Isaac’s Year End Surprise

This year has not been a smooth one nor was it a hard one as well, most of the up’s and down are actually our own self perspective in life. It is how you want to your day to start and how it end, I always start my day with this in my mind.

“Today is going to be your lucky day”

I got that from a Abercrombie & Fitch Tag, So this post is going to be a lot of my reflection on life and how everything went this year.

My down for the year was that my dad was hospitalized and I stayed with him in the hospital over the weekend and catching up on the years when I was not around, but I still would say it ended up as a plus for me cause we hanged out like we were buddies, shared with him some of my audiophile toys and he is more tech-savvy then ever, so you see it’s life perspective again.

Most of my UP for the year would be me having a “Good” ..wait .. a Great Leader as a boss and that is the best thing that can could ever happen to anyone and it really does changes the way we work as well as the work environment. That is why they are called leader and not boss. I am motivated and aspire to be in his footsteps but I still have far more to learn,

I have to say without his guidance and ideas I would not be where I am standing now and just today I received our company’s MERIT AWARD (I will take it as my Birthday Present to me from him,I guess) I will not go into details how I landed this award but MERIT award is a big thing in our company. So I am kinda proud of it. Thank you for your support Mr Y.

But even with a great boss, I have to say that your career progress mainly has to do with your personal attitude towards work itself. You may have the greatest tool or the greatest team in the world but if your attitude makes you think you are the “Ceaser to Rome:” then I am pretty sure you will not get far in life.

I have work with a few great colleagues that have gone far in life and I always encourages them to go onwards, I have been using this ever since because on the day of my graduation, one of my lecturer signed on my apron (I was a hotel management grad) “EVER ONWARDS” and this meant that what ever we do in life just keep moving and never stop. Life should never stop even if we do not have the best of things, it just means we need to do our best and make it the best.

I have not celebrated my birthday for many years now (it is my wish to celebrate on my own alone at home if possible), I don’t wish for cakes or presents and my family and friends knows me for the person who has little wants and needs, all I ask for on every of my birthday is to see all my family and friends happy, that is what I wish for to be honest. I don’t ask for much but I do thank my colleague for always making sure I have a cake to blow before I leave on my Birthday,  Thank you guys for making the work place awesome.

Well it is just a day away from the New Year and I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a great year ahead and wish that all your Blessing and Wishes will be answered sooner or later.  It has been a crazy 2015 for me and I know more will come, for those I have wronged, please do accept my apologies as I mean no harm.

And for this I end my year with this last post. Happy New Year


2 responses

  1. tibetmonk

    Happy Birthday LLJ. Oh well I can ensure you can have more than a cake to “blow” you know?


    31/12/2015 at 9:23 am

  2. So rare for your readers and fans to get a glimpse of your face!


    01/01/2016 at 10:31 am

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