Lifetrak Zone R420

How cool if you were to be able to check your pulse with a touch of the button or telling people you are armed with an ECG machine strapped to your wrist, well that’s what exactly LifeTrak did.

Introducing the LifeTrak Zone R420 armed with ECG accurate heart rate monitoring technology, users can not only track their heart rates during workouts but also throughout the day with a single tap of a button.

With a brand new round and sleek look, the R420 promises highly accurate step-counting and sleep tracking technology all available to you at a glance on the watch’s display.

The R420 is the ultimate fitness tracker when it comes to convenience. It’s not only water and swim proof, it uses a standard cell battery that does not need recharging,


The details of the R420 are as follows:

  • Patented ECG Accurate Heart Rate Monitoring

  • Heart Rate Analysis Via App

  • Sleep Tracking Capabilities

  • Intelligent Step and Distance Tracking

  • 7 Day Daily and Hourly Tracking Metrics

  • Water Resistant

  • No Recharging Necessary

The LifeTrak Zone R420 retails for S$159 and it is available in leading consumer electronics stores. For more product information, please visit


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