Chap Goh Mei Festival

Today marks the last day of Chinese New Year festival which means 15 day have already blew by with family visit and CNY snack feasting. On a celebratory point of view, this night sees the gathering of family members as they sit down to a meal together. Offerings and prayers are also held on a grand scale on this particular night.

The last day of CNY is also specially important for single Asian as it is deem as the Chinese Valentines day, the singles will go out buying (or you can collect left over mandarin oranges) and throw it into the river, the only time you will not get a fine or jail time for littering into the Singapore River (there must be a Chap Goh Mei event held if not it is still deem illegal)

No doubt this is just a folklore, but hey no harm trying to throw your oranges down the river and hoping that a handsome and gorgeous guy comes swooping you off your feet, even better yet,  get a marker pen and pen down your FB account, your resume and hell with it even while your at it why not your Bank Account Balance before you throw it in. Pretty sure some Hungry Ghost handsome guy will come to you


Well anyway Wishing you and your family an Auspicious New Year Ahead. As for me? I am going to rent a small boat and collect the oranges thrown into the river and resell them for money. Peace out.


PS: this Chap Goh Mei thingy is not originated from China if you are wondering, It is from Penang, Malaysia and if you want to witness a very grand 15th day, head over to Penang #NotSponsoredbyTourismMalaysiaToSay


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