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SINGAPORE, October 2016 –  This season, Lamch & Co introduces the Ealing turntable by Goodmans, a household name in home entertainment since the 1920s in the UK. Built with portability in mind, the Ealing turntable is a stylish and portable piece of musical history, constructed with a classic chassis and adorned with authentic detailing

Ealing’s design is inspired by classic lines to exude a stylish vintage vibe.  With contemporary upgrades, Ealing is a turntable that not only looks chic and fashionable with its textured cover and capped with both gold and rose gold hardware for a touch of elegance, it is also adorned with a hardwearing finish for durability.

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With stereo speakers built-in, Ealing is as easy to operate as it is beautiful. It comes fully equipped with the necessary hardware to listen to your vinyl records straight away. But if your inner audiophile longs for a fuller and more robust sound, the in-built pre-amplifier and included cable sets ensures a flawless connection between your Ealing to your powered speakers for an immediate auditory boost.

For those who prefer the best of both the new world convenience and old school charm, the Ealing is brought up to speed with the latest technology, enabling you to connect to your computer and save your favourite music right from your vinyl records. All the cables you would need, and the software for archiving your music, are also included to make the process of converting all of your vinyl records into MP3 files on your computer a breeze.

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Equipped with a built-in, rechargeable battery, Ealing is truly portable. There is no need to fret over a tethered power supply for those days when all you want is a great time in the park, at your friend’s party or even just around the house. Ealing is ready to spin whenever and wherever you are. Furthermore, with both aux-in ports and RCA connections baked-in, Ealing can be enjoyed either with friends or alone.

Get your groove on with the Ealing turntable, now available in at Antė@TANGS, Antė@Suntec Antė@Vivocity and Twobros Lifestyle & Gadget Store in black and cream, retailing at S$169.

Final weekend to catch SEA’s tallest inflatable water slide

For those who missed out on the first weekend of the DBS Marina Regatta 2016, which saw some 10,000 people enjoy non-stop activities from dawn to dusk at the Bay; be sure to catch the regatta’s final weekend on 4-5 June. Admission is free for all


Unmissable experiences await this weekend both on- and off-water at Singapore’s biggest water sports fest by the bay. Southeast Asia’s tallest inflatable water slide raised more than SGD 15,000 over two days and saw some 8,000 plunges being taken at the slide. Join in the fun this weekend for a small fee of SGD 10 for five slides. (check out the POV video of the slide) All proceeds go towards SPD, a non-profit organisation that helps people with disabilities develop their potential to the fullest so that they can be self-reliant


Singapore’s one and only pop-up urban beach continues to play host to families and urbanites alike, hosting activities such as yoga, board sports, zorbing and kayaking. Complete with beach bar and hammocks, event-goers also have the option of simply lounging at the beach with a refreshing beverage in hand while taking in the iconic sights of the Marina Bay.

 DBS Marina Regatta 2016 also features the largest collective of home-grown designers, musicians and restaurateurs to ever gather at the Bay. Lovers of artisanal, handmade crafts will discover plenty of unique finds at the regatta’s artisan market, Shop House. Curated by art market specialists, The Local People, and housed in refitted shipping containers, Shop House features local designers such as accessories brand Supernacular and potter Oh Leaf. Grab a bite at the food village – Chow House – for mouth-watering meals by popular eateries Snag Shack, Fika, Kerbside Gourmet and more.


As the sun sets, climb up to the roofs of the shipping containers which double as viewing decks, for an unparalleled view to take in the beach concert. The regatta’s music showcase Sound House will feature emerging music artistes from Noise Singapore as the regatta wraps up, with names such as indie group Take Two, The MadHatter Project and Joie Tan.

How To Counter Netflix Block in Singapore

Last Friday, Netflix announcement got the audience up in arms and furious in Singapore because they are going to BLOCK PROXY ACCESS as reported in the StraitsTimes.

As you guys know Singaporean will be getting the short end of of the stick if they are going to be subscribing to Netflix Singapore, why is that ?

Reasonable as the Netflix monthly fees are, some customers are disgruntled about the fact that Netflix Singapore looks nothing like the U.S. Netflix.

House of Cards, Arrested Development, South Korean TV dramas and Chinese Kungfu movies are among the missing content in the Singapore version of the service.

So why not just VPN it and stick to US of A Netflix? Unfortunately you can’t do that cause Netflix stated in a blog post Thursday that in the coming weeks it would block all VPNs, which are proxies or servers that allow users to access content that is not locally available.

So what can we guys do to work around this?

Well literally nothing boys, Big corporation wins and consumer lose, either that or we just move to USA.


Mizuno Shopping Loot of the Day

Some of you all heard from the little bird (Twitter) that I am down with a bad fever, it’s been a week (ok exaggerating) but since Tuesday. are fever even suppose to last that long?

Well first thing after work I was suppose to head out for a short run but clearly that didn’t happened. I was knocked out straight after work and slept with a burning body covered with blanket and air-con turned on. What do people do to even kill fever instantly, hoping to recover with a lot of rest, that also clearly didnt happen, yesterday was the worst and I woke up at 2am with a heavy feeling over my chest,

So if you guys have any remedies that can cure a fever, I am willing to try it out?

I said before, usually I don’t fall sick but when I do, I get it bad, real bad, but hey once a year don’t sound all that bad, Anyway I wanna share with you guys the shopping loot I got from my sponsors Mizuno (World Of Sports) , I’ve posted the video up a week back maybe some of you guys have watch it some of you have not, It was the last video I made two weeks ago and I haven’t found the time to train or recover.

I have to say I have already tried all of the gears I have got and I really liked the Ekiden Tshirt that I got, I heard last from ZJ that he went out and bought one for a price of $27 after discount, now that’s a bargain

Tomorrow I will try to make it to the Orange Ribbon run, and the Yellow Ribbon Race Pack Collection If I could.

DBS Marina Regatta and Ignite The Bay

Singapore’s Biggest Watersports Festival

Held in conjunction with the 28th SEA Games, this year’s DBS Marina Regatta takes place over three weekends, from 30th May to 14th June. Set against the iconic skyline of Marina Bay, witness top dragon boating and sailing teams battle it out to be the country’s and the region’s best.

Apart from exhilarating sporting action in the water, be sure to check out the exciting activities – these include cosplay, cheerleading, dance and music competitions, extreme sports, a dedicated kids zone, a fantastic food festival, stand-up paddling and Singapore’s first urban beach! With all this and more, this year’s DBS Marina Regatta promises to ignite all your senses, and be a Bay experience unlike any other!



DBS Dragon Tap

Admission is free, so join us at the DBS Marina Regatta 2015 and Ignite The Bay! for the full details and schedule please click here DBS Marina Regatta 2015 Highlights

Also Stand a Chance to win prizes $3000 just by participating in the DBS Mobile App

DBS app

To Download the app just scan the QR Code or click here DBS Dragon Tap


Skechers Sundown Festival Singapore

Skechers Sundown Festival 2014 SingaporeIf you are a music lover and love rocking out to great outdoor concerts, check out the latest by Skechers where they feature the Sundown Festival 2014, This iconic music festival which brings Asian artistes and fans onto one singular platform, celebrating and bridging the diverse Asian culture through music and food.

Spreading and extending its reach every year, the festival in 2014 will be featuring artistes from 11 countries showcasing the best local artiste from each country. Details of the concert will be as below

Date : 22.NOV.2014
Venue : Marina Promenade (Next to Singapore Flyer)
Time : 4:00PM – 11:00PM

Tickets are up for sale and they are going for CAT 1 : $138 and CAT 2 : $118 respectively

But wait, that is not all I am giving away a free pair of tickets to this festival, all you need to do is post on Instagram a picture of anything related to MUSIC and Hashtag #Isaac976Skechers, I will pick out a winner on the 21st of November. That give you guys two weeks to start posting as many creative pictures as possible.

Remember, it is easy and it is free.

1. login to Instagram

2. Post as Many Creative Musical Pictures as you want

3. Hashtag #Isaac976Skechers

4. Wait till 21 November 

for more information you can head to Skechers Sundown Festival official webpage  or visit their official Facebook account

Ricoh WG M1 another competitor to GoPro

Introducing the latest competitor to GoPro, the Ricoh WG M1 which was just introduced yesterday, Ricoh is not new to the rugged camera market but they sure are in competing with GoPro size


The WG-M1 is a 14MP camera that can dive up to 10m underwater, be dropped from 2m, and function at temperatures as low as -10C – all without a housing. The WG-M1 sports a 14MP CMOS sensor, super-wide lens with a 160° field-of-view, 1.5″ LCD, 1080/30p as well as high speed video, and Wi-Fi.

Naturally, mounts for nearly every purpose will be available. They include trigger grips, wrist straps, peg mounts, helmet straps, and handlebar mounts.

The WG-M1 will be available in the coming month in your choice of black or orange

Main Features

1. Effortless underwater shooting without a housing

By simply mounting the included underwater lens protector on the airtight body, the WG-M1 assures outstanding waterproof performance to a depth of 10 meters, and for up to one hour of continuous operation (equivalent to IPX8 or JIS Class 8). It is also designed to be shock-resistant against a fall from a height of two meters,* dustproof (equivalent to JIS Class 6), and cold-resistant against temperatures as low as -10°C. All these features make the WG-M1 a truly dependable, heavy-duty action camera in harsh, demanding outdoor conditions. Since it doesn’t require a cumbersome housing to protect the body, the user can not only enjoy underwater movies and images more freely, but also record sounds more clearly without muffling.**

* Measured under RICOH IMAGING-original testing standards (from a height of two meters, onto a surface of 5cm-thick plywood), conforming to Method 516.5-Shock of the MIL-Standard 810F.
** When the image size of 848 x 480 pixels (at 120fps) is selected, sound cannot be recorded.

2. Full HD movie recording with a selection of creative tools

The WG-M1 provides Full HD movie recording in the H.264 recording format, capturing high-quality, extended movie clips (1920 x 1080 pixels, 16:9 proportions) at a frame rate of 30 frames per second.* Thanks to its digital shake reduction mode, the user is assured of flawless, blur-free movies, with a choice of four angle-of-view settings — Wide (approximately 137 degrees),** Medium,*** Narrow*** and Underwater. It also provides a host of creative tools to simplify complex movie-recording techniques, including “Motion detection,” which automatically starts recording a movie when the camera detects a moving object within the image field; “Loop recording,” which keeps recording movies while creating new files at five- or ten-minute intervals; “High-speed Movie,”**** which records movies specifically for slow-motion playbacks; and “Time Lapse Movie,” which produces time-compressed movies using a time-lapse recording technique. In addition, a micro-HDMI terminal (type D) is provided on the camera body for the simultaneous output of movie clips and sound to external audio-visual devices.

* The maximum length of a single movie clip is 25 minutes.
** The angle of view may vary depending on the selected image size. The maximum angle of view in underwater movie recording is approximately 90 degrees.
*** The medium and narrow settings are selectable only when the image size of 1920 x 1080 pixels (at 30fps) is selected.
**** The image size is fixed at 848 x 480 pixels (at 120fps), while the recording duration is fixed at 60 seconds.

3. High-resolution still images captured by an ultra-wide-angle, 160-degree lens and approximately 14.0 effective megapixels

The WG-M1 delivers true-to-life, high-resolution still images, thanks to the combination of approximately 14.0 effective megapixels and a CMOS image sensor with outstanding high-sensitivity and low-noise characteristics and high-speed data readout.  During still-image shooting, it offers a choice of four angle-of-view settings: Wide (160 degrees),* Medium,** Narrow** and Underwater. It also provides a high-speed continuous shooting mode to record a series of still images at a speed of approximately 10 images per second.

* The angle of view may vary depending on the selected image size. The maximum angle of view in underwater still-image recording is approximately 97 degrees.
** The medium and narrow settings are selectable only when image size of 10M or 14M is selected.

4. Functional, outdoor-oriented design

Inheriting the design theme of the waterproof WG series, the WG-M1 offers a functional, heavy-duty design perfect for active outdoor shooting. It comes equipped with a 1.5-inch color LCD monitor for easy confirmation of the image composition during shooting and quick review of recorded images and movies during playback. Its large control buttons facilitate camera operations — including instant switching between still-image and movie modes — even when the user is wearing gloves. It also features a tripod socket on the bottom for the direct attachment of various accessories. The WG-M1 offers a choice of two body colors: black and orange.

5. Wireless LAN connection to support remote operation using smartphones

By installing a WG-M1-dedicated application in a smartphone or tablet computer, the user can perform various camera functions from a distance: confirm the status of a subject or scene, release the WG-M1’s shutter, and even check movie recordings in real time. The user can also browse and download images and movies recorded by the WG-M1 onto a smartphone or tablet computer for effortless editing using the tools provided by the application, then upload them to social networking and other websites to share them with friends.

6. Other features

  • Face Detection AF & AE function, to automatically optimize focus and set exposure on the subject’s face
  • WG adhesive mount, to attach the camera body to different surfaces using a powerful adhesive tape
  • Carabiner-equipped strap, to suspend the camera on a backpack or other object for easy carrying
  • Compatible with micro SD and micro SDHC memory cards

For more info head over to Ricoh Main Website

Check out the Video Quality below


ILLUMI RUN Singapore is Back, The brightest party-run will be held over two nights with 18,000 entries available

Singapore, 28 August 2014 – Singapore’s ultimate party on the run, ILLUMI RUN, is back for the second year, and this year it promises to be bigger and better. Early Bird registration opens online tomorrow (29 August 2014) at 12pm, with 18,000 entries available over two nights on 28th and 29th November.

Making its debut in Asia in December 2013, ILLUMI RUN is a 5km non-competitive run where participants make their way through different themed music zones whilst being splashed with ILLUMI Glow Water for an exhilarating neon experience. Last year’s event saw 10,000 enthusiastic participants light up the night at the F1 Village for an unforgettable evening hosted by club DJs to a background of incredible pyrotechnic displays.

Returning on 28th and 29th November 2014, ILLUMI RUN will be hosting a two-day extravaganza to ignite the celebratory year-end mood. Due to the wonderful response last year, the neon fun run will cater for 18,000 people this year. The participant minimum age limit has also been lowered to 13 years old to include a younger generation of fun-lovers.

“We were very encouraged by the fantastic turnout at last year’s ILLUMI RUN and we seek to give our participants an even more amplified party this year. Many teenagers were keen to join last year and we are happy to announce that we are opening it up to them this time! We trust this will certainly be something for them to look forward to during their holidays,” said Jeffrey Foo, Director of Infinitus Productions and the brain behind ILLUMI RUN.

Prior to this year’s run, each participant will be equipped with improved merchandise such as a re-designed ILLUMI RUN tee, LED wrist-band, glow-in-the-dark shutter shades, and more. Committed to providing an unparalleled en route experience, this year’s musically themed splash zones will see more dousing with the ILLUMI Glow Water, and additions such as dancers to complement the nightlife atmosphere and create a full on clubbing experience en route. The run will conclude at the F1 Race Village with opportunities for participants to capture their luminous memories amongst the not-to-be-missed party that will continue into the night.

Registration begins online tomorrow with early bird prices of S$78 per person ending on 8 September. Normal registration will then kick-in from 9 September, but with the option of a 4 pax group registration at S$320.

Come with your friends and be ready to celebrate in neon as organisers prepare for the ILLUMI Glow splashing! For more information, please go to www.illumirun.com and relive your memories here:



Date                                           :           28, 29 November 2014

Time                                          :           20:00 HRS to 23:30HRS

Venue                                        :           F1 Race Village

Distance                                    :           5km

Tag everything with                :           #illumirun / #illumirun2014

Also find us on Facebook       :           www.facebook.com/illumirun

And Instagram                         :           www.instagram.com/illumirunsg