The Sabotage Experiment

After my Osaka Marathon, I stayed back in the beautiful country to explore, but not exploring the sites and sound but exploring all the delicious food that I can get my hands on from ramen, sushi, gyoza, tempura and that is the least sinful mentioned. Running a marathon does not warrant one to indulge in such experience as it means sabotaging one self from future events.

Basically everything you have trained for will go down the drain, I tried experimenting with this sinful experience (well I do not regret it because I get to eat all the rubbish that no athlete will do) for over 3 months, and for this three months I ate fast food like it was a everyday meal, coke and sugary drinks are just the norm even nightly desserts are considered normal.

That was all back in October and since now its February all this has got to stop. I have to tell you it is not a good experience, eating all those junk seems pretty good at one point of time where chocolates, sweets, all had no effect on me what I felt like eating just go for it

Let me share how one would the after effect and how I felt If you did the same.

First of all you will feel so lethargic and just feel like sleeping in bed everyday, hunger pangs will keep coming like it was a school bell at 3 and your mouth will crave to crunch on something even when your not hungry. The energy that you had will be obviously be gone and running even for 1 mile would feel like it’s a marathon.

The worst part is not those, the worst that I ever felt was that my waist and belly just let loose, I could not control my abs and it was all hanging out like a beer gut. Clothes that fitted well could not fit no more, everything was tight and looked awful no matter what I wore, it even we t to a point that sitting down was so uncomfortable with the excess gut from all sides spilling out.

While typing this post out my jean’s button flew out from bending over to type on the keyboard. LOL “Man what a torture”


Lucky for me I have cut down all the oily food and watching my diet, water only and coffee to one cut a day without sugar, my meals have been regular and limited to a fist size for carbs. basically I pack in more protein than carbs and vegetables a plenty. I have not started my training for any event as I have not decided to sign up for my triathlons or continue to pursue my Marathon Majors, I am waiting for NYC marathon results to be announce, but that’s in November, but for now I will just have to look for something close to home.

If you ask me If I would do this again ? I would say “YES” so learning from my experience, if you want to indulge you can do so for maybe a week or so, never ever so many months. This is madness and I can tell you its like a blackhole that will keep sucking *my analogy for “stomach wanting more food”* because I really hate to look overweight with ill fitting clothes but I sure do love the food.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone, Enjoy your new year goodies and live happy and be merry always.


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