Tights that Fit: Nike

Nike as a major player in the sports apparels have launched their latest technology where their latest tights creates a support specific for various athlete motions,  regulate body temperature and adapt to moisture-­‐management requirements inherent to running, men’s training, women’s training and young athletes

Choose your fit.

Nike Power Speed Tight

Designers employed a slim cut to maximize compression provided by a lightweight, high-­‐elastane Dri-­‐FIT fabric that has ample stretch and retraction to smoothly adapt to the runner’s stride.

Notably, enhanced compression along the hip, thigh, calf and Achilles tendon boost muscle control. These compression zones are accentuated by
screen-­‐printed graphic lines, inspired by the flow of a track, that visually
enhance the natural beauty of the athlete in  motion.

Nike Zone Sculpt Tight

Nike designers devised the Nike Zoned Sculpt Tight to offer support, fit and comfort for the body in motion. They looked to the six core training moves – push, pull, lunge, squat, bend and rotate – to tailor a tight that moves with the natural motion of a woman’s body, wraps and defines muscle movement and promotes a sense of fluid control.

Nike Pro Hypercool Max Tight

The Nike Pro Hypercool Max men’s training tights, comprised of ultra-lightweight Dri-FIT Max fabric, incorporates that thin film into a graphic pattern across the knee and shin, areas most affected by the sun’s warming rays, while zoned venting across the back of the tight increases airflow in key sweat zones.

The retail prices for Nike Power Speed Tight and Nike Zoned Sculpt Tight are SGD219 and SGD209 respectively.


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