Minimalist Bike Storage Ideas for Tiny Apartments

Do you like riding? Do you have two bikes or more? and do you want a pretty storage for it as well? Good then read on

These are really some good ideas if you live in apartment the size peoples master bedroom like in Singapore or Hong Kong, storing our bikes always pose a challenge for us.

Current bike storing equipment isn’t really trendy nor is it pretty to look at they are just functional, I am glad that @lividEyed shared this on twitter this morning, but Instead of 20 ideas, I have picked out the top 5 practical and trendy looking storage that will make your hard earned two wheeler stand out at your home.

No 5. is by DEDE gear closet, which I think will cost a bomb but it packs in neatly and all away from prying eyes , Dede gear closet: Dede gear closet is created by interior designers Van Staeyen. It can hold up to nine bikes and store other bike accessories as well.


No 4. has got to be DaHangar which is pretty minimalist and very beautiful in my opinion as it brushed aluminum. It is designed to hang your bike within your home and also has storage space for your helmet as well as other accessories.


No 3. is Pedal Pod  Designed by Tamasine Osher, Pedal Pod is space-saving bike storage and shelving unit, made out of walnut.


No 2. SLIT white bike holder: Made out of varnished multiplex, the SLIT sophisticated foldaway mechanism for holding you bicycle and folds away when not in use. The folding mechanism would be a good idea to keep the area near when folded away.


No 1. This has got to be my favorite because of its simplicity and clean lines, the birch wood color goes great with any house deco, it is none other than the Bicycle displaying shelves: This stunning bike displaying shelving unit also has space to accommodate your books, shoes or other stuff in an organized manner.


Let me know which one is your favorite, and which one will most likely be in your home if you had the choice?

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