywhere in the world without seeing the shoe. Refined and improved over the decade to include waterproof and mid-height versions, XA Pro 3D is still based on the 3D Chassis, a patented design that continues to perform better than the imitators even today.

Today, XA Pro 3D defines the category of mountain multi-sport shoes. Imitated by countless brands but never equaled, XA Pro’s combination of the stable 3D Chassis, all surface Contagrip® Sole, and unmatched fit via SensifitTM with QuicklaceTM continue to deliver performance and style details that are immediately recognized far beyond the mountain athlete community. As developer Fred Cretinon says, “This shoe is so multi-functional that it has extended out of the athlete’s niche. Amateurs have adopted it because it allows them to run short distances, hike, or even just for the sporty look.”

XA Pro 3D 10th Anniversary Mens Colorway Pic: Salomon

XA Pro 3D 10th Anniversary Womens Colorway Pic: Salomon

The Salomon 10th Anniversary Limited Edition XA Pro 3D retails for $229 and is available at Salomon concept stores, selected World of Outdoors and World of Sports stores.


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