9 Beautiful Marathons Around The World That Are Worth Traveling For

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Part of the beauty of running a race is taking in the scenery around you.

With the ING New York City Marathon this weekend — a major event that people travel the world for — we decided to take a look at some of the most beautiful races in the world.

The New York City marathon takes runners through all five boroughs and finishes in Central Park, among changing leaves and cheering fans.

Check out some of our favorite marathons that are definitely worth traveling for!

Marine Corps Marathon, Washington, D.C. 
marine corps marathon

Nicknamed the “Marathon of Monuments,” the annual October race begins in Arlington, Va., and takes runners past all of D.C.’s notable sites — from historic Georgetown to the National Mall.

Boston Marathon
boston marathon

America’s oldest marathon, the Boston Marathon route weaves through quaint New England towns and Boston’s historic sites.

Paris Marathon
paris marathon

See the sights of Paris and burn off…

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Nike Hypervenom


Press Release:
(Singapore, 29 May 2013) – Nike unveiled its latest football performance innovation – The Nike Hypervenom – at an event in Rio de Janeiro with Brazil striker Neymar.

The Hypervenom is a completely new boot, created with the feedback of players like Neymar, Wayne Rooney and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. These players specified the need for a boot that could help them create space quickly in and around the penalty area, and get their shot off from any angle. They discussed the increased agility of opponents, referencing today’s defenders who are now as quick, as agile and as skillful as many of the world’s top forwards.

Brazil striker Neymar was most direct in his feedback “Help me make space more often and more quickly. I want a boot that helps enhance my agility and gives me the space to get my shot off before I’m closed down.”

“Neymar’s input was invaluable. He had been wearing the Mercurial Vapor IX a boot designed to help athletes look and find space to beat a man. It’s a pure speed product. The Hypervenom focuses on creating the space in order to put the ball in the net. It’s a small but important nuance. It is designed to increase the player’s agility and their ability to get a shot off,” said Phil McCartney, VP Nike Football, Footwear.

New boot for changing game The Nike Football design team, led by Denis Dekovic, Nike Football Design Director began by looking at the attacking forces in today’s game. “The game is changing. It used to be that speed was focus of the attacking side of the game. But now everybody has pace. The creation of the Nike Hypervenom is a reaction to the way the game is changing. Players want to be quicker. Not just in a foot race, but quicker with the ball at their feet in small spaces. They want to leverage the natural agility they already have to find space in a congested penalty area. They want to create chances from nothing. The Hypervenom is designed to do exactly that.”

Body Composition Changes

The Riddle of an Ironman's Life

Fitness & Nutrition expert Dr. Rick Kattouf says In order to get leaner, there are five main components that we need to focus on. (extracted from an article by Dr R Kattouf on Training Peaks’ site.

1. Build muscle: Losing body fat means that we need to increase our metabolism and in order to do so, we need to build lean muscle. It can still be common in the world of endurance sports for weight training to be taboo; but it is the weight training that is key to building lean muscle and changing one’s body composition

2. Nutrition: I’ve been asked many times over the years, “Rick, I want to get my abs ripped; what is the best exercise to do this?” My answer has always been the same. The best exercise for ripped and lean abs is not exercise at all – it’s nutrition, nutrition, nutrition. Proper nutrition is a…

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5 celebrity charity challenges worth repeating

I have been helping out charity for the past few years and when there is something really good I ought to share with you guys, check out this Moolta.com’s blog which I have re-posted.

5 celebrity charity challenges worth repeating

The challenge to put all your eggs in one basket, and by basket we mean mouth.

The egg challenge started when a fan wrote to Smash Mouth’s Lead Singer, Steve Harwell, asking him to eat 24 eggs while he (the fan) is filming him. The generous guy even offered to buy all of the eggs and pay Steve $20 as well! He even went the extra mile and agreed to buy the more expensive brown ones.


Pretty soon all sorts of clips and posts from different fans started showing up on the web pleading the lead singer to agree to the challenge. (Here is one for you to get the point… for more of the post … please click on ….—-> 5 celebrity charity challenges worth repeating.


Greed is in all human.. Everybody wants to be on the top and no one wants to be on the bottom of the food chain. Lance went over board and should have just retire with glory.

Theological Vacillation

I am in the process of writing a dissertation on the power of sports.  A timely topic considering that each season seems to bring a new story from sports that easily transcends the fun and playfulness that sports is intended to be.  When I first started researching for this project, the NCAA was finalizing their investigation into Penn State University and inflicting harsh penalties on a state sponsored institution that was involved in an unfathomable scandal that involved child rape and molestation.  All along this time, there have been countless stories from Major League Baseball regarding players who used steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.  There has been a major labor dispute in the National Hockey League which finally has been resolved, following a major work stoppage and costing millions of dollars in lost revenues for local businesses.  And these are just a few of the major national headlines …

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Confession of Lance Armstrong to Oprah Winfrey [HD]

I know most of you have been following the Lance Armstrong saga, most stood by him when he was accused of doping, some had their doubts.

What did you think of him when he was being accused of taking performance enhancement drugs? Well after many years, it all had been exploded into this epic proportion and now everyone knows the truth, not sure if you have seen the video but I manage to upload this for you guys. Do share it with your avid cyclist friends as this is sure to be on the tongue of every person that has once looked up to Lance, even me.

This is an hour long video so I suggest you get comfy when watching this.

I do not own any of this, just wanted to share it with all people


Star Wars Yoga

This is Hilarious, Geek in me say the force in this one is strong !

How to swim faster? Part 1

Swimming Faster is a fascination for many,  I just finished a swim yesterday after a month of no activity due to my feet injury and also because race season is over. I felt funny not to train after so long but I am sure definitely  out of breath swimming my usual 3 x 500m in the pool yesterday (no more races till 2013)

I have always wondered how to swim faster, Have you been wondering how to swim faster for months or even years without ever finding a satisfactory answer? If this is the case, well, you are in good company.

This article by enjoy-swimming.com describes six principles that will allow you to swim faster without becoming exhausted too quickly.

Swimming Smarter not Harder

For many coaches, swimming faster is the result of gradually increasing the length and intensity of swimming workouts so that the general fitness level increases.

While conditioning has its place, this is not all there is about how to swim faster, because swimming is a very technical sport. There are a few gifted swimmers that instinctively learn how to move efficiently in the water. Given enough time and practice, they will always improve. (this for me have not been the case..but I believe so)

But most of us only have a vague sense about our efficiency in the water. Remember, we are land animals! Because of this, swimming lots of lengths will often only make our bad habits more permanent, while our swimming technique only improves slowly or even not at all.

So what do we need to do? In fact, to learn how to swim faster and better with less effort, we need to swim smarter, not harder. Specifically, we need to work on two facets of our technique:

  1. We need to decrease drag in the water.
  2. We need to improve propulsion in the water.

Decreasing Drag

The importance of swimming with the least amount of drag is often neglected. However, this is an area where we can greatly improve our efficiency in the water.

Water is much more dense than air. Drag in the water increases by the square of the speed at which we swim. So there is quickly an upper limit on how much force we can apply against the water to increase our speed.

On the other hand, reducing drag requires SKILLS rather than force. So there’s a lot of room for improvement there. That’s why it should be the top priority of learning how to swim faster.

Principle #1: Improving Your Balance

The first and most efficient way to decrease drag is to improve your balance. This means that you try to stay as horizontal as possible while moving through the water. When you do this, you disrupt the least amount of water molecules on your path, which translates into reduced drag.

As an example, while swimming freestyle, swimmers often lift their head to breathe or look ahead. When they do this, they lose balance and their hips and legs drop. Their body is less streamlined and generates more drag while moving through the water. Additionally, they need to kick harder to keep those legs up. Needless to say, a lot of energy is wasted while doing this.

Note that being as horizontal as possible is especially important for the freestyle and backstroke. For the breaststroke and butterfly, things are a little bit different because a body undulation occurs during the stroke cycle.

Principle #2: Swimming Taller

The next way to decrease drag is to make yourself as tall as possible in the water. The theory behind this is that for the same mass, a long tapered object moving through the water creates less turbulence than a short compact object. In fact this principle has been used by naval engineers since hundreds of years.  I have learned to walk tall but I believe this

To swim taller in the freestyle stroke, you enter your recovering arm early in the water once it has passed your head. You also make sure to completely extend your recovering arm forward underwater before starting the down sweep and catch.

Principle #3: Compact and Efficient Kick

In world-class front crawl swimmers, the kick contributes for up to 10% of propulsion, while the arm stroke contributes for the rest. So an efficient kick is important for fast swimming, but less than what is commonly believed.

What is equally important is a compact kick, meaning that it should neither break the water surface nor move too low below the body line. Otherwise unnecessary drag is created which will only slow you down.

Improving Propulsion

Once you have reduced drag to a minimum, you can work on improving your propulsion. Again, this is mainly done by improving your swim stroke mechanics, not by building bigger muscles.


to be continues in the part 2…