AXTRO Fit 2 Review

If you are one of the participants of Season 4 National Steps Challenge, Season 5 has just kicked off with a bang, and one thing I like about HPB is that they gave out trackers for free too all their participants.

Come Season 5 challengers, they will be in for a treat, It is an upgraded version of the AXTRO Fit and the color on the screen is not it’s only best feature.

Read on if you are interested and also to find out how to use it and I pitted it’s accuracy with my Garmin FR25.

AXTRO Fit 2 Outlook

The watch is 1.7cm in width and only weighs 30gm, the size surely downsized from the first model and now you are able to change the watch face from digital to analogue. Your style your life.

Feature 1: Charger and Battery Life

I have to tell you this new and improved version is really amazing, I honestly, had issues with the past model with it’s charging dongle as pulling out the rubber was a mess. For a grown guy to be using full strength to pull and expose the dongle was shameful for me.

The Axtro Fit 2 stills pulls out just that there is no USB there to charge) so don’t bother with it. Luckily this time round they are smart enough to provide a magnetic usb charger that magnetically clips on to your watch.

Downside is, you better not lose it and you have to bring it along if you are going for a 7 day trip, stated on their website. I can’t really tell how long the AXTRO Fit 2 will last but think about it, the screen will only turn on with a flick of the wrist.

I will update you guys after 7 days of usage to see where my battery is at. Charging it up takes only about 1hr45mins, but that was straight from the box.

update: Battery lasted more than 7 days, I would give it about 8 to 9 days depending on usage.

Feature 2: Workout Mode

I love this new feature and it makes me feel that I have a very expensive tech on my wrist. Once you activate the “workout mode” you get to see data such as your

  1. Heart Rate (HR)
  2. Steps Taken
  3. Time

Pro Tip: I am a person that don’t like too much data. All I need is HR to monitor my HR Zone, and Time taken after start. So AXTRO Fit 2 could maybe follow me to my 5k and 10k event.

Using Workout Mode doesn’t end there, when your HR goes above a certain limit, it will prompt you with a buzz. I notice when mine was in the 140 – 150 bpm it stated – MOD, and when I was pushing it a little too hard 151 – 170 bpm it is stated – VIG (vigorous) and it has a reminder tell you to take it easy. I like that, as it sets as a reminder to take it easy. Similar to Garmin’s Alert feature.

Speaking of Alert it also has this reminder to “Get Up and Move” if you are being too sedentary for a while.

I bet most of you guys want to know about the HR accuracy, as this OEM Tracker can’t be that good, well surprise surprise, it is that good, I pitted it with the Garmin FR25 side by side and guess what, it is only off by 1 beat up or down. (picture shown are before I took it out to test)

But remember, to use the AXTRO Fit 2, you need the HPB app which you can download it here for Android devices and Apple devices here

My 2cents Worth


  • Great light watch and will not weigh your wrist down,
  • The workout mode feature was a plus over the previous model
  • Battery Life is amazing


  • Too slim for a guys hand. Just my preference for chunky
  • The wristband material is not soft enough (but hey for price point can’t complain)
  • The screen just turns off to fast, would be better if it was 5 secs instead of 3 secs.

If you want to purchase one of these, it is only going for $19 from AXTRO SPORTS , I do recommend buying it and upgrading it form the previous model cause the “Workout Mode”, make’s it all so worth it.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, do drop me a comment below or Twitter at @isaac976.

or you may contact HPB at or call them at 1800 567 2020. or even tweet them at @HPBsg

Thank you for reading and as I always say, See you at the finish line and have a great day.


Last weekend was pretty fun and of course humid here in this part of the world, pretty fun because I get to take out the PUMA IGNITE Ultimate on a test run and having a go at their PWRCOOL technology. If this shoes interest you in anyway, do read on my first impression and my 2cents worth

As you know Singapore or rather this part of Asia is facing terrific heat wave from 31degrees onward and that is the norm throughout which translate to about 88F and I am talking about the night, and it gets worst in the afternoon, and what better to do to beat the heat than go out for a run.

Heading out the door with this flashy shoe sure got me some attention, I got the Green Gecko with Black  and you can check out the unboxing video.

Overall Shoe Construction

This neutral runner has a raised midsole height and a drop of about 12mm heel to toe, As claimed by PUMA this shoe offers ultimate cushioning and responsiveness. Adding more of their unique PU foam formula underneath the foot will provide ultimate rebound and maximum comfort.

Once I have this baby on my feet you can definitely feel the plushness from the heel cup to your arch and they kid you not about the ultimate cushioning, in fact this shoe will be a hit with people who are heel striker.

Check out the large amount of PU foam surrounding the heel area, this basically helps minimize the impact no matter where you land.

PUMA Soles.jpg

I have to warn you guys that this shoe does not fit to size so before purchasing size down by a half size if your buying it online, but you can always test it out at the store for a better feel.

PUMA breathable mesh upper and thermo-regulation technology in the tongue didn’t really hit it off with me or maybe Singapore weather was just too warm. If you see the picture below on the side of the shoe, that was the amount of air ventilation that I am getting.


As  you can see even the sockliner had plenty of holes to keep the body at optimal temperatures in warm conditions but like I said PWRCool wasn’t really working here or maybe was there a switch to turn it on?


Running in this shoe didn’t feel if I was constricted around the arch area or anywhere even, maybe cause of the size issue and the arch of my feet felt like it had all the room in the world while running, one thing for sure that got me excited was the Chevron flex groove that really gave me the energy rebound when I ran in heel strike mode.

I like how they still maintain the EverTrack rubber for durability in high-wear areas of outsole and my 1st edition IGNITE still holding strong, EverTrack outsole can take on the roughest of surfaces along with Forefoot flex grooves that ensures maximum flexibility. So in short I do hope PUMA puts this system in all their shoes.

IGNITE ULTIMATE (Evertrack).jpg

Isaac’s 2cents Worth

So is this shoe for me? well It is not cause my sweet spot for running shoe is always been 4mm to 0mm, this shoe has a 12mm heel to toe drop, and I find that the PWRCool tech simply isn’t cutting it for me as well.

So who is this shoe made for then? This shoe will go well with people of heftier weight as it will cushion,minimize and save their knees from impact pain. Ultimate IGNITE will be loved by those who desire for maximum cushioning or simply like their shoes comfy and with lots or rebound.

As I have mentioned in my Youtube unboxing, I do want to compare this with the Ultraboost to see who has better comfort, at the moment cause I have only worn the Ignite, my vote goes to PUMA.

I understand IGNITE Ultimate PWRCool is costlier than the previous version, but if you have the cash to splash, then get this for its maximum plushness otherwise the older edition of IGNITE will appeal to the masses.


Also to give a shout-out to all those PUMA Night run participants, I can’t wait to be running in the new route that PUMA have planned for us. See you guys there and if you have not signed up for the run. You can do so by clicking here.

Top 3 Must Eat Petaling Street Indulgence

2016 started with me in the heat (yes HEAT) of Malaysia,capital Kuala Lumpur and it was ridiculously hot,you can feel the burning heat from the tarmac and the pollution from the city contributes to the health hazard that one have to endure when your in the Capital.

But brave souls who sacrifice their health will be rewarded with tantalizing flavors of the yesteryear, where old school hawker meets fast paced city. We started out journey from our hotel (review on tripadvisor) walking about 500m to Central Market



I have heard of legendary tales where wanton noodles are made in heaven and once you had it, you will dream of it just like you died and went to noodle heaven.

This place is none other than Seng Kei, it is located next to Lai Fong coffee shop. I was hesitant to share this with you guys cause I just want to eat this to my self and not making it even more known to the world of foodies out there cause I swear to god it is that good. This establishment have been there for many years and it is worth going there just for the noodle.

wanton noodle Lai FongI had the dry wanton noodle with extra noodle (YOLO) and as far as I know dry noodles have always been my number one choice – I would know where to sniff out dry wanton noodles from every nook and corner of every country. The plate shown below only cost me RM6 which equates to about US$1.36 or SGD$1.96.

Seng Kei

This plate looks nothing like the one I have eaten usually, the glistening of the noodles seem not well coated as you can see in the picture, but like they say “Do not judge a book by its cover” and with one bite into the noodle after mixing it with the fragrant oil and thick soy sauce, I have to say I died and went to noodle heaven. The noodle texture feels Al dente and full of flavour, you can’t stop after one bite as it this delicious bowl of flavorful noodle just makes you want to stuff your mouth silly, but so it seems, nothing is perfect. The char siew was the only let down as it is slightly dry.

I would still say HECK, head over to Seng Kei and order yourself a large plate of some awesome dry wanton noodle. NO REGRETS. If I could I would have licked it all dry but there were people staring.

Seng Kei Wanton

Our food journey doesn’t stop there, as we walked across the street and head over to a very famous beef noodle stall which also have been around for a long time, and I do mean a long time. That guy in the picture seems that he love what does and you know that food cooked with love taste better.

I am not going to talk about their past as we have two more places to go but I will surely tell you that you got to eat this.

Shin Kee Beef NoodlesShin KeeIronically the shop name is Shin Kee which was similar to the wanton noodle stall name Shin Kei, maybe back then every ones name was Shin something.. Shin You, Shin Mee, Shin Beef, Shin Chicken.

Shin Kee Beef Noodle

As we are saving our stomach for what is to come, we only ordered a single bowl of hot piping beef noodle soup but I so wanted the dry one as the guy in front of me slurping his noodle seems to be slurping everything in front of him as it was his last day on earth.

I have to say I was very surprised with the flavor of the broth, it was out of this world, the sweetness from the beef that was thinly cut and poured onto was very light and has this rich flavor without feeling too beefy. The noodles is topped with well seasoned mince meat to add to the flavor which was already very tasty, and like I said nothing is perfect, the noodle was a let down as it has not soaked the flavor from the soup but just drinking the soup and having thinly sliced and tender beef makes this trip to the stall all worth it.

Madras Lane

Number 3 must eat on my list has got to be at some dodgy,smelly back alley but with all the smell and dirty lane you will be rewarded with some very very tasty food.  This place is called Madras Lane and they are famous for their Asam Laksa, Chee Cheong Fun and Yong Tau Foo, but wait there is two stalls here in Madras Lane selling the same stuff, which one will you try?

Madras Lane Laksa

Do you see the lady with the strip T-shirt on the left background? well its that stall, its on the LEFT side of the famous chee cheong fun and it is connect to the drink stall which is owned by their son as well.

Madras Lane Asam Laksa Madras Lane Laksa Madras Lane Laksa

We ordered Curry Laksa, Asam Laksa, Chee Cheong Fun as well as Yong Tau Foo, let’s just say we skip the rest and save your calories for this hot piping very sourish bowl of scrumptious asam laksa (when ordering please tell the lady boss you would like it with more lime). The Asam Laksa packs a punch of flavors that will tantalize every sensory on your palate, The springy texture of the noodle is masked by generous bits of mackerel fish, and every bite of this makes your mouth waters even more as the lime perfectly blends well with this noodle.

I can’t say the same for the curry laksa but it is a bowl rich with generous scooping of bloody cockles on your noodle as you can see from the picture. The curry laksa is a tad spicy for most but hey it’s Asian culture to love our noodle spicy and bloodied with cockles, where is the fun in that if its just plain tomato noodle. I would eat just to try the flavor but I the Asam Laksa is highly rated by me for its flavor.

I also highly recommend you guys to order the ice black coffee “KAO” from the son’s establishment as it is out of this world. Japanese love their アイスコーヒー, aisu kōhī and if they knew about this place, I think it would be the next Starbucks of Petaling Street. A single ice coffee cost only RM2 which is USD $0.45cents SGD $0.65cents

I ordered one to wash the lunch down and another to go cause of the blistering heat to reward myself for able to sit in the stuffy lane of Madras, please do not be alarmed to see rats the size of a small cats running a mock in broad daylight, its a wet market after all.

Madras Lane Ice Coffee

As we retreat into the evening for dinner but sadly this is not along Petaling Street but it is still within close proximity with just a walk away. My buddies recommended us to head to this place that sells pig organ soup and they are famous for it, true enough at 5pm it was already packed with people, we waited for awhile before we got our seat at the table. Not reviewing this establishment but just sharing the good times we shared amongst friends. Good time indeed

Gang Gang Gang Gang Gang


Just another few days to Christmas and then its Happy New Year, I want to thank everyone whom have been following and reading my reviews and post on life rambling for all this years, also I want to take this opportunity to say MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you readers out there. As for me, I am ending my new year by keeping much to myself and staying low. I have not posted or done much video as much as I would like to end the year with but I do want to kick it up a notch for the coming 2016


I would like to thank LANEIGE Singapore for sending me the following products (hope they think I was good looking and not looking at my post and thinking YIKES this guy’s oily face sure need our product) I sure hope its the former. Thank you for the early Christmas surprise.

As you know they have  recently release their latest HOMME range which is a fuss-free skincare regime,it is a two-step skincare to help busy people or who travels often by not having to bring so many products on hand and I have to say the Oil Control Cleanser and Oil Control Water Lotion is amazing. Now I can’t wait to try all their other products. Do read on to see what my thoughts are on the two following product


The box has a nice metallic color and it sure does have a masculine feel to it, just holding on to it makes me feel MANLY! never though the Korean to be innovative as well, If you look at the packaging there is a perforated line on the side and it actually opens up from there and instructions in Korean and English are well placed for your reading pleasure.

First off let me talk about the oil control cleanser, it is actually a scrubbing cleanser which is made to clarifies the skin surface by removing excessive sebum and dead skin, I am pairing this with my Clarisonic Mia2 which give it a double boosting action

Firstly when you squeeze out the cleanser you will see blue bits which is the beads of the cleanser and it acts as a scrub, you can instantly feel the minty smell it gives off once you splash it on your face, but it was the “AFTER” effect that I love most. It made my skin felt tight, fresh and had a new bounce to it, or maybe it is the jojoba oil moisturizer ingredient that is in this cleanser

Isaac’s 2 cents worth and Product Rating ( 4.75 out of 5 cleanser ) This is worth purchasing

Since this is a two step product which comes together in a pair, I have the liberty to try it both at once, when I opened this water lotion, there was a separation of lotion and water therefore the instruction clearly states SHAKE IT WELL.


I am comparing this to the current product that I use which is the SKII men’s facial essence which is pretty similar in consistency, just that the other one has Pitera and also am using it cause my whole family is using that brand.

I will try my best to describe the fragrance of this product to you, it has this really luxurious silky smell to it, think of you in a luxurious soapy spa with freshness of the morning grass, well anyway it sure smells DARN GOOD.

All you need to do for this product is after the cleanser you splash a good amount maybe the size of 50cents worth and dab it all over your pretty face. LANEIGE claims this product contains the “Golden Ratio” of one part lotion to 11 parts toner.

The whole idea of this lotion is to control your facial oil and mine sure has it’s own oil collection station on every side of my face after lunch or so, using this product really helped me tone down my shine and darn that smell is so good. I would just buy it and pour all over my body just for that smell. Just want to say that this product works like it said it would.

Isaac 2cent’s Product rating ( 4 out of 5 oil cleaner) I would have given it higher if it was not for the price

LANEIGE Oil Contol cCeanser sells for SGD $28 and Oil Control Lotion sells for SGD $48


Brands I have used: SKII, KIEHLS, LABS, L’Oreal, Shiseido

Mizuno Wave Paradox 2 : Nimble Meet Stable

A couple of years ago, Mizuno made the decision to pare down their line of running shoes, that resulted in several shoes being streamlined into a new offering. The Mizuno Paradox 2 was born from the Mizuno Wave Nirvana (Premium Stability) and Wave Alchemy (Motion Control) was one of the new offerings targeted at over pronators.

The Mizuno Wave Paradox 2 is a lightweight running shoe with a wide toe box that offers both structure and cushion while providing a light, sleek ride with maximum stability. One of the features of the Wave Paradox 2 is the additional millimetre of blown rubber on a refined outsole. This provides runners with an improved underfoot feel and increased durability without sacrificing flexibility.

Key Features:

  • A PU printed design wraps around the heel and midfoot for a lightweight yet structural upper
  • This shoe features a Double Fan Wave in the heel for maximum support and an Articulated Wave in the forefoot for maximum cushioning and minimal forefoot rigidity
  • An additional millimetre of blown rubber on a redefined outsole means a better underfoot feel and increased durability, without sacrificing flexibility
  • Go to shoe for over pronators and runners with flat feet

The Mizuno Wave Paradox 2 is available at all Mizuno boutiques and selected World of Sports stores. The Wave Paradox 2 retails for $229.

TRISWIM Product Tried, Tested and Reviewed

Before I start with my product review I need to know if this is a suitable post for you.

  1. Do you loves the sun sea and sand?
  2. Do you Swim Bike and Run?
  3. Do you love getting pampered with good products?
  4. Do you think you will go out on a date with Isaac?

If you answer YES to all four, keep on reading as this post will benefit you most (ok I don’t think no 4 will benefit you as an athlete, will but thanks for giving me a chance)

Singapore tropical climate has always been hot and humid weather mixed with a little haze for some variety, athletes and people participating in triathlon clearly needs a good product that will help keep their body smelling good after training and I have the product for them. This is not a paid post so what if I tell you that one company have specifically created this product with us Athletes in mind.

Introducing SBR Triswim products and POUT have brought this excellent product into Singapore, I have read reviews and always contemplated to import this products in wondering if they work or not but with so many review online I should have done it sooner but lucky me I received an email saying that POUT is giving me a set to try it out, check out my unboxing video.

Here are my verdict and review on the Triswim products in the following order that I use.


I will wash my hair first after all my swims as not to leave chlorine or any salt water on my hair for too long, for fear that it will dry out my hair and having adverse effect it it’s so (Think balding).

I recently in Maldives and I was spending hours in the water while diving and swimming, so the first thing I got back was to splash this on my hair and I would leave it on my hair before I wash it off and then use the body wash. With such description on their website, I am totally sold.

  • TRISWIM Swimmers’ Shampoo is specifically formulated to eliminate Chlorine, Bromine, salt water and chemical odor by sequestering, attacking and rinsing the chemicals out of the hair and down the drain.
  • Moisturizes with Aloe Vera, Vitamin A & Pro Vitamin B5.
  • TRISWIM Swimmers’ Shampoo effectively removes the straw-like feeling and greenish tint in hair.
  • Formulated for swimmers or active individuals who are exposed to harsh drying elements such as Chlorine, Bromine, Salt and Sun

Body Wash

This is by far my favorite and If they sell them in 1 liter tub I will definitely buy it, cause the smell it left my skin feels so fresh, it does work extra well than any other regular product but the smell of this product got me feeling like I can take on the world.

The salt and sand clearly had no chance and even the smell of salt water or any muck that was in the water definitely washed off with this leaving you only smelling like fresh Japanese Yuzu scent, Yuzu is soft of like a lemon.


After washing off the body wash, I would smear my head with loads of conditioner, but with this product you do not need to really squeeze a ton as this consistency is thicker than the regular one you will have. This is highly moisturizing after your wash but you will feel this effect after a few wash, I read that it also improve dry and damage hair, can’t confirm as I have short and none damage hair (Blame it on vanity)


I usually do not moisture my skin unless it’s really expose dry air or prolonged chlorine exposure, but since this came in the package I tried it out and I have to say it did help me sooth my dry itchy, sunburned skin  while I was in Maldives. I felt the consistency of this product rather thick and need a good rubbing, It felt like thick goo (think Gu Gel) at first but it easily spreads over the skin without having to rub it. Again I have to say the scent is not over powering and it will just leave you feeling relax after your day.

Isaac’s 2cents Worth

With products smelling as fresh as TriSwim why would anyone not be buying and using this wonderful product

Well, lets see, Triswim’s Bodywash was my favorite, washing off all the saltwater and chlorine effectively, the Shampoo was great coupled with the conditioner and it will leave your hair feeling soft and smelling great (wait a minute, Isaac has short hair so how come he is able to say that? well not only did I use the product, I asked the girl to test it out as well, She has long hair and she loves it as well)

If you are traveling around the world racing your events, I suggest getting the sachet which POUT carries them for only $1.50 click here

but if you have already tried it and loving it like me, you can stock up on Triswim as they are having a value bundle sale price over at POUT, Do check it out if you are interested. What’s not to like with ingredient and product totally made in the USA and not tested on Animals

Triswim Product Unboxing

The weekend blew by and so was Tour De France sadly Singapore city was filled with races from Saturday to Sunday as well let me see if I can name it all, MSIG trail, Pasir Gudang, Shape Run and Tri factor. Did I miss any?

Anyway I have had this box from  POUT and I was not able to post up the unboxing cause of my PC problem and now I am back in full force, If you are someone who always swim, or looking for a good hair care product after your sports, Do watch on.

If you have used Triswim products before do leave a comment and let me know what you think? next part will be my review on those product, I have tried and tested the products through a series of training on the pool as well as open water.

If you wanna purchase the product, they are having an Introductory bundle  promotion for this month only at $59.90
Website link:

Mizuno Ekiden Singapore Race Review

The Ekiden

Ekiden races in Singapore is not really well known among the community and just last weekend Mizuno brought us the 1st Ekiden race in Singapore for the year 2015.

No doubt Ekiden races are not as famous as the regular standard format but is not new after all, Standard Chartered Marathon was the first to bring in this type of race and it proves to be one of the events that first to sell out, after having able to run this type of race, which is also my first, I now wish that there would be more event such as this and gone are the standard races (well not completely) read on to understand why I say so

Ekiden must be confusing to some cause when I told them I am running an Ekiden race, some people went “what?” well anyway


As written in Japanese, Ekiden combines the characters for “station” (駅) and “transmit” (伝). This name was coined by the poet Toki Zemmaro (1885–1980), who was head of the Yomiuri Shimbun’s Social Affairs Department at the time. The original concept of the race hearkens back to Japan’s old Tōkaidō communication and transportation system in which stations were posted at intervals along the road. In the race, each runner on a team runs the distance from one “station” to the next, and then hands off a cloth sash, or tasuki, to the next runner.

Mizuno Ekiden


Race as Four, Run as one, that was the Mizuno tagline for T-shirt that they have provided and what an awesome tag line it was, Ekiden race brings true meaning to friends running together and that is why I totally recommend running an Ekiden. Ekiden creates this team spirit amongst each other and training together creates a stronger bond amongst runners.

In Japan, Ekiden races are very important for companies as the Tasuki sash potrays their company logo and it is an honor to be representing their company. (How I wish my company would let us train and run under the company name)

This has got to be first time a race was held at the Meadows at Garden by the bay and I was pretty excited to see how they would construct the Matsuri village here in Singapore, but more of the village later..

Upon reaching the venue, all participants will be greeted with this HUGE giant Mizuno shoe, and what a spectacular display it was, can you say photo opportunity?

Mizuno EkidenMizuno EkidenThe race started at 7am for the 21km and ten minutes later for the full marathon, There was more FM runners than the HM which shows that the race had more serious participant, what is important is that the VIP flagged off the racer on time but before all that, we were all treated to a Taiko drums presentation and what a show it was.

I wished I had my camera with me to show you how energetic the whole Japanese Taiko team was beating their drums that morning, when the drums beats on it kinda creates this feeling or even invoke the hearts of the racers standing at the starting line altogether.

There are strategies when it comes to running an Ekiden and before we signed up all of us spoke to each other talking on who will be running as which runner, being the 1st runner definitely has it’s perks but also stress, as a first runner you will not be beaten by the hot weather but you will feel the stress of all the competitive runners at the starting line.

Because there is only about 400 people at the start line, you need to run really fast to catch up if not you will be left behind running alone as there are not many runners on the scene due to the start sequence, once the 2nd and 3rd runners goes out, there will be plenty of runners amongst them,

Praises have to be given out to all the last FM runner because the Sun was at it’s peak bashing down on everyone, the heat can definitely take a toll on everyone. Well at least the beer was waiting for my last runner.

Mizuno Ekiden

The Route

The route that the Mizuno Ekiden have chosen is not new to the runners running around the CBD area and most have already ran the course before, This route is only kind to the 1st and 2nd runner because of the amount of tourist that the 3rd and 4th runner have to endure when it is after 10pm.

Route Map_v2

My team mates had to dodge hordes of tourist along the Merlion and Esplanade side but for the rest of us we only had to run with the morning runners along this popular route, for me running this route is much more refreshing than the rest of the runs.

Another good point on this race was the water point, on their website they indicated 4 water point, but on actual race there was Pocari and Water Station practically on nearly every 2k or more, I could have sworn I stopped at about 6 of the water station. This is a good thing.

Distance marker was placed on every KM, which actually helps runners like me without a watch and also not forgetting that they also put inspirational Japanese Kanji translation inspiration quote on every market, learn some Japanese that morning. 🙂

Mizuno Ekiden Runner 1 Mizuno Ekiden Runner 2 Mizuno Ekiden Runner 3 Mizuno Ekiden Runner 4Post Race

The race is surely a hot and humid one and for the first two runners in the team, we surely could feel the humidity as standing and waiting easily made everyone sweat without any effort, expected of a Singapore weather.

I pity my 3rd and 4th runner because by the time we reach back they would be running the course at around 10am for the 3rd runner and by then the sun was blaring like it had some vengeance.

Mizuno Ekiden Runner 4

Experience in Short

The Mizuno Ekiden race was well organised and from the team’s point of view everyone had a great time and even after the was race was over thanks to the race village that they have prepared, the supporters as well as the racers had not only one but plenty of establishment to choose from.

Our hot favourites was from the NANA’s Green tea which we bought our refreshing green tea with Matcha ice-cream for only $8, My favorite has to be the Doutor coffee which taste exactly like the one I had in Tokyo.

Mizuno Ekidenand if you are feeling hungry after the race, there is the famous Keisuke Ramen which we also had for only $10, the price was in-fact cheaper on race day then in the restaurant, How I knew was because we all went to the restaurant at Parkway for our post lunch.

Mizuno EkidenCheck out the Matsuri Village and all the fun everyone had on that day, Sumo contest amongst runners, Running Gait Analysis from World Of Sports, Name Translation painting, Self painted hand held fan,

Isaac’s 2 Cents worth

In my honest opinion, if this race was ever to be held again, you can bet your ass that I will be the first to sign up and I have checked with a few more other runners and they all said the same thing. Good on you guys Mizuno and Infinitus

I wanna be selfish and say that I do hope this Ekiden would not grow into something big cause if it had grown so big, race organization will be more hectic and less focused towards the runners, This Ekiden got me feeling like a Sunday Picnic at the gardens with Cosplay activity and family all around.

Runners welfare was taken care off and even registration of this event cost $200 for a team which means $50 per person, Lawrence was so surprised that the running T that came with the goody bag was of those quality that was sold in retail store and not some 3rd party cheap cotton.

Running an Ekiden race is not like running a regular race because of the camaraderie that the Ekiden has created in us. Training for it was more fun as it is like running in a close pact of runners creating a good bond of friendship.

Suggestion from isaac

I hope they can improve on working the starting time as it is definitely too hot for the 4th runner to run at 10pm, my suggestion was to put the event in the evening time around 4:30pm and let the race village come to live at night. Heck, why not even throw in a movie at the Bay while you guys are at it.

Please let supporter wait at the ending point where we can cheer on all the runners, we definitely will do better with supporters cheering for us.

Marshall should be more attentive in any event but this was no exception and there was a big gap at the last 8km heading up to the barrage, a few people have mentioned that they gone the wrong route and ran in circles. Marking must be clear if no route Marshall is not around the area.

Thanks for reading and we are all definitely looking forward to next years race.

DSC_5242Mizuno Ekiden Medal