Singapore’s Good Samaritan

Do you know what most people like about most Singapore?

Stability, being one, but really for me it’s about the safety and community caring that enables one to feel really safe here in this little red dot.

I started training for my runs again and last week after my run, I went to the nearest kids playground hidden in the corner of my block, I was just resting after my sit-up sets and before I knew it, this lady on her PMD with her child from a far honking at me. My eyes was still closed at that moment and she shouted from a distance “are you ok?”

This to me made me really happy to be in such a good community that even so I was hidden right smack at the kids playground, some good Samaritan will be looking out for you.

To me this was the best feeling. Knowing that you will be safe no matter where you go. I do not say this only cause I’ve experience this for the first time. My sister and I had a cycling accident and the public came to us like angels from every corner. They helped called the ambulance and another good Samaritan helped me with our bikes and drove me back home.

I am really really thankful for all your help.

I want to say thank you to Melvin from Garcia bikes for helping me bring our bikes home even though you were on the other side of the road. I really thank you.

So no matter where in Singapore, I believe there will always be someone looking out for you.

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