Spartan Race Registration Filling Up

Back in 2013  there was only one race which needed athlete to maneuver up and under inside and out over obstacle carefully chosen by the people of Men’s Heath and that is the Men’s health urbanathlon, but if you are talking about the mother of all obstacle this would be it, they even deemed it as “The World Best Obstacle Race”

If you have not heard of the Spartan Race it is not your average race! While you are certainly familiar with everyday run-of-the-mill running races, the Spartan Race is like their adventurous, adrenaline-junkie friend who thrives on excitement.

Not only will you be running, climbing, and crawling across unknown terrain, but you’ll also get to splash through mud, tackle many unique and challenging obstacles, test your overall strength, balance, mental tenacity and endurance, and finish with a fiery leap of victory!

Spartan race comes in 3 different such as

  1. Race the Sprint: 5+ kilometres, 15+ obstacles
  2. Conquer the Super: 13+ kilometres, 20+ obstacles
  3. Dominate the Beast: 20+ kilometres, 25+ obstacles

but in Singapore and Malaysia we only get the Sprint category, I understand that Spartan race has a membership fee where it allows you to race around the globe with just one pass, but let’s leave that for another day.

Malaysia get to taste first blood this coming 10 October while Singapore has to wait till 15 November for their run at the course.

So if this information leaves much to be desire you may want to take a look at the Korea Hongcheon Spartan 2014 race for a better idea of what you will be expecting.

If you think you are Spartan enough, or want something tougher than the Men’s Health Urbanathlon, sign up for the Spartan Race Singapore here Singapore Spartan Registration

Malaysia is fast filling up at 90% as of current date and for registration you can click on Malaysia Spartan Registration

Aroo, Aroo….



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