Top 20 Fitness Bloggers In Asia

What a title “TOP 20“… anyway this totally caught me by surprise, as it was a busy month end at work, Month ends are usually shit crazy busy, but crazy is an understatement, let me paint the scenario just to let you in a taste of craziness at work, think of when you get to work and even before you can fire up your laptop both my office phone and mobile literally rings non stop for at least 5 hours, with me literally talking to two person at the same time, putting one down picking up the other, this will go on for the whole day while minimum emails coming in at about 300 a day.  (I have not included the daily meeting and lunch are not much better)

With all the craziness happening my cell phone beeped a notification from the blue little bird notifying me this


I saw Azeanic tweet where he posted Fay’s and Cherly name which distracted me a while from my work and that caught my attention but I did not click on the link till I got home from work.

I actually thought maybe Fay and Cherly wanted a night out until I clicked on the link and there it was, a feature of Asia top 20 sport bloggers. Well those people are familiar faces at usual sporting events and media events so I was kinda surprised that Axtrosports Singapore posted this and I have to say Thank you for the recognition.


Well anyway you wont usually see my face and that must be why Axtrosports can’t find a picture of me and I bet that is why they posted that picture instead of me, as for my blogpost and Vlog I am posting far lesser due to work commitment, but if you have any opinion on an item do let me know?

I love to share my sporting experience as there is no loss in sharing all that I know, the sporting community in Singapore are a far and wide bunch and there are plenty of people out there you just need to know where to find em.

Well maybe you can start by checking out the Asia’s Top 20 here at Axtrosports

Have a Haze day guys, pray the haze will go away and all you peeps surely will be out training for sure. Don’t ever let the Haze be your reason to stop training.


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