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Singapore (19 January 2017)PUMA has kicked the new year off in style by unveiling its next generation POWER boot, the evoPOWER Vigor 1. The new football boot sees PUMA’s greatest design overhaul yet in the POWER franchise, boasting an upgraded silhouette that keeps power and accuracy at the heart of the design. The revolutionary boot will be worn on-pitch by PUMA POWER stars including the likes of Olivier Giroud and Mario Balotelli, and new PUMA ambassadors, Petr Čech and Marc Bartra.

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Engineered with numerous upgrades to the previous edition, the evoPOWER Vigor 1 is more technical than ever, marking a new era for the silo. The Vigor 1 is the first in the POWER family to feature a stretchable Spandex sock construction, creating an ultra-comfortable slip on boot with a barefoot feeling. The Spandex sock lining works in harmony with PUMA’s next generation AccuFoam upper technology which features a new engineered 3D format. The PU foam dots regulate the uneven surface when the foot comes into contact with the ball, which maximises precision when striking the ball powerfully. The upper is completed with PUMA’s Adap-Lite material further enhanced with a new support cage that allows the foot to bend. The one-way stretchable microfibre upper material supports the biomechanics of the foot while striking the ball barefoot, maximizing both power and precision. This combined with GripTex, a PUMA technology applied to the upper of the boot, helps create enhanced grip and ball control.

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The evoPOWER Vigor 1 outsole remains the same as its predecessors as a result of popular demand, featuring a mix of bladed and conical studs. Based on PUMA’s research into how force travels on the stance and kicking legs, the boot features bladed studs that ensure perfect ground penetration and stability, especially on stance leg, and conical studs for optimal agility.

The evoPOWER Vigor 1 emanates POWER with its bold styling and colour, featuring a sleek new look in allover Gecko Green finished off with Safety Yellow and PUMA Black detailing. The diamond shaped PU dots in Safety Yellow on the sock liner not only advance the performance of the boot, but also fashion a subtle graphic pattern across the upper, which has been replicated in the outsole. The overall look is rounded off with finishing touches in PUMA Black, from the iconic PUMA Formstripe and evoPOWER branding on the tongue to decorative details on the outsole.

PUMA star striker and POWER player, Olivier Giroud added; “I’ve been wearing evoPOWER for some time now and while PUMA always makes great developments to the boot, the new evoPOWER Vigor 1 is next level. I’m enjoying playing in a boot with a slip-on sock construction – it is ridiculously comfortable plus the foam dots are a total game changer for me. I enjoy making an impact on the pitch and in these bold Green boots I definitely will. Let’s just say the bar has been officially raised.”

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The new evoPOWER Vigor 1 is now retailing at SGD 329 at PUMA Bugis+, PUMA VivoCity, and in Westorn Corp Outlets


A Beginner’s Guide To All Things BE@RBRICK

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What does Pharrell, Grace Coddington and Ben Baller all have in common? An affinity for toy collecting. This may sound peculiar at first, but the toy in question is the BE@RBRICK – a little bear-shaped brick toy that’s made its ways into studios, MTV cribs and galleries across the world. It wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to say that these vinyl toys have become canvases for modern expression, playing a crucial role in the intersection of style, art and fashion.

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BE@RBRICKs are a form of collectible toy that resemble a cross between LEGO and well, a bear. These block-style figurines boast teddy bear-style heads that have become an integral pillar of the collectible toy scene. In fact, it wouldn’t be so far-fetched to say that it almost single-handedly carved out the fad of toy collecting in modern times, treading the very fine line between toy and art. Since its inception, BE@RBRICKs have become one of the most recognizable characters in the world, and some of the most sought after.

While regular toy figurines are normally reserved for kids, these bear-like objects have spoken to a more sophisticated crowd. Having been known to sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars on resell markets (the most expensive one sold for close to $200,000 USD), BE@RBRICKs are anything but juvenile.

With anything is a collector’s item, there’s a bit of a learning curve getting in. Let us teach you the basics.

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The Beginnings

BE@RBRICKS are designed and produced by Japan’s MediCom Toy, a company that is best known for its plastic figurines. The company was founded in 1996 to make limited edition figures and licensed products. It has long created plastic figurines of popular culture.

The BE@RBRICK’S design and concept was loosely based on another line of MediCom Toy’s — the Kubrick, which pay homage to famed director Stanley Kubrick. The line of Kubricks are also represented by a logo that uses the same font as A Clockwork Orange‘s official poster, while the name also coincidentally includes the Japanese word for nine — “ku.” Both Kubricks and BE@RBRICKS are comprised of nine parts — a head, torso, hips, arms, hands, and legs with joints that can move. While the Kubrick toys bear resemblance to a human form, the BE@RBRICK, as mentioned, is an anthropomorphized bear.

Most BE@RBRICKS are comprised of hard plastic, but over time, different series have introduced different materials into the mix, including metal and wood. Regardless, the most common form of BE@RBRICKS are made of plastic, however, MediCom Toy has experimented with different plastics over time.

The first BE@RBRICK was released May 27 2001 and given out as a free gift to attendees of the World Character Convention in Tokyo, Japan. This iteration was a simple white bear featuring the BE@RBRICK logo — a blue bear shape with a red “@” enclosed within. Measuring in at 70 mm, this marked the standard BE@RBRICK size — the 100%.

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Sizing Specifications

With the first BE@RBRICK dubbed the 100%, all following sizes also follow the same system. Generally, BE@RBRICKS range between 50% to 1000%. Aside from these standard sizes, there have been some collections that featured BE@RBRICKS of different shapes and sizes — these fall under the “OTHER” category.

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  • 50%, 35 mm – These BE@RBRICKS are normally released in the form of keychains.
  • 70%, 50 mm – First introduced in 2006, the 70% BE@RBRICKS were originally collectible items alongside other products. Since then, many have adopted this format as a form of lucky charm. In response to this, MediCom toy has produced 70% BE@RBRICKS adorned with auspicious and customizable tags.
  • 100%, 70 mm – The most classic and common format. All BE@RBRICK series are released in this size and are available in blind boxes.
  • 200%, 145 mm – A relatively newer format and are only released in the “Chogokin” Series. These are all constructed of die-cast metal and weigh in at 400 g.
  • 400%, 280 mm – The second most common format, most collectors buy BE@RBRICKS in 400% form.
  • 1000%, 700 mm – The largest regular BE@RBRICK size, the 1000% is normally reserved as collectible statue pieces.

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All BE@RBRICKS releases can be categorized into “SERIES” and “TYPES.” There are two drops a year, and each BE@RBRICK “SERIES” are released in the summer or the winter. Each SERIES are consecutively numbered and consist of four different TYPES. As of press time, the latest is SERIES 31.

  • Basic — Nine different designs with each figure bearing a letter that all come together and spell “BE@RBRICK”
  • Standard — All BE@RBRICKS in this series consist of th different recurring “THEMES” (see below).
  • Artist — Normally consists of designs created in collaboration with an artist.
  • Secret — Unannounced designs that are usually rarer, may also consist of collaborative designs. They may belong to any of the below Themes

Within the “Standard” Series are different “THEMES.” The most common themes include the following

  • Jellybean — a solid-colored figure constructed of translucent plastic.
  • Pattern — a figure boasting a pattern.
  • Flag — a figure boasting a nation’s flag
  • Horror — a figure that is made to resemble a character or theme in the horror genre.
  • SF (Science Fiction) — a figure based on a science fiction theme, usually a film.
  • Cute — a figure bearing resemblance to something “cute.”
  • Animal — a figure bearing resemblance to another animal.
  • Hero — a newer THEME which was introduced in SERIES 21, and consists of superheroes from DC Comics.

All BE@RBRICKS are limited edition and rarely re-released. All of the aforementioned SERIES are purchasable in blind boxes — each box usually contains one figure. All boxes are available in a case, and each case consists of 24 blind boxes. All contents of boxes are random, and it is impossible to discern what is inside a blind box without opening the package. Hence, it is extremely difficult to collect a whole set.

Aside from the schedule SERIES releases that come in the summer and winter, there are general releases that fall throughout the year. These drops are usually individual designs or sometimes in a collection of two or three. These designs vary — they can be tied to a certain season or holiday, commemorating a theme or event, but they are largely collaborative designs.

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Each BE@RBRICK SERIES and THEME has its own level of rarity, with the most common being the Basic themed figures. Each blind box states the rarity of the themes, all of which is listed below.

Basic BE@RBRICKS — 14.58 percent


  • Jellybean — 11.45 percent
  • Pattern — 11.45 percent
  • Flag — 9.37 percent
  • Horror, 9.37 percent
  • SF — 10.41 percent
  • Cute –13.54 percent
  • Animal — 8.33 percent
  • Hero — 7.29 percent

Artist BE@RBRICKS — 4.16 percent or 1.04 percent

Secret BE@RBRICKS — 0.52 percent (1/192)

In addition to these numbers are even rarer releases. The most difficult BE@RBRICKS to collect are those that were never intended for public purchase — such as giveaways, promotional items and one-of-a-kind figures.

Because BE@RBRICKS are so limited in nature and difficult to collect, there is a lot hype around different releases. While the more common collectibles are not hard to obtain, the rarer figures are often resold for multiples of its original price. Some of the rarest BE@RBRICKS include collaborations with KAWS, Chanel, Andy Warhol and many more. KAWS even went on to collaborate with Medicom Toy on OriginalFake, an offshoot brand that unfortunately shuttered in 2013.

BE@RBRICKS have done almost the impossible, positioning itself in the intersection of art, fashion, culture, and fun. Its simple and familiar design has won over everyone regardless of gender or age. MediCom Toy has opened up the floodgates for collectibles, and pioneered for toys a way to market and sell products with hype. While its limited edition method ensures long-lasting interest, it’s the various collaborations that BE@RBRICKS partake in that truly make these forms of art.

Its collaborative efforts also allows artists, musicians, companies and more to offer their own fanbases a token that they can purchase or vie for. Not only does this help increase the visibility of these brands, but they also disseminate BE@RBRICKS across varied interest groups and demographics — perpetuating its continued success.

BE@RBRICK’s role in streetwear cannot be denied. With its limited edition and rare items, it has paved the way for other brands to introduce their own limited edition products and toys. Figurines have become an undeniable staple in streetwear circles, and it’s surely not going anywhere.

Credits to Helena Yeung for the article

K-Swiss X A Bathing Ape

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AAPE has just collaborated with the American sportswear K-Swiss and they mashed the Classic 66 with the iconic camo of BAPE.  I am in the middle of my decision to decide if I am adding this to my collection? let me know what you think?

The sneaker has a storied history and was the first leather tennis shoe to be debuted at a major Grand Slam tournament. This revitalized version stays true to the design specifications of the OG model, and features five stripe branding, D-rings, unique three-piece toe design and original shield logo branding. What sets this ’66 apart, however, is the unmistakable AAPE camouflage.

 these drop December 15 at retailers

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Casio G-Shock X adFunture Workshop X VEIL

Iconic Master of G Series transformed into an indestructible army of robots to protect the sky, land and sea


Casio Singapore today announced the release of the exclusive ‘Master of G’ Collection of designer robot figurines in collaboration with toymaker adFunture Workshop and street wear label VEIL. Produced exclusively for Singapore, each collectible ‘Master of G’ unit comes with a VEIL-inspired G-SHOCK Gravity Master, Gulf Master or Mud Master timepiece mounted on the figurines’ respective chassis.

The Master of G Collection of World Protectors and Crafted G-SHOCKs 

The collection, comprising three specially designed robots, is characterized by the latest ‘Master of G’  series of timepieces – G-SHOCK Gravity Master GPW-1000, G-SHOCK Mud Master GWG-1000 and GSHOCK Gulf Master GWN-1000 – to form a formidable army of robots imagined to protect the world and conquer the sky, land and sea.


Each robot embodies the ‘Absolute Tough’, resistant and indestructible features and functions of its respective ‘Master of G’ timepiece, while sporting similar colour and design accents. Exclusive to this collaboration, VEIL was also invited to specially design matching watch straps that complement each Master of G designer figure, truly making it a must-have collectable for any G-SHOCK fan.


Oakley Military Standard Issue 3.0

This is not a review, it is more of an unboxing and boy have I not done unboxing for the longest time. In my previous unboxing one of my viewers were confused with un-boxing and product review. Let me explain clearly that


Unboxing is when someone gets a package or box delivered to them and definitely they will not know what items is included in the box therefore it is called an unboxing, it is the ability of showing the product exactly for what it is without any adulteration advertisers usually make around the product. Being able to see what you are getting can contribute to the decisional process

Product Review

A product review refers to a review written by a consumer for a product or a service based on his/her experience as a user of the reviewed product, usually this is done thoroughly as they would have already tested all the bells and whistle.

So please get your mindset right while watching Unboxing and Reviews, anyway hope you like my unboxing of the recently Oakley M-Frame 3.0 that I have acquired in Japan. . Do gimme a thumbs up if you like the video, hope you have enjoyed my unboxing as much as I have done editing

Press Release: No More Speed Limits

Singapore 22 January 2015 – The faster game is on: Recommended by the world’s number 1 tennis player Novak Djokovic, the new Graphene XT Speed racquet line combines an iconic new design and the improved Graphene XT technology into one speedy package.

The Graphene XT Speed racquets feature the next generation of the revolutionary Graphene technology, which is based on the use of graphene, the strongest yet lightest material in the world. With its benefits in mind, the updated technology Graphene XT now features a 30% stronger material structure that has been engineered to optimize the racquet’s weight distribution to where players need it most. As a result, racquets with Graphene XT feature a 10% better energy transfer for a higher ball speed and faster game.

The new MP A model feature the innovative Adaptive String Pattern (ASP) technology, which allows the player to exchange the grommet strips and choose between a 16/16 pattern for more spin or the 16/19 pattern for more control.

In addition to the new Speed MP A model (also available with ASP), the Speed racquet line is available in the well-known models Pro and S. All racquets make speed come to life in the new design as well: The asymmetric look with selected use of neon color spots and the eye-catching neon-colored strings make quite an iconic statement.

The new Graphene XT SPEED racquets are available as of January 2015 at World of Sports and selected retailers.

For more information please visit:






The new HEAD Graphene XT SPEED racquet line comes in the following four well-known models:

  • HEAD Graphene XT SPEED Pro

Tour version with highest weight, 645 cm2 head size, 315g weight, a constant beam of 22 mm, string pattern 18/20 for more control


  • HEAD Graphene XT SPEED S

645 cm2 head size, 285g weight, a constant beam of 22 mm, dynamic string pattern 16/19


New to the HEAD Graphene XT SPEED racquet line are the following two models, which feature the new adaptive string pattern (ASP) technology:

  • HEAD Graphene XT SPEED MP A

Lighter tour version optimized for more versatility and power with adaptive string pattern technology, 645 cm2 head size, 300g weight, a constant beam of 22 mm, adaptive string pattern 16/19 & 16/16 (interchangeable)

Singapore Marathon Oakley Booth

Oakley Expo (1)

There is one booth I will never fail to stop whenever I am at the Singapore Marathon race pack collection Expo. This has been two years running that Oakley is having such great deals, how can anyone not buy? If you like to know what the promo is that they are having that make it so irresistible ?

Well it first you are able to  trade in any of your sunglasses brands for a pair of customised Oakley Radarlock or Radar and get $100 off! (pssst.. dont tell the Oakley team that I told you this cause I am gonna get killed..just go out and get a pair of cheap sunnies from 7-11 or something at the cost of less than $10) then head over to Hall 5, Booth 69 and get a $100 off. Now what a bargain.

I have gotten mine annually at the race expo and check out my new fresh out of the box Infra Red Jade Iridium Radarlock. Make me droolz, darn now my mums gonna nag me again for buying Oakley again.

Oakley Expo (4) Oakley Expo (5) Oakley Expo (6)

Well anyway that is not only the deal there, check out the following as well, but wait just to clarify with you guys that if you are getting $100 off you are not getting the Oakley goodie bag, so it is either or. So choose wisely. If you can’t decide just get two.

Oakley Expo (2)

Don’t say Good Stuff No Share Hor. Anyway head over soon as today is the last day of the EXPO and they close at 7pm. Have a Great Run Everyone and Good Luck Tomorrow

Bliss Out 2014

What’s more fun than Running? or Yoga or maybe even a Concert ? well I can’t think of anything that could be more fun than all three combined, and for that you have “Bliss Out 2014

This exciting event will be the most exciting Christmas event that combines yoga, running and music in one spectacular night for sure, just mark out your calendar for this coming 20th December 2014, and the whole event will be held at the Meadows @ Gardens by the Bay.

Just imagine enjoying your festive season with a mass yoga experience, a 5km run route rife with Christmas themed attractions and a concert helmed by multiple local cover bands and local performing arts groups. “SUPPORT LOCALS”


Here are the 3 Bliss Out session timing

Yoga @ 4PM

There will be 2 X 1 hour yoga sessions, the first is a Hatha yoga session and the second is a Vinyasa yoga session. Participants can choose to go for both yoga sessions or go for the Christmas run instead of joining the second yoga session.

These are open classes where both beginners and intermediate yoga practitioners can take part in!

Christmas Fun Run @ 5.30pm

At 5.30pm, look forward to a fun filled 5km Christmas themed run after your yoga session! Look out for the Bliss Out specially designed attractions such as our awful carollers, kissing santas and more!

Concert @ 7pm till late

At 7pm, backed by the Timbre group , The stage will entertain you with a night of live music and dance acts from Singapore’s own local performing arts groups!

Ticket Pricing are as follow:

Blissout Tickets

* Just so you guys know if you register in a group of 10 persons or more you receive a 10% Discount

To purchase you ticket just proceed to : Purchase Tickets Here