Top 3 Must Eat Petaling Street Indulgence

2016 started with me in the heat (yes HEAT) of Malaysia,capital Kuala Lumpur and it was ridiculously hot,you can feel the burning heat from the tarmac and the pollution from the city contributes to the health hazard that one have to endure when your in the Capital.

But brave souls who sacrifice their health will be rewarded with tantalizing flavors of the yesteryear, where old school hawker meets fast paced city. We started out journey from our hotel (review on tripadvisor) walking about 500m to Central Market



I have heard of legendary tales where wanton noodles are made in heaven and once you had it, you will dream of it just like you died and went to noodle heaven.

This place is none other than Seng Kei, it is located next to Lai Fong coffee shop. I was hesitant to share this with you guys cause I just want to eat this to my self and not making it even more known to the world of foodies out there cause I swear to god it is that good. This establishment have been there for many years and it is worth going there just for the noodle.

wanton noodle Lai FongI had the dry wanton noodle with extra noodle (YOLO) and as far as I know dry noodles have always been my number one choice – I would know where to sniff out dry wanton noodles from every nook and corner of every country. The plate shown below only cost me RM6 which equates to about US$1.36 or SGD$1.96.

Seng Kei

This plate looks nothing like the one I have eaten usually, the glistening of the noodles seem not well coated as you can see in the picture, but like they say “Do not judge a book by its cover” and with one bite into the noodle after mixing it with the fragrant oil and thick soy sauce, I have to say I died and went to noodle heaven. The noodle texture feels Al dente and full of flavour, you can’t stop after one bite as it this delicious bowl of flavorful noodle just makes you want to stuff your mouth silly, but so it seems, nothing is perfect. The char siew was the only let down as it is slightly dry.

I would still say HECK, head over to Seng Kei and order yourself a large plate of some awesome dry wanton noodle. NO REGRETS. If I could I would have licked it all dry but there were people staring.

Seng Kei Wanton

Our food journey doesn’t stop there, as we walked across the street and head over to a very famous beef noodle stall which also have been around for a long time, and I do mean a long time. That guy in the picture seems that he love what does and you know that food cooked with love taste better.

I am not going to talk about their past as we have two more places to go but I will surely tell you that you got to eat this.

Shin Kee Beef NoodlesShin KeeIronically the shop name is Shin Kee which was similar to the wanton noodle stall name Shin Kei, maybe back then every ones name was Shin something.. Shin You, Shin Mee, Shin Beef, Shin Chicken.

Shin Kee Beef Noodle

As we are saving our stomach for what is to come, we only ordered a single bowl of hot piping beef noodle soup but I so wanted the dry one as the guy in front of me slurping his noodle seems to be slurping everything in front of him as it was his last day on earth.

I have to say I was very surprised with the flavor of the broth, it was out of this world, the sweetness from the beef that was thinly cut and poured onto was very light and has this rich flavor without feeling too beefy. The noodles is topped with well seasoned mince meat to add to the flavor which was already very tasty, and like I said nothing is perfect, the noodle was a let down as it has not soaked the flavor from the soup but just drinking the soup and having thinly sliced and tender beef makes this trip to the stall all worth it.

Madras Lane

Number 3 must eat on my list has got to be at some dodgy,smelly back alley but with all the smell and dirty lane you will be rewarded with some very very tasty food.  This place is called Madras Lane and they are famous for their Asam Laksa, Chee Cheong Fun and Yong Tau Foo, but wait there is two stalls here in Madras Lane selling the same stuff, which one will you try?

Madras Lane Laksa

Do you see the lady with the strip T-shirt on the left background? well its that stall, its on the LEFT side of the famous chee cheong fun and it is connect to the drink stall which is owned by their son as well.

Madras Lane Asam Laksa Madras Lane Laksa Madras Lane Laksa

We ordered Curry Laksa, Asam Laksa, Chee Cheong Fun as well as Yong Tau Foo, let’s just say we skip the rest and save your calories for this hot piping very sourish bowl of scrumptious asam laksa (when ordering please tell the lady boss you would like it with more lime). The Asam Laksa packs a punch of flavors that will tantalize every sensory on your palate, The springy texture of the noodle is masked by generous bits of mackerel fish, and every bite of this makes your mouth waters even more as the lime perfectly blends well with this noodle.

I can’t say the same for the curry laksa but it is a bowl rich with generous scooping of bloody cockles on your noodle as you can see from the picture. The curry laksa is a tad spicy for most but hey it’s Asian culture to love our noodle spicy and bloodied with cockles, where is the fun in that if its just plain tomato noodle. I would eat just to try the flavor but I the Asam Laksa is highly rated by me for its flavor.

I also highly recommend you guys to order the ice black coffee “KAO” from the son’s establishment as it is out of this world. Japanese love their アイスコーヒー, aisu kōhī and if they knew about this place, I think it would be the next Starbucks of Petaling Street. A single ice coffee cost only RM2 which is USD $0.45cents SGD $0.65cents

I ordered one to wash the lunch down and another to go cause of the blistering heat to reward myself for able to sit in the stuffy lane of Madras, please do not be alarmed to see rats the size of a small cats running a mock in broad daylight, its a wet market after all.

Madras Lane Ice Coffee

As we retreat into the evening for dinner but sadly this is not along Petaling Street but it is still within close proximity with just a walk away. My buddies recommended us to head to this place that sells pig organ soup and they are famous for it, true enough at 5pm it was already packed with people, we waited for awhile before we got our seat at the table. Not reviewing this establishment but just sharing the good times we shared amongst friends. Good time indeed

Gang Gang Gang Gang Gang

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