Mizuno Ekiden is Back

For those that have race in the past Ekiden event, They can surely bring their A game to retain reconnect the camaraderie to better themself as this year, Mizuno has just confirmed that they will be bringing back the Ekiden series for the 2nd time running.

Not only that they have understood and heard the runners feedback, the most important aspect which could be a big downfall was the start timing for the run, but they have heard us and Mizuno changed the starting time to 4pm, This is actually a better timing than the 9am we had last year, by the 3rd and 4th runner, we are ROAST

With a 4pm start time, everyone can enjoy the after Matsuri carnival with beer and food to chillax the night away, I hope they have after party cause the carnival was absolutely a blast. I only foresee a few problems  at the Matsuri village such as ..

  1. More chairs and table is needed
  2. Better queue management for stalls
  3. Let people use cash instead of coupon
  4. More stalls ??

To be honest, the carnival and race even was as perfect as any event could be, just that last year route Marshall and signs was hardly visible, so I hope this year much improvement would have done for it as well but we will just have to wait and see.

I want to say Thank you to Mr Kiyoshi Tatani,President of Mizuno Singapore for bringing this event back and I can’t wait to tell my previous team about this. See you guys there.

To find out more about the Mizuno Ekiden or Register your team, do head over to http://www.mizuno.asia/ekiden



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