Using Motorized Bikes for IRONMAN events

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Why do people want to go through all the trouble of swimming 3.8km, cycle 180km and run a marathon in a single day? well, if you don’t know what I am talking about you don’t need to read this because it is a total SHAME on the IRONMAN event.

This event has been the epitome of challenging one endurance and discipline but I think  people these days got caught in the lime light that having a Ironman bling will make themselves some sort of celebrity.

For myself participating in Ironman events is all about self discipline and how we train and seeing ourself emerge better than previous before but hey, everyone has their reason for participating in endurance event. Just this morning I was browsing through my twitter timeline and this caught my eye, once I have read it I truly think that the glamour of the event got the better of some people out there. Seriously what happened to fair play?

Chap Goh Mei Festival

Today marks the last day of Chinese New Year festival which means 15 day have already blew by with family visit and CNY snack feasting. On a celebratory point of view, this night sees the gathering of family members as they sit down to a meal together. Offerings and prayers are also held on a grand scale on this particular night.

The last day of CNY is also specially important for single Asian as it is deem as the Chinese Valentines day, the singles will go out buying (or you can collect left over mandarin oranges) and throw it into the river, the only time you will not get a fine or jail time for littering into the Singapore River (there must be a Chap Goh Mei event held if not it is still deem illegal)

No doubt this is just a folklore, but hey no harm trying to throw your oranges down the river and hoping that a handsome and gorgeous guy comes swooping you off your feet, even better yet,  get a marker pen and pen down your FB account, your resume and hell with it even while your at it why not your Bank Account Balance before you throw it in. Pretty sure some Hungry Ghost handsome guy will come to you


Well anyway Wishing you and your family an Auspicious New Year Ahead. As for me? I am going to rent a small boat and collect the oranges thrown into the river and resell them for money. Peace out.


PS: this Chap Goh Mei thingy is not originated from China if you are wondering, It is from Penang, Malaysia and if you want to witness a very grand 15th day, head over to Penang #NotSponsoredbyTourismMalaysiaToSay

Marvels Avenger Singapore Style

Have you guys watched the movie Marvels Age of Ultron yet? well as you know movies are always never the same with comic and that’s what really annoys me.

I know they can’t be talking about Hank Pym cause he will be in the upcoming Antman movie, or the different time line that went through for the Avengers killing Ultron, none of this was ever in the movie so dont worry I never gave anything away, but word from me is if you are watching “STAY BACK AFTER THE CREDITS

This post is not about the movie, it was about this commercial by Subway which totally caught my attention. Hilarious as it is, the actors was brave enough to act as they were in the commercial, check it out, let me know what you think

Roast of Bieber #BieberRoast

CC Roast of Justin Bieber - First & Exclusive Asia  Premiere

Awesome Night yesterday Thursday, had the chance to attend Comedy Central Asia’s exclusive event for the up-coming Roast of Bieber happening this coming 18th April 11pm, Oh yeah it’s so gonna happen and if you happened to have watched Roast of Donald Trump, I am sure this is gonna be even better as I am sure ton’s of people or maybe EVERYONE hate’s Bieber (Think Puberty Jokes, Gay stuff) being thrown at him.

No Holding back guys Rain FIRE on Little BIBS, I am sure many people will tune in for this one. So for you guys who have not watch it you can warm up to it by watching our local comedian first

I want to say our local comedians are funny as hell, come on guys, Russell Peter jokes are stale, try local flavors and I have to give it to Sharul Channa (totally awesome) and everyone on the stage today Jinx Yeo, Kristal Zweers, Fukkah Fuzz, Matthew Giffen and Rushi Budhari. Thank you for the solid 3 hours peeps. I would surely watch you guys again if you all come on stage again.

Are you gonna be a Belieber ? Kevin Hart sure killed it and DAMM Funny YO ! Dont Miss it !

Thank you Influr and Comedy Central Asia for extending the invite. Love you guys *MUAH*

What happens When You Drink 10 Cans of Coke in a Day for a Month


This is totally insane for what he is doing, and I have been seeing on social media sites that Warren Buffet drinks 5 can’s a day, this guy brought it to another level, Inspired by Morgan Spurlock’s “Super Size Me” documentary, in which the filmmaker ate nothing but McDonald’s food for an entire month.

George Prior documented what happened when he drank 10 Cokes a day for 30 days.


50-year-old George Prior decided to find out. On his website,, Prior explains that he wanted to raise awareness about how much sugar people drink every day.

And in case you’re wondering, there are 140 calories and 39 grams of sugar in a 12-ounce can of Coke. The World Health Organization recommends a limit of 25 grams of sugar per day.


After just one week prior started to see the effects of his experiment, Prior immediately began to gain weight.


He kept gaining weight.


Prior hopes that people understand that obesity and sugar consumption are directly linked.


After 41 days in the coke the tooth was so damaged that it was soft enough to pierce with a needle.


Prior summed up his 30-day experience with “my clothes fit tightly,” and “I can’t bend over easily.”

After looking at his website, I have to conclude that even if you think that you are drinking a single and not 10 cans what can that do to you? Well in your head you are drinking a single can, but that is on the hour, imagine on that day you are drinking orange juice for breakfast, Couple of coffee here and there, those amount to quite a fair bit.

My advise is “Limit your soda intake” not that to stop completely , just have things in moderation

Hope you have enjoy reading that as much as I am sharing, and to Prior (THANK YOU DUDE FOR SACRIFICING YOUR SELF)

Only A Shopaholic Will Understands

Lazy weekend and have been cleaning up the house for the festive period, took a bit of time off to surf the net and found this and I thought I want to share with you guys. Pretty hilarious when I think of it happening to the best of us. Don’t deny as honesty is the best policy. Enjoy and let me know what you think?

Hello Kitty Run 2014: Celebrating Hello Kitty’s 40th Birthday in Singapore!


Sanrio’s world famous feline Hello Kitty celebrates her 40th birthday on 1 November 2014 with the first ever Hello Kitty Run Singapore! The birthday bash, exclusive to Singapore in Southeast Asia, will flag off with a unique birthday cake and birthday song, sung by 15,000 fans!

Hello Kitty Run Singapore will feature a 5 kilometre route covering iconic landmarks in the city. The run is open to participants of all ages, and aims to gather both Hello Kitty fans and non-Hello Kitty fans to join in a big day out to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 40th mega birthday bash!

Fantastic Feline Fun for the Whole Family!

Created 40 years ago by Sanrio, the legendary icon, Hello Kitty brings love, happiness and encourages the forging of friendships and sharing across the world. Since her first appearance in 1974, she has flourished into a global phenomenon that is well-liked by both young and old. The fan base is no less in Singapore, with the Hello Kitty craze beginning as early as 2000.

All participants are entitled to an exclusive runner’s t-shirt and a special edition commemorative Hello Kitty plush toy. Pre-registration is now open, and will close as soon as capacity is full.

In addition to the run, participants can look forward to a Hello Kitty Village and post-race fringe activities!
The inaugural Hello Kitty Run takes place on 1 November 2014. Pre-registrations are now open.

Best Goodie Bag In Singapore, Fairprice Walks With U

I was at Kallang Wave Mall yesterday to collect my Fairprice Walks With U and I was collecting my friends racepack as well, after collecting the racepack, most definitely will not be calling it a race pack anymore but it definitely will fit the term “GOODIE BAG” do you know that this BAG that we collected weighs a freaking 5kg at least, I kid you not … ok wait.. I went to weigh it with my weighing scale and it weighs a total of …….


3.06KG ! OMG, what goodie bag can weigh so much, and from the innocent look of it, it seems light enough for me to carry. See how innocent this goodie bag looks and I bet you would like to know what’s inside of the bag don’t you.

Well here are the items provided by the organizers and sponsors

SAM_5255Items included in the Awesome Goodie Bag

  1. Chips Ahoy Cookie
  2. SunBeam Canola Oil
  3. Knife Oil
  4. Season Ice Green Lemon Tea
  5. Cheezels
  6. Quakers Oat
  7. Naturel Brown Rice
  8. Loreal Shampoo
  9. Kleenex Tissue
  10. Banana Sports Sunblock
  11. Garnier Face Wash
  12. Garnier Face Mask
  13. Olay Face Wash
  14. NTUC Hand Sanitiser
  15. TYG Tupperware (I think they have variations)
  16. Zappy sports Wipe
  17. Horlicks Malties
  18. Event T
  19. Simply Her Magazine
  20. Umbrella
  21. Horlicks Chocolate Malt instant drink
  22. Loads of Brochure

Wheeew, took me a while to type all that out. Anyway I definitely would not be complaining if I only paid $12 (early bird) for the registration. WHO WOULD? If you are complaining I definitely think you should not be participating in this.

Seriously for those who love signing up just for goodie bags, NTUC Fairprice Walk With U is definitely a must, Anyway registration is closed and sold out long time ago, TRY AGAIN NEXT YEAR.

See you guys on the 30th August for the Walk. Do say Hi to me if you ever get to spot me, and have a great week ahead.