Columbia Sportswear Reinvents the Raincoat

Check out the cool innovation by Columbia sportswear as they have zero tolerance for stuff that doesn’t work. Very cool I say.

OutDry Extreme technology was in development and testing for over a year and a half. We regularly work with guides and professional outdoors people from around the world (on every continent including Antarctica) to test our gear before it’s ready to be released. These unpaid “beta testers,” spend most their lives in the outdoors and don’t hesitate to give us their unfiltered feedback.

In total, OutDry Extreme has been tested by 147 people around the globe; from our own rainy corner of the U.S., to Ireland, New Zealand and Germany. It’s been through the paces in nearly every soggy, wet, humid and chilly environment we could find.

The Columbia Outdry Extreme Gold jacket is available in all Columbia concept stores and it retails for $299.

29th Mt. Kinabalu International Climbathon – Adventure Series

Malaysia Climbathon is back for the 29 consecutive races, Catch the excitement as runners from around the world gather at Malaysia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site for the annual Mt. Kinabalu International Climbathon. It’s a race like no other! While casual climbers may take an average of two days to scale the mountain, professional mountain runners can clock as fast as 4 hours.

There are two routes to choose from: The first option is the Adventure Race (23km) and this category is open to all. However, only qualified participants can register for the second route – the Summit Race (33km), which takes them from Kinabalu Park all the way to the summit of Mount Kinabalu before concluding at Kundasang.

Join us at the flag off in Kinabalu Park and cheer for the runners at the finishing line in Kundasang Town!

Picture by Sabah Borneo Facebook page

This year there will be two (2) race courses in Climbathon 2015. Please find it more here : Climbathon 2015

Registration Fees for Adventure Race Course:-


  • Open       : RM150
  • Veteran   : RM100

Registrations are open! Click here to register.

Organised by: Sabah Tourism Board / Sri Pelancongan Sabah Sdn Bhd

For further info: Mr. Zachary Mobijohn

Tel: +60 88 232121 Fax: +60 88 265540/219401



Salomon X-Trail Punggol Route Review

Salomon X-Trail happened yesterday at Punggol and this race is part of the regional Salomon X-Trail series created to introduce the marvels of trail running to runners in the region. It was flagged off at 5pm which is actually I would say good timing because when all participants have finished their run, post run dinner should just be on time. This even saw over 1,800 runner who took  and Nimesh Gurung won first place in the 10k Men’s Open category finishing in 36 minutes and 17 seconds (BLAZING SPEED I TELL YOU) while Vanja Cnops won first place in the Women’s Open category 10k completing in 41 minutes and 20 seconds.

But for most participants we would just like to complete the race in good time, for me when they announced a NEW route to be announce a couple of months back, this created the hype of wondering where in Punggol? I am a residence of Punggol and I myself could not figure out where in Punggol has a trail that could give runners a challenge?  Most runners in all running forums has created this buzz.

So do you think the Punggol has a trail that could excites the nature loving runners?

Salomon XTrailMy weapon of choice was my beloved Mizuno Sayonara and my Compressports Calf Sleeves UR2 which works really well because of it’s bead massaging effect. Have been using it for a couple of runs now and a review of it will be out soon, I know the Sayonara’s are not much of a Trail shoe but hey I love how it rolls my feet off the ground.

Salomon XTrail Salomon XTrail
Hello good people of Salomon, can you gimme one of this shoe please ? well anyway they have to put the Salomon Sense Lab 3 on display, what a bummer not having that shoe on my feet for the race. Gorgeous shoe

Salomon XTrail Salomon XTrail

Appreciate the hydration sponsors from Dasani and Aquarius for providing support for the event and all water and drinks was sufficient, volunteers was fast enough to hand out drinks at the water aid station, some even to the extent of coming out of the station and handing to the runners.

The organisers also brought in drones for aerial pictures and video effects,but thing is where do we get to see the pictures or videos? any idea guys ? do let me know

I met Constance at the starting line where I paced her all the way, she was recovering from her running and some encouragement was good. Yes I know.. we RAWK !!

Salomon XTrail 2015 (3)

Salomon XTrail

It is good that the organisers are punctual on the start time, have been to events where the VIP or for some reason the event start time gets delayed, 5pm sharp and off we go (I spotted Azenic) at the start line the regular runners from F1 were there as well.  The start of the race took place infront of the HDB open field near Sumang Link block 313B

Salomon XTrail Plenty of excited runners at the gun off and hurry we did. So if you were wondering how the new route was? well I have to say I am definitely not impressed with the new route, running 300m into the race there hit a snag where it was bottleneck, most runners whom have just felt the energy surge would have just got to put their gear to a halting stop.

We continue running on the trail and it was all good till we hit snag number 2, out of no where there was this gate locked in chains and we had to go under, It felt like Commando Challenge I swear, but It was fun for sure, I would have gone all leopard crawl  if it was muddy but there wasn’t any to be seen, it was getting kind of draggy running on the Punggol Waterway pavement and I even over heard many people saying when’s the trail coming? or even Where is the trail?

So sadly there was none until redemption came at 8km, the last 2 km we had some challenging trail obstacles, for this Punggol route, there was many tree stubs and roots on the ground which I nearly tripped and kicked on some. This picture taken by @SebFitTri was gorgeous This was the last 1km into the race.


Totally had fun and I have to say this years medal design is one of the redemption for this race as well as meeting new friends and running outdoors. So if your sitting still on your couch on this beautiful weekend, I would recommend you to GO OUT and GET MOVING BABY !!

Salomon XTrail 2015 (1)Salomon XTrail 2015 (2)


and for my summary of this Race Route Review here is Isaac 2cent’s worth

  1. Timing was great, hope next race would be in the same time
  2. Awesome Aid Station support
  3. Gunoff Time was accurate and on time
  4. The medal was great looking (keep it up guys)
  5. There was not much trails to begin with as it was a 80% pavement and 20% trail
  6. Not enough muddy grounds and water to get ourself dirty (It is a trail event after all)
  7. PLEASE BRING BACK TAMPINES TRAIL (We all want the mud and glory)

So do you guys agree with me ?

Participants can log onto for their results and pictures from 24 November.



New Balance Fresh Foam TRAIL First Impression

When it comes to trail running there are many brands out there in the market but trail runners have always been very loyal to the brands which they have long gotten used to, but this time round New Balance is breaking the monotonous trail shoe scene with their new innovation and ideas which is not short of creativity.

This shoe I am talking about is the Fresh Foam 980 Trail by New Balance. New Balance Trail

This shoe strikes a similar resemblance to the regular Fresh Foam  that I have reviewed in the past and coming out of the box, I thought they had given me a brand new FF980 in just a different colorway but in fact ….

taking a closer looks, you can see that there are slight difference in the material on the upper to the midsole, If you take a closer look at the tongue is has the new Gusseted tongue which helps keep the trail debris out

New Balance Trail

The most obvious change with the Fresh Foam trail will be its jagged sole featuring really deep grooves, look at pic 3 and you will understand how sharp these bi-directional grooves are, I tried washing it with my sponge and guess what I need to do with the sponge after, It was literally shredded to bits (don’t try washing FF980 trail  with a sponge please, it will die a horrible death)

New Balance Trail new Balance Trail New Balance Trail

Having tried the NB 980 Trail at the Henderson Parks trails and exposing it to the mud and harsh surface that it has to offer. This shoe still feel as if you are running on a grippy cushioned pillow which allows for much needed traction on the up slopes as well on the down. This shoes sure has the edge (no pun intended) on the regular FreshFoam because when your running on pavement it also acts pretty much like the original Fresh Foam when it first launched but most definitely I do not recommend running on pavement as  it will chew your soles off if you do so, but if you do I am sure it will be able to take on the road as well.

This shoe provides much support and will not roll your feet inwards or outwards with the given height it has which is a 4mm drop, the one thing I don’t like is the material on its upper to midsole, it provides a false sense of Goretex water proof, I tried dripping water on it and it just went through.

DSC_2119 DSC_2120 DSC_2121 DSC_2122 DSC_2123

This shoe weighs 291 grams (10.3 oz) for size US 8.5 and if you are looking for something comfortable and different from your regular stiff and hard trail shoes, try out the all new Fresh Foam 980 Trail for cushioned ride in the trail.  I don’t recommend this shoe for racing but more of running the trails on a leisurely or training runs because of it’s comfort it gives.

If you have fallen in love with the Fresh Foam series just like I did, I am sure this will be an interesting addition to your Fresh Foam collection. If you have like this review please do give me a like or comment below if you want to know anything about how the shoes run.

Isaac’s 2 Cents Worth


  1. Following it’s Fresh Foam roots, this shoe remains plush and true
  2. The Jagged Bi-directional edge soles give you exceptional grip on the trails
  3. The new gusseted helps keep those pesky pebbles and sands out


  1. Toebox feels a bit cramped
  2. Sole does not runs well on pavement
  3. New upper material feels synthetic instead of the true NB soft feel (but this is because it is in all NB Trail range)

Fresh Foam 980 Trail retails for SGD $169 and is available at all New Balance Store. Colorway may differ as they change from season.


Salomon X-Trail 2014

Salomon Xtrail

Salomon X-Trail 2014 is BACK with a New Route

The time is here for the trail running event of the year – The Salomon X Trail 2014! The highly anticipated race is back with a brand new trail and the promise of more mud splashing action.

Season trail seekers can register under the 10km competitive category while beginners and road runners who are interested to dip their foot into the mud can opt for the 5km ride. Now, get ready to suit up and bring your trail shoes for a run through the wilderness.



Date: 22 November 2014, Saturday

Flag-off Time: 7.30am

Flag-off & End Venue: Punggol, Specific location tbc



Salomon XTrail

Date: 15 November 2014, Saturday

Venue: World of Outdoors @ Plaza Singapura, Atrium, #04-62

Time: 12.00pm – 8.00pm

*Participants are reminded to present their Confirmation Slip and I/C on the Race Pack Collection day.


For bulk/ corporate registration (20 participants & above), please email to

Salomon Latest offering: S-lab Sense 3 Ultra Softground

S-LAB is a unique development process at Salomon; Engineers, designers, and developers working in close collaboration with top athletes to help them perform their best. Specific fit, specific features, specific materials. Prototypes tested, tweaked and re-tested until each athlete has exactly the products they want.

Since the original prototype, Sense has gone through minor tweaks to make it more durable and stable, with slightly longer sole lugs and an extended Profeel film for better protection. It remains the choice of elite athletes for endurance events around the world. The new Soft Ground version, with longer lugs similar to the mud-proven Speedcross sole, S-LAB Sense Ultra SG cover the needs of the most top athletes for all surfaces.

Product Details

Keep wet conditions from hindering your race with the Salomon S-Lab Sense 3 Ultra SG. Featuring aggressive outsole lugs, this lightweight trail shoe is tuned for race-day performance over soft terrain. A cushioned midsole provides protection for ultra-distance running while keeping you close to the ground, and an internal sleeve limits irritations on your foot while making this shoe suitable for sockless wear.

Weight: 230 grams

Stack Height: Heel (24mm), Forefoot (17mm); includes 5mm average lug height


  • LT Muscle is a lightweight EVA cushioning compound that helps absorb impact forces.


  • OS Tendon system acts like a real tendon by flexing to provide stretch and balance during the heel-to-toe transition.
  • ProFeel Film is a thin TPU film in the midsole providing midfoot protection without losing road feel.


  • Anti-Debris Mesh is a breathable mesh upper that keeps debris out of the shoe.
  • Protective Rubber Toe Cap keeps toes safe from bruising on trails.
  • Endofit a sock like upper that yields unmatched comfort and fit.
  • Tongue Cover keeps shoe free from debris.
  • Seamless Sensifit overlays on the upper wrap the foot for a close, secure fit.
  • Asymmetrical Quicklace made from durable Kevlar fibers provides easy shoe entry and exit and a secure fit.
  • Lace Pocket tucks laces out of the way while running.
  • Combination Slip Last utilizes a fiber board in the rear portion of the shoe to promote stability, and the forefoot is finished in a slip manner to promote flexibility and reduce weight.


  • Mud and Snow Contagrip has an aggressive lug pattern designed to dig in deep on softer ground for excellent traction.
  • Dynamic traction uses offset lugs to provide unparalleled grip on hard, wet, and loose surfaces.
  • OS Tendon system acts like a real tendon by flexing to provide stretch and balance during the heel-to-toe transition.

The Salomon S-lab Sense 3 Ultra SG is available at the Salomon boutique for $269.

The North Face 100 Singapore (Registration)

The North Face 100® wants you to run further than you ever have in 2014!

Promoting the genuine spirit of exploration since its kick-start in 2008, The North Face 100® has become the most well-received and anticipated distance trail running series in the region. Whether you are an aspiring trail running beginner or a seasoned racer looking for new challenges, unparalleled experience is offered in each competition of this region’s largest trail running series.

Break all boundaries and Never Stop Exploring™.

To register your interest please click on —-> Register Me <—-

For more information about races in the region, please go to The North Face 100 

Date: Fri 10th – Sat 11th October 2014
(100km flag-off will be on Fri 10th Oct and 50km/25km/13km flag-offs on Sat 11th Oct)

Race Category Early Bird Rate
Now – 30 June 2014
Normal Rate
1 July – 7 Sept 2014
100km – Open category Men & Women) $290 $320
50km – Open category (Men & Women) $90 $110
25km – Open category (Men & Women) $70 $90
13km – Open category (Men & Women) $55 $70
Race Categories Flag Off Time* Cut Off Time
100km Friday – PM 18 Hours
50km Saturday – AM 9 Hours
25km Saturday – AM 4.5 Hours
13km Saturday – AM 2.5 Hours


Venue: TBA

Do take note that Finisher medals will only be given to those who complete within the cut off time.



Salomon X-Scream Review (City To Trail Edition)

Updated: 27 April 2015 – Read the Latest model X-Scream 3D here

Salomon launched the “X-Scream” shoe this March where Salomon created the  “city trail” series or in other words, a trail/road hybrid for one that looking for the best of both world

As always, Salomon knows how to make quality products that just look fantastic, even the mighty red ant wanted to take a closer look, find out how the new Salomon feels and rides after my much abuse to it, I’ve put in a little or more or less than 50k in about a week now or so now.. so keep up guys




The first thing that I will look for when buying a trail shoe is always and most definitely the lugs of the shoes, If you look at the picture on the top with the soles Salomon still retains the OS Tendon, it is a stretchy TPU band placed between the midsole and outsole to help guide the foot through the entire footstrike, promoting an even ride and springy toe-off.

The usual stuff on this shoe will be the Contagrip® LT rubber supplies lightweight cushioning and grip on mixed surfaces but, I am not feeling the grip on this shoe on a few surfaces mainly the side pavement that is made of small pebbles and man-hole covers.

The bi-directional lugs on the sole of the shoe did not help much on those surfaces but when it comes to trailing on the mud and sand boy you are in for a treat.


First time when I slip them on my feet, I felt this is surely no ordinary trail shoe, Salomon surely built this for the road to trail by adding more comfort and with comfort I am sure everyone will love this shoe because I sure did, this shoe is well padded with the plush collar and friction free lace eyelets, another new key feature Salomon have implemented is the contoured foam footbed for added underfoot comfort with this new addition


The new addition made the shoe feels like a hollow cup and very firm snug heel fit when you walk in it, it did not feel much of a difference when running in the trails, you surely will feel this snug feel when on the road for sure. The front of the shoe spots the Protective TPU toe cap and signature S.

The upper has a breathable mesh and a tongue cover with the Salomon signature lace pocket which keeps the laces securely and neatly tucked away.


Inserting the LT Muscle as the midsole material for lightweight and flexible cushioning, the LT technology surely holds even after a long 15k run on the road and even pavement, why I keep saying road and pavement is because I have run in the shoe about 50% on road and 50% on the trails, you won’t feel that the shoes is thinning out or your soles are badly fatigued


With the mid Asymmetrical Sensiflex, this promotes forefoot lock down, while allowing the foot to move more naturally, now take a closer look at the Sensifit where Salomon claims it promotes a foot wrapping and secure fit, if you have a chance do go stretch this part of the shoe where when one leg is bloated during a run, this Sensifits actually expands and still keeps the fit comfortable.


Not only I get the shoe but I get to run with dear Anna Frost aka Frosty from Team Salomon.

Check out a short introduction of Anna in Singapore recently

isaac976 isaac976

What’s my shoe verdict?  If you were lazy reading all the explanation on the top:

This shoe is like a dream come true for all road pounding runners who loves running into the trail to get out of the monotony of pavement this would be it. The shoe is not overly technical and is most suited for everyone wanting to try out trail to even the pro’s

When I was running Macritchie last weekend I saw so many people in shoes that is so unsuited for the trails, If I could I would put the Salomon van filled with X-Screams and let em test out the shoe (wait maybe it will come..hhmmm)

What if I am a just a runner who is starting out on the trails?

This shoe is perfect for you because not only does it eats up the trail like most trail shoes, you can use it even if it just for walking or running on a casual 5k. Everyone will not be disappointed with this combination of City and Trail by Salomon it surely is made from the pavement to trail, you will enjoy the rugged versatility of the X-Scream

What did Isaac love most about the shoes?

The shoe sure is very comfortable, and I have to say one of the most comfortable running / trail shoes I’ve worn to date, just didn’t feel too restrictive or rigid, they surely got it right?

The bi-directional lugs is a sure win for me cause running on the trails the lugs sure had traction and grip. If I could put a shoe on everyone wanting to test out trail, this is surely “THE” shoe.

What didn’t Isaac like about the shoes?

Hey no shoe is perfect if you have to ask. What I didn’t like about this shoe is sadly the bi-directional lugs, WHY? cause it might get slippery running on a wet tarmac/pavement or over a man hole cover, so please be careful alright. As I usually run sockless this shoe did not give me hot spots until about 15k into my trail run, it was just a slight burn on the right side, but am sure this can be no problem for people running in socks.

Loving the review but where can I get one ?

Ok that was cheesy but hey if you do like the review do like the post maybe ? anyway you can get the Salomon X-Scream at all World of Sports outlet and they retail for a reasonable SGD$189 (Awesome move Salomon, well priced cause of the hybrid system going on)

How do I rate the shoe?

I give it 4.5 trails  out of 5 Trails. This shoe is surely going to be on my feet a whole lot more.


Anyone wants to own this signed cap from Anna Frost herself? Please do let me know as I am raising funds for the less fortunate kids and Singapore Disability Sports Council. All proceeds will go to them and this is for a good cause.