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SINGAPORE, October 2016 –  This season, Lamch & Co introduces the Ealing turntable by Goodmans, a household name in home entertainment since the 1920s in the UK. Built with portability in mind, the Ealing turntable is a stylish and portable piece of musical history, constructed with a classic chassis and adorned with authentic detailing

Ealing’s design is inspired by classic lines to exude a stylish vintage vibe.  With contemporary upgrades, Ealing is a turntable that not only looks chic and fashionable with its textured cover and capped with both gold and rose gold hardware for a touch of elegance, it is also adorned with a hardwearing finish for durability.

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With stereo speakers built-in, Ealing is as easy to operate as it is beautiful. It comes fully equipped with the necessary hardware to listen to your vinyl records straight away. But if your inner audiophile longs for a fuller and more robust sound, the in-built pre-amplifier and included cable sets ensures a flawless connection between your Ealing to your powered speakers for an immediate auditory boost.

For those who prefer the best of both the new world convenience and old school charm, the Ealing is brought up to speed with the latest technology, enabling you to connect to your computer and save your favourite music right from your vinyl records. All the cables you would need, and the software for archiving your music, are also included to make the process of converting all of your vinyl records into MP3 files on your computer a breeze.

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Equipped with a built-in, rechargeable battery, Ealing is truly portable. There is no need to fret over a tethered power supply for those days when all you want is a great time in the park, at your friend’s party or even just around the house. Ealing is ready to spin whenever and wherever you are. Furthermore, with both aux-in ports and RCA connections baked-in, Ealing can be enjoyed either with friends or alone.

Get your groove on with the Ealing turntable, now available in at Antė@TANGS, Antė@Suntec Antė@Vivocity and Twobros Lifestyle & Gadget Store in black and cream, retailing at S$169.


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