Adidas’ Fit Smart wearable now tracks more of your fitness data

Adidas fans rejoice with this new software updates, Your existing MiCoach can breathe new life into it’s existing hardware, and that’s what’s happening today with the Fit Smart. Introduced last year, this wrist-worn wearable has been able to measure burned calories, heart rate, distance covered, pace and steps since day one.

But now Adidas will let you keep track of all those fitness stats using the Train and Run app, which is available for iOS and Android. Previously, Fit Smart and its companion application focused on coaching for workouts, training plans and monitoring your heart rate.

By adding these features, people who own the device can start tracking data to set daily and weekly goals — similar to Nike’s FuelBand SE or Jawbone’s Up3. We’re not sure why it took Adidas over a year to bring such useful functionality to the Fit Smart, but at least its finally here.

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