Casio G-Shock X adFunture Workshop X VEIL

Iconic Master of G Series transformed into an indestructible army of robots to protect the sky, land and sea


Casio Singapore today announced the release of the exclusive ‘Master of G’ Collection of designer robot figurines in collaboration with toymaker adFunture Workshop and street wear label VEIL. Produced exclusively for Singapore, each collectible ‘Master of G’ unit comes with a VEIL-inspired G-SHOCK Gravity Master, Gulf Master or Mud Master timepiece mounted on the figurines’ respective chassis.

The Master of G Collection of World Protectors and Crafted G-SHOCKs 

The collection, comprising three specially designed robots, is characterized by the latest ‘Master of G’  series of timepieces – G-SHOCK Gravity Master GPW-1000, G-SHOCK Mud Master GWG-1000 and GSHOCK Gulf Master GWN-1000 – to form a formidable army of robots imagined to protect the world and conquer the sky, land and sea.


Each robot embodies the ‘Absolute Tough’, resistant and indestructible features and functions of its respective ‘Master of G’ timepiece, while sporting similar colour and design accents. Exclusive to this collaboration, VEIL was also invited to specially design matching watch straps that complement each Master of G designer figure, truly making it a must-have collectable for any G-SHOCK fan.



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