Running is Racial Harmony : Orange Ribbon Run Singapore

Racial Harmony, What does it have to do with our family and friends, let alone a nation, racial harmony is very important aspect for a nation economy and well being, I see racial harmony as a beating heart that is connected to everything in the body, without it, the body will still function but it would have irritation in every sorts, ailment, aches and pains.

Without it the body just feels that something is not right, that is my analogy but here is the real picture, The country that I live in is now Singapore and I have to say Singapore is one of the best place for racial harmony, integration of the community and activities to cover racial harmony is a abundance, and I have to say I feel secured and safe amongst everyone in this beautiful nation. There is even a Racial Harmony day on 21st July of every year.

Racial Harmony Day is celebrated annually on 21 July in Singapore. The event is to commemorate the 1964 Race Riots, which took place on 21 July 1964.

Racial Riots are scares and every time I turn on the news I see such problems in other countries especially with Malaysia being in the hot topic now really saddens me as the stark in contrast really shows between both countries, but this post is not about Malaysia,

I hope that every nation will not see colors amongst people but every one is treated equally. Can this be achieved within the next 100 years?

I do notice that one thing do bring racial harmony together, and it is sports as I have said before in my previous post and I believe it is true,

I was in the Maldives last two weeks ago and I was talking to Anantara’s Veli Resort Manager Mr Andre Orru when I arrived and once we knew each other has the passion for running, we both hit it off where it got us talking about running destination as well as run techniques.

As one of the Orange Ribbon Ambassador, I presented Mr Andre Orru and his entire crew at the Anantara Veli establishment the “Orange Ribbon” as a symbol of racial harmony. He had a crew of over 100 of multi national, truly deserving of the Orange Ribbon

Orange RibbonCome join us for the Orange Ribbon Run in support for Racial Harmony and creating more awareness be quick as registration ends this 9th August.

Being Singapore’s only Run against Racism, we call on Singaporeans to come together and make a stand. The Orange Ribbon Run provides an excellent avenue for the silent majority to speak up and show support for the cause.

Join the Race Against Racism and spread the movement.

Hashtag your Instagram pictures with #OrangeRibbonSG #OrangeRibbonRun2015 #RacialHarmonySG and tag @isaac976 in your picture to stand a chance to win yourself a slot of this upcoming Orange Ribbon Run.


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