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Adidas’ Fit Smart wearable now tracks more of your fitness data

Adidas fans rejoice with this new software updates, Your existing MiCoach can breathe new life into it’s existing hardware, and that’s what’s happening today with the Fit Smart. Introduced last year, this wrist-worn wearable has been able to measure burned calories, heart rate, distance covered, pace and steps since day one.

But now Adidas will let you keep track of all those fitness stats using the Train and Run app, which is available for iOS and Android. Previously, Fit Smart and its companion application focused on coaching for workouts, training plans and monitoring your heart rate.

By adding these features, people who own the device can start tracking data to set daily and weekly goals — similar to Nike’s FuelBand SE or Jawbone’s Up3. We’re not sure why it took Adidas over a year to bring such useful functionality to the Fit Smart, but at least its finally here.

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PUMA Night Run Singapore Post Race Review

PUMA Night Run Singapore 2015 have concluded and what night it was, the haze stayed for the night and everything was just beautiful, the sky was clear and a crisp of clear breeze just keeps blowing gently on the runners at the Marina Barrage venue, not here to talk about the weather but that’s about it anyway

Most of you want to know how did PUMA did for the 2nd year running the event in Singapore as PUMA Night run events are BIG in TAIWAN and KOREA, especially Taiwan (think loads of … wait .. sea of people. Pic below was from PUMA Taiwan 2014)

PUMA Night Run Taipei 2014: Celebrating Taiwan's Modern Night Cats

The Course

The interesting course brought us around the scenic view of Marina Bay which highlights beautiful CBD skyline along the course, the course pic below was pretty good with little or no bottleneck except for the one after 6km but that is to be expected because of construction works as well as its a Park Connector. Other than that you can literally blast your way through the course.

PUMA Night Run Singapore 2015Just so you know I had to run a steady pace and not blow my main even which is happening next week in Osaka, so all I could do is just hold my pace at 6min through out and be discipline about it. My polar timing came in at 1hour exactly and it recorded an average pace of 6min/km (how’s that for discipline) it’s a training just when I needed it, my only concern is how my average HR stayed at 171 which is not my usual of 160bpm through out 20km courses (Blame it on the haze)


There was three water point serving out just water and not energy drink, which is sufficient for a 10k event. The volunteers at all the water point must have been trained at Ironman event because they were passing the drinks while running with the runners.

I have to say this is the first time I ever seen a Pin for Medal, Think “Medal Of Honor” really cute and innovative guys.


The Atmosphere

Once runners arrive on the start point, you will be greeted with all the booth lighted up just like would at some out door concert event, maybe even better cause of the purple and green laser light dancing all around,

the atmosphere was electric and you can bet people are queuing up at photobooth, HIC drink booth and even the delicious DoSiRak. There was DJ and celebrity all around the PUMA event for your to gawk, as in Taiwan there are many pretty girls and hot hunks to eye candy similiar to Korea (let me cover it live next year for both city and I will let you know)

The Winners

Defending his title, Thomas Kiprotich topped the Men’s Open category with an impressive time of 33 minutes 57 seconds. Kennedy Kyule Matolo came in just seconds behind with a respectable 34 minutes and 12 seconds followed by Suresh Tilija in third place, with a time of 36 minutes 30 seconds). Finishing above the rest in the Women’s Open Catergory was Cheryl Chan, who crossed the finishing line with a time of 44 minutes, with Anna Helowicz Hebrich coming in second at 44 minutes and 49 seconds and Marsh Rebek Ah Karen Patrica in third position with a time of 46 minutes 16 seconds.

Overall Experience

Totally loving it, would not miss events like this because it’s one of those events where you don’t need to wake up early in the AM, the place was electrifying filled with runners pumped up for the event, Imagine the runners even did a pre-warm up sponsored by True Fitness. Baggage handling had no problems and you could just drop and pick it up without a hitch. Bet my last dollar you will see me running for 2016. In the meanwhile train smart and run hard.

Chicago Marathon Statistical Breakdown for Run Nerds

I have to say I love stats but not math type of stats but stats from running events or Triathlon, yeah call me a crazy but hey I love to see where I stand among the world runners but this stat is by Raymond Britt on and I have to say he did sure pump out some awesome stats.

If you wanna dig in and see how was the Chicago Marathon 2015 participants stat check it out. I have laid it all out for easy reference. I am always impressed by the average finishing time and Chicago Marathon runners prove to be one of the fastest I have seen.

One day I hope I am able to run at the Chicago, NY and Boston event. For now its just a dream as it’s gonna take a chunk of my leave just to be there maybe one day when I have quit my job.

That One Helmet That Dominated Ironman Kona

Rudy Project Dominates Helmet Count for Record 5th Year in a Row


Rudy Project just smashed all records by earning the prestigious title of “Most Worn Helmet at the IRONMAN® World Championships presented by GoPRO®” for the FIFTH consecutive year!

LAVA Magazine released their official product count numbers Friday evening, announcing that Rudy Project was again #1 with 639 helmets. Read more here:

Toasty Columbia Heatzone 1000 TurboDown™

Winter is coming, Winter is coming, but cold had no fury with this new jacket from Columbia, the name itself sounds intimidating they call it the “Heatzone 1000”  and Columbia have been increasing the Heatzone for this line all the way up to the most current one which is the 1000, but does it really keep us warm ?

Columbia asked an independent third-party entity to test TurboDown Wave’s heat-retention capabilities against several competitors’ insulated jackets. Using a computer-controlled environmental chamber to regulate variables, Columbia’s Heatzone Jacket took on several jackets including The North Face Super Diez Jacket, Arc’Teryx Cerium SV, and the Patagonia Fitz Roy. In each case, the Columbia jacket insulated with TurboDown Wave performed better; beating competitors by margins ranging from 3.1F to 9.9F warmer.

So go figure…

The Columbia Heatzone 1000 Turbodown Jacket retails $989.90 for is now available at all Columbia concept stores, Click here for all locations

Sweet Little Things That Matters

It’s funny how the World works, people from all over the world never knew each other till this thing called social media spreads like wild fire, Social Media never stop spreading and now there are even more apps and software bridging that gap of connectivity. I am glad that this online thing happened as it brought the world closer than before, You hear of great accomplishment from strangers helping each other

But to me, social media network holds a special place in my heart as it had turns strangers to friends and then these friends becomes your buddies for life. How many people I have grown to know over the past, Even you, yes you the one reading this now. Friends that care for me and friends that helped me in need.

I know I have not been updating my life on my blog as much as I want to, because work has been crazy, but crazy not in a good way and I am not putting details any more than. Just like how people say “Another Day Another Dollar” but this post is about friends I have known through the social media sphere but I am not naming names as there are so many but only gonna share what they have done for me as you know who you are once I mentioned it out.

Someone sent me a DM over twitter checking out how my I was emotionally because this person knows how “ONE” particular topic will get me overly emotional and lt’s was the topic of the day when I started twitting about it. thanks for your concern you little you.

And just that I’ve received an email just yesterday from someone else asking me how was my Osaka marathon training was going with a perk me up message which goes like this,

“History hails the victor but runners who tackle races for pride and personal goals, rather than pace, are rarely recognis​​ed

​​Last, celebrates not only the last athlete who crosses the finish line, but also the imperfect journey of every runner. Anyone can be a runner; all you have to do is run
And as long as you’re willing to do that, you’re a winner in our books. :)​”

Well anyway, check out the Nike video and set yourself on a journey to MARATHON, yes we all may not be runners but like I always tell everyone, “If you never try you will never know”, always remember that you friends is always there for you and if you have a problems it is always better to talk to someone

PUMA Launches PUMA Running Kaki in the lead up to second PUMA NIGHT RUN SINGAPORE

23 September 2015, SINGAPORE – In the lead up to the second PUMA Night Run Singapore this October, PUMA is excited to introduce PUMA Running Kaki to encourage people to start running.

We all know someone who has at some point in time lamented, “I’ve got to start running” but, for some reason, has yet to start or has given up. This month, PUMA invites runners of all levels to encourage their friends or loved ones to swap excuses for running shoes by being their running kaki for the PUMA Night Run Singapore 2015 – set a goal, make a pact, train together and finish the race together.


From 24 September to 11 October, PUMA is offering pairs of running kakis the opportunity to join the PUMA Night Run Singapore 2015 at the price of one when they post the PUMA Running Kaki photo on their Instagram, tag themselves and their friend along with the hashtag #PUMARunningKaki.

“Running is a good form of exercise but with so little time left to ourselves after work, we’ll probably find ourselves choosing between catching up on rest, meeting up with friends and spending time with our family over going for a run,” says Mr. Gabriel Yap, Head of Marketing PUMA South East Asia. “We hope that through this, more runners would encourage their friends and loved ones to start running with them and lead a healthy lifestyle.”

ZENSAH Compression Now in Singapore

Singapore, 23 September 2015 Zensah Performance Apparel arrived in Singapore for the first time. The company’s distributor in Singapore, Itai Sports, launched the compression products on their website, starting 29 August 2015.

Zensah, the pioneer of graduated compression apparel will have four of its products, namely, compression leg sleeves, compression knee sleeves, compression shorts and compression tights, made available on the e-commerce platform for both men and women.

Introducing Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves

The e-commerce platform introduced Zensah’s Compression Leg Sleeves, which is their bestselling apparel. Presently, the compression leg sleeves are the only ones on the market that are designed to prevent and relieve shin splints. The leg sleeves feature pinpoint compression and chevron ribbing to provide targeted muscle support. There are no other compression brand that offers 3D ribbing specifically for shin splints.

Kara Goucher, Olympic Marathoner and Zensah Athlete, adds, “Zensah has been an important part of my recovery and comeback. I believe they make an excellent product, but more importantly, I believe in the people at the company. After receiving a pair of the Zensah compression leg sleeves, I was impressed with the quality and technology, and I reached out to Zensah to learn more. I absolutely love the compression socks and calf sleeves.”

Zensah prides itself on creating products using their cutting edge seamless technology made using high-quality computers and machines that do all the precision engineering, providing athletes with the following unique features of their products:

Currently Singapore only carries the White, Black and Neon Pink but there will be product expansion and product placement in stores in 2016, so look out for it.

  • Shin Splint Relief
  • Pinpoint compression- Provides compression at the exact problem areas
  • Soft Hand – Provides the most comfortable workout experience
  • Zensah® Silver Ions- Reduces bacteria growth & odour
  • Moisture Wicking and Ultimate Comfort
  • Improved Circulation and Faster Muscle Recovery
  • Calf Support and Injury Prevention
  • Seamless construction – Eliminates abrasion

Price Range $39 to $149

Do check out the official distributor website at