Tri-Factor Series Inspiring 100,000 athletes across Asia to live better by 2020

TRI-Factor Series is expanding and it will be bigger and better, they are one of the biggest if not the largest triathlon series in Asia, They are now launching new races across 8 new countries in Asia by 2017.

Through a 2-year campaign of Grow Strong, Live Better, the TRI-Factor Series hopes to outreach to more than 100,000 athletes with varying capabilities and experience to have a go in any of the four races that they are most comfortable with.

TRI-Factor Series will also be launching a new App quarter 3 this year which will provide additional platform for all athletes to connect with other athletes while keeping updated on the latest eent news and their personal records



Strategic partnership  with 2x Ironman World Championship Chris McCormack and other professional athletes will provide our participants with additional platform to access to coaching material and information and grow further within the sport.

TRI-Factor Series – Asian Championship 2016 race schedule.

Date             Venue

Q2 2016                    Singapore

Q2 2016                    Thailand

Q3 2016                     China

Q4 2016                     Indonesia

To find out more about the TRI-Factor series check out their website at

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