TRISWIM Product Tried, Tested and Reviewed

Before I start with my product review I need to know if this is a suitable post for you.

  1. Do you loves the sun sea and sand?
  2. Do you Swim Bike and Run?
  3. Do you love getting pampered with good products?
  4. Do you think you will go out on a date with Isaac?

If you answer YES to all four, keep on reading as this post will benefit you most (ok I don’t think no 4 will benefit you as an athlete, will but thanks for giving me a chance)

Singapore tropical climate has always been hot and humid weather mixed with a little haze for some variety, athletes and people participating in triathlon clearly needs a good product that will help keep their body smelling good after training and I have the product for them. This is not a paid post so what if I tell you that one company have specifically created this product with us Athletes in mind.

Introducing SBR Triswim products and POUT have brought this excellent product into Singapore, I have read reviews and always contemplated to import this products in wondering if they work or not but with so many review online I should have done it sooner but lucky me I received an email saying that POUT is giving me a set to try it out, check out my unboxing video.

Here are my verdict and review on the Triswim products in the following order that I use.


I will wash my hair first after all my swims as not to leave chlorine or any salt water on my hair for too long, for fear that it will dry out my hair and having adverse effect it it’s so (Think balding).

I recently in Maldives and I was spending hours in the water while diving and swimming, so the first thing I got back was to splash this on my hair and I would leave it on my hair before I wash it off and then use the body wash. With such description on their website, I am totally sold.

  • TRISWIM Swimmers’ Shampoo is specifically formulated to eliminate Chlorine, Bromine, salt water and chemical odor by sequestering, attacking and rinsing the chemicals out of the hair and down the drain.
  • Moisturizes with Aloe Vera, Vitamin A & Pro Vitamin B5.
  • TRISWIM Swimmers’ Shampoo effectively removes the straw-like feeling and greenish tint in hair.
  • Formulated for swimmers or active individuals who are exposed to harsh drying elements such as Chlorine, Bromine, Salt and Sun

Body Wash

This is by far my favorite and If they sell them in 1 liter tub I will definitely buy it, cause the smell it left my skin feels so fresh, it does work extra well than any other regular product but the smell of this product got me feeling like I can take on the world.

The salt and sand clearly had no chance and even the smell of salt water or any muck that was in the water definitely washed off with this leaving you only smelling like fresh Japanese Yuzu scent, Yuzu is soft of like a lemon.


After washing off the body wash, I would smear my head with loads of conditioner, but with this product you do not need to really squeeze a ton as this consistency is thicker than the regular one you will have. This is highly moisturizing after your wash but you will feel this effect after a few wash, I read that it also improve dry and damage hair, can’t confirm as I have short and none damage hair (Blame it on vanity)


I usually do not moisture my skin unless it’s really expose dry air or prolonged chlorine exposure, but since this came in the package I tried it out and I have to say it did help me sooth my dry itchy, sunburned skin  while I was in Maldives. I felt the consistency of this product rather thick and need a good rubbing, It felt like thick goo (think Gu Gel) at first but it easily spreads over the skin without having to rub it. Again I have to say the scent is not over powering and it will just leave you feeling relax after your day.

Isaac’s 2cents Worth

With products smelling as fresh as TriSwim why would anyone not be buying and using this wonderful product

Well, lets see, Triswim’s Bodywash was my favorite, washing off all the saltwater and chlorine effectively, the Shampoo was great coupled with the conditioner and it will leave your hair feeling soft and smelling great (wait a minute, Isaac has short hair so how come he is able to say that? well not only did I use the product, I asked the girl to test it out as well, She has long hair and she loves it as well)

If you are traveling around the world racing your events, I suggest getting the sachet which POUT carries them for only $1.50 click here

but if you have already tried it and loving it like me, you can stock up on Triswim as they are having a value bundle sale price over at POUT, Do check it out if you are interested. What’s not to like with ingredient and product totally made in the USA and not tested on Animals

Triswim Product Unboxing

The weekend blew by and so was Tour De France sadly Singapore city was filled with races from Saturday to Sunday as well let me see if I can name it all, MSIG trail, Pasir Gudang, Shape Run and Tri factor. Did I miss any?

Anyway I have had this box from  POUT and I was not able to post up the unboxing cause of my PC problem and now I am back in full force, If you are someone who always swim, or looking for a good hair care product after your sports, Do watch on.

If you have used Triswim products before do leave a comment and let me know what you think? next part will be my review on those product, I have tried and tested the products through a series of training on the pool as well as open water.

If you wanna purchase the product, they are having an Introductory bundle  promotion for this month only at $59.90
Website link: http://www.pout.com.sg/brands/triswim

Ironman Inspiration in Putrajaya Malaysia

Last week was IMMY 70.3 otherwise known as Ironman Putrajaya 70.3, it was a crazy week and it got my whatsapp chatroom buzzing and buzzing indeed.

Watch this Video and you will know why.

Infuusa Tea Drink Hydration and Eat Calories

Most average people dont understand after a short run or even a gym session, doesn’t warrant us to drink a bottle of sports drinks, energy drinks, bottled waters, fitness waters – who’s to know? We don’t all sweat like pigs when we exercise and drinking those only counter the hard work that we have put into. I am not saying dont drink it at all, drink it after an intense session of sports or if you are perspiring bucket loads.

Infuusa roadshow

Then came Infuusa, Wei is the founder of Infuusa and he told me why he have created this product, it is to target the athletes to “drink hydration and eat calories” back when he was training people in the gym for spinning class (he still is a spin instructor) he noticed the amount of people drinking sports drink and water, so he asked the members why did they do so?

Their answer usually was ‘I need to replace carbs/electrolytes lost during exercise.’  and well for water, sometimes it’s just too plain.

For me, I personally like a bit of taste to my water that is why I dilute my can of coke or redbull into my bottle, my ratio has always been 1:3. I have to admit it taste abit icky but hey flavor is important to me and it was what I have been doing for the longest time until Wei introduced me Infuusa, and the rest is history do check out my youtube video to see what I think about the drink


Infuusa uses a method called cold brewing and what cold brewing does is that not only it better preserves antioxidants, it also gives the resulting infusion a sweeter taste as compared to hot brewing.

You can also checkout Infuusa Instgram page you can see they post out fabulous recipes instead of the sachet into bottle like what I did, here is some shots I’ve taken from their Instagram page

Infuusa Shweppes

pic: infuusa instagram


pic: infuusa instragam

pic: infuusa instragam

In 2015 Infuusa now has additional flavors added to their line of tea, they now have Summer Peach, Quadbery and (spicy) LemonGrass Ginger

Benefits of Infuusa

No sugar added 5 calories. That is what’s inside 500 ml of Infuusa (1 sachet). Both QuadBerry and Lemongrass Ginger are also caffeine-free
More antioxidants for increased health Research shows cold brewing leaves more antioxidants intact in the drink
Natural ingredients Only real fruit, berries and organic spice is used in Infuusa. No strange chemicals here.
Lets you hydrate more Research shows that adding taste to water makes you reach for the bottle more often, letting you stay hydrated throughout the day
Designed for activity Infuusa contains 50% more ingredients making it specific for bottle brewing . Just pop a sachet into a bottle of cold or room temperature water, shake and hydrate in minutes. No hot water is needed

Retail Price Infuusa retails for S$13.90 for a 10-pack, and S$29.70 for a 30-pack. Pssst, you can get an additional 10% discount just by signing up their newsletter. Do visit all their webiste to place your order now.


Website: http://infuusa.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/infuusa
Instagram: https://instagram.com/infuusa

SwimSafer programme to get $1Million from Manulife Singapore

Singapore, 30 May 2014 – Manulife Singapore becomes the first corporation to sponsor a national water safety programme, as it commits some S$1 million to SwimSafer – an ongoing initiative which imparts children with water safety knowledge and water survival skills. SwimSafer is one of the many activities that come under the umbrella of ActiveSG, a key element of the Vision 2030 sports master plan.

As presenting sponsor for SwimSafer, Manulife Singapore will be working closely with ActiveSG to promote the importance of water safety in the community and inschools over the next three years. On top of its sponsorship of S$900,000, the financial institution will provide additional funding for outreach programmes. Mr Naveed Irshad, President & Chief Executive Officer of Manulife Singapore said, “Manulife has always been a big supporter of sports, both locally and internationally. As a strong, trustworthy and reliable financial services company; Manulife is here to help Singaporeans fulfill their dreams, be it a child who is learning how to swim or our clients, by giving them the financial security and peace of mind to do what they most want to do. We believe that this collaboration will create inroads to the sports industry, and by supporting a programme that is meaningful and aligned with our values.”

True to its commitment, Manulife will be pumping in additional resources to engage students on water safety in a more fun manner. This includes producing special skits and souvenirs, to complement at least 40 outreach programmes conducted by ActiveSG in its sports centres and to schools each year. Over 170 primary schools that participate in SwimSafer annually will stand to benefit from this effort.

Mr Lim Teck Yin, Chief Executive Officer, Sport Singapore said, “We are excited to have Manulife on board in sharing our vision and journey towards a safer sporting environment for all. Manulife’s involvement in this national water safety programme is a testament of the company’s commitment to the people of Singapore and to partnering us to enable all to Live Better Through Sport.”

 SwimSafer programme was first introduced in March 2010 as the only national water safety programme. It replaced the Learn-To-Swim Programme (LTSP) and the National Survival Swimming Award (NASSA). SwimSafer is carried out at all 25 ActiveSG swimming complexes island-wide, and the programme has certified over 80,000 students to date.

Singapore Triathlon 2014 (Registration Opens)


The Singapore International Triathlon is back again, 16-17 August 2014 and Metasport has been appointed as the joint organiser for this annual triathlon event.

Registrations is now Open and you can check out the their new website here

Categories are available as below


Register early to catch the early bird price and to register your interest please click on >> REGISTER ME << for more details please do visit the Singapore International Triathlon on their new website.

Raleigh Round Island Challenge 2014

Do you like adventure racing? Do you like swimming in crystal clear water? how about participating in a Charity event? If you answer Yes to all I am very sure this event in Malaysia will be of interest to you.

Being an avid adventure racers myself (sadly not many such races these days) I saw Tristupe tweeted about a Raleigh Round Island Challenge and first thing that came to my mind was AAADDDVEEEENNTTTUUURREE race.

A Raleigh expedition is not just for life. It is a way of life.

Making a difference 
As a charity, Raleigh raises funds to make its expeditions the best possible experience for the volunteers and the local communities. In this role, Raleigh acts as a catalyst for change, bringing local communities together, sometimes for the first time as one team and giving them the resources and motivation to achieve sustainable development. To do this Raleigh works in partnership with local communities, non-governmental organisations and governments in the host countries, following the Millennium Development Goals where it can.

The challenges
From the very first expedition Raleigh was founded on 4 challenges:

1. Being Selected
2. Raising Funds
3. Going for Expedition
4. Contributing Locally

It is these challenges that make Raleigh special. Our values of discovery, courage, drive and integrity have come from the heart and we believe in them and live them in all we do.

Date: 9-11th May 2014
Requirements: 4 team members to swim a relay of 15km to be completed in 10 hours around Perhentian Island (There should always be 2 members kayaking and another two swimming at all times during the race,switching roles is allowed at alternative checkpoints.) Knowing how to swim is a must.
Fees: RM 350 per team member (Includes 3D2N stay on island, return transport from KL-Perhentian, insurance coverage, Marine Park fees, food, medal, and event t-shirt). This made the fee per team to be RM1400.00
Below is the link to their Facebook page. All updates are done mainly through there.
Registration link can also be found at the following:
For any inquiries from the public, they can do so by dropping a message at ric@raleighinternational.org.my
They are also recruiting volunteers to come help out during the event day itself. Those who are interested can drop  an email titled ‘Raleigh RIC: Volunteer’ at the same email mentioned above.
Looking at the race registration fees and all its logistic that has been put into this race, I have to say that RM350/member for a team of 4 is really reasonable.  Remember this total fee includes lodging, food, transport, medals.. etc.. what more can you ask for)
If you are an avid racer and strong swimmer I believe this challenge will be a good one for you as it incorporates kayaking as well as swimming.
So if you are interested, do sign up on the link provided, any questions you have do not hesitate.to contact ric@raleighinternational.org.my or contact them at the FB page.

Triathletes Swim First

First and foremost I am very thankful to the connectivity of internet, without it I wouldn’t have made friends from all over the world. Type type type and click click click,  I’ve sent a tweet , email, or chat a thousand miles away and then another person response instantaneously . I can’t say It’s 100% a good thing of course it has its ups and down but I am not gonna talk about that

This post is dedicated to the The Waterblogged Triathlete, especially to Maria Reeves. This is where the internet comes in, I was looking to improve my swim like forever and I manage to look up for swimming drills, and guess what? I stumble upon their website http://waterbloggedtriathlete.com and twitter as well do follow them @SwimTrainTri

A conversation here and conversation there, I found out that they are have just finish the cover of their first book which is “Triathletes Swim First 100+ Beginning Swim Workouts for Triathletes” a couple of exchanges through emails and BOOM!!  guess what?? This landed on my door step a couple of weeks later.


Yup, I shamelessly admit that I have been secretly training for my swim with this,LoL, My secret weapon, I didn’t not bring this to the pool as first its not waterproof and secondly its really a sentimental item for me now that it comes with the autograph from Maria herself, Thanks Maria.

I have to say the front cover looks like the typical all out swim there which is good, reminds me of all my swims out there.  So whats in this book ? Basically this is a book where by if you are looking to improve your swim with drills and workout, this has got to be it, it has all the good stuff, with many explanations on terminology, and trust me I really have not heard of some but hey take it from the pro’s and yes They are pros .. all three of them , Kathrine Paglini, Maria Reeves and Victoria West. All them girls have hold records in their swim careers and I have to say AMAZING. check out their BIO here if you want to know more about them Meet the Water Bloggers


A little Preview of whats inside


This really helped me in understanding the jargons of swimming, coming from the pros I have definitely learned a few extras terms that could be useful if I wanted to pick up a swimmer chick 🙂 LOL

Waterbloggers isaac976 (5)Interval Training 101

The water bloggers preaching on Interval training and yes I believe in it too, its kinda like TEMPO runs but for our swim, good and sound advice ladies. Thank you.

Waterbloggers isaac976 (4)

Level One Workouts

Here I am only gonna share the #1 workout of the many hundreds of which are all awesome in the book, I have so far only gone as far as workout 20+ but do mix and match, I do say they really offer a plenty of variety but read on for a special bonus.. below

Waterbloggers isaac976 (1)Yes they even have a Write your own Drills, and if you have any good one, If the girls still have not thought about, do share with me so I can put it in my book. This to me I think is pretty good as they not only let you do their workout but also let you have your own creativity at play. I for one have none that’s why I got this book,LOL  I do have one which is the “BONUS” by the way, I always use my single drill before I got this book, you can call it the “976 drill”  its easy to remember


2 x 50m  (general warmup)

Main Sets

9 x 50m (3 x 30% effort, 3 x 60% effort and 3 x Race Pace)  = 450m

7 x 100m (freestyle concentrating on form) = 700m

6 x 50m (Alternate Breast Stroke and Free style) = 300m

Warm Down

2 x 50m (choice)

I hope you would add that into your book if you think its good enough, if you do thank you thank you.

Waterbloggers isaac976 (2)

Anyway I would like to thank the Waterbloggers again for sending me this book for a review, I have to say I really did have fun using this book and what a journey it has been for me after my last OD, this time I will be even more confident in the water thanks to the guidance and tips from these wonderful girls. The book retails for only $29.95 and if you are interested and looking to improve your swim you can go to the link attached below to purchase your very own book and best part is they come in e-Book version as well.

Sprial Bound Copy: Click Here

E-Book on Amazon : Click Here

Thanks for dropping by guys and have a great weekend