Last weekend was pretty fun and of course humid here in this part of the world, pretty fun because I get to take out the PUMA IGNITE Ultimate on a test run and having a go at their PWRCOOL technology. If this shoes interest you in anyway, do read on my first impression and my 2cents worth

As you know Singapore or rather this part of Asia is facing terrific heat wave from 31degrees onward and that is the norm throughout which translate to about 88F and I am talking about the night, and it gets worst in the afternoon, and what better to do to beat the heat than go out for a run.

Heading out the door with this flashy shoe sure got me some attention, I got the Green Gecko with Black  and you can check out the unboxing video.

Overall Shoe Construction

This neutral runner has a raised midsole height and a drop of about 12mm heel to toe, As claimed by PUMA this shoe offers ultimate cushioning and responsiveness. Adding more of their unique PU foam formula underneath the foot will provide ultimate rebound and maximum comfort.

Once I have this baby on my feet you can definitely feel the plushness from the heel cup to your arch and they kid you not about the ultimate cushioning, in fact this shoe will be a hit with people who are heel striker.

Check out the large amount of PU foam surrounding the heel area, this basically helps minimize the impact no matter where you land.

PUMA Soles.jpg

I have to warn you guys that this shoe does not fit to size so before purchasing size down by a half size if your buying it online, but you can always test it out at the store for a better feel.

PUMA breathable mesh upper and thermo-regulation technology in the tongue didn’t really hit it off with me or maybe Singapore weather was just too warm. If you see the picture below on the side of the shoe, that was the amount of air ventilation that I am getting.


As  you can see even the sockliner had plenty of holes to keep the body at optimal temperatures in warm conditions but like I said PWRCool wasn’t really working here or maybe was there a switch to turn it on?


Running in this shoe didn’t feel if I was constricted around the arch area or anywhere even, maybe cause of the size issue and the arch of my feet felt like it had all the room in the world while running, one thing for sure that got me excited was the Chevron flex groove that really gave me the energy rebound when I ran in heel strike mode.

I like how they still maintain the EverTrack rubber for durability in high-wear areas of outsole and my 1st edition IGNITE still holding strong, EverTrack outsole can take on the roughest of surfaces along with Forefoot flex grooves that ensures maximum flexibility. So in short I do hope PUMA puts this system in all their shoes.

IGNITE ULTIMATE (Evertrack).jpg

Isaac’s 2cents Worth

So is this shoe for me? well It is not cause my sweet spot for running shoe is always been 4mm to 0mm, this shoe has a 12mm heel to toe drop, and I find that the PWRCool tech simply isn’t cutting it for me as well.

So who is this shoe made for then? This shoe will go well with people of heftier weight as it will cushion,minimize and save their knees from impact pain. Ultimate IGNITE will be loved by those who desire for maximum cushioning or simply like their shoes comfy and with lots or rebound.

As I have mentioned in my Youtube unboxing, I do want to compare this with the Ultraboost to see who has better comfort, at the moment cause I have only worn the Ignite, my vote goes to PUMA.

I understand IGNITE Ultimate PWRCool is costlier than the previous version, but if you have the cash to splash, then get this for its maximum plushness otherwise the older edition of IGNITE will appeal to the masses.


Also to give a shout-out to all those PUMA Night run participants, I can’t wait to be running in the new route that PUMA have planned for us. See you guys there and if you have not signed up for the run. You can do so by clicking here.

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