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Love Knows No Limit

PK Mahanandia and Charlotte Von Schedvin in 2014

“I did what I had to, I had no money but I had to meet her. I was cycling for love, but never loved cycling. It’s simple.”

I was in awe when I read this article (link of the article below in red) about how this guy cycled all the way from India to Europe, it didn’t only touched my heart but I felt that their love was real. This is certainly no fairy tale but surely some director in Hollyweed will be milking movie out of a movie of them, seems worthy of the big screen. I would watch it if it comes out.

but what made this story so interesting is that, how in the world did the mother predicted the shit out of her son’s love life ..DAMM.. that is some real shamazam there, spooky but it’s real pure luck I say but surely awesome predicting skills she got there, for all it’s worth he could have rep his country in the Tour De France cycling those miles and maybe made a name for himself as well.

Anyway from the look of their face, that is truly love and good for them. Would you cycle across country for LOVE? in this day and time, I think people just swipe left and right, who cares about REAL love.

The story of PK and Charlotte Mahanandia



Asia’s First Grand Fondo comes to Niseko

It is summertime now in Niseko Village, with warm and pleasant weather making Niseko the perfect destination for active pursuits. Whether it is action and adventure or a quiet exploration of this beautiful Japanese region, Niseko Village has it all, from PURE outdoor activity centre, countryside trekking in search of Hokkaido’s famed wildlife inhabitants, to horse riding, mountain biking, fishing, and rafting down the region’s rivers.

In the midst of all that action, an international Hokkaido premier road cycling race takes place in Niseko every year, and this year being the third year, the event has become part of the prestigious UCI Gran Fondo World Series; the first time the event is being staged in Japan. For cyclists around the world, the Boardman Niseko Classic is a great way to qualify for the Championships, and the perfect opportunity to experience racing in Japan and discovering the beauty of Hokkaido.

The UCI World Series is made up of 15 races spanning the globe, and offers age group categories to riders. Already with a huge presence in Europe, America, Africa and Australia, the Boardman Niseko Classic will be the first time the event is being staged in Asia and Niseko Village is proud to be part of the action!

Cyclists and their families can enjoy a weekend of non-stop summer celebrations, including a food festival, beer tents, live music, fireworks display, taiko drums performance, celebrities, guided bike tours, bike demos, fresh local produce, onsen hotsprings and a range of outdoor activities such as golf, hiking, rafting and so much more.

Enjoying closed roads, clean air and beautiful vistas, the 140km course includes 2,362m of vertical, leading competitors up the awe-inspiring Panorama Line climb, out to the Sea of Japan, and back to Niseko Hirafu Resort. A 70km race category is also available, providing a shorter challenge (includes 1,125m of vertical) and finishing together in Niseko Hirafu Resort.

There are KOM and Sprint challenges, plus prizes for all age categories, with mechanical support and product demos available during race weekend. Enter now at the Boardman Niseko Classic website, A race and stay package fully managed by Bike Tours Japan is available for your convenience, inclusive of 4 nights’ accommodation, breakfast and dinners, airport transfers, guided rides and support.

ZENSAH Compression Now in Singapore

Singapore, 23 September 2015 Zensah Performance Apparel arrived in Singapore for the first time. The company’s distributor in Singapore, Itai Sports, launched the compression products on their website, starting 29 August 2015.

Zensah, the pioneer of graduated compression apparel will have four of its products, namely, compression leg sleeves, compression knee sleeves, compression shorts and compression tights, made available on the e-commerce platform for both men and women.

Introducing Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves

The e-commerce platform introduced Zensah’s Compression Leg Sleeves, which is their bestselling apparel. Presently, the compression leg sleeves are the only ones on the market that are designed to prevent and relieve shin splints. The leg sleeves feature pinpoint compression and chevron ribbing to provide targeted muscle support. There are no other compression brand that offers 3D ribbing specifically for shin splints.

Kara Goucher, Olympic Marathoner and Zensah Athlete, adds, “Zensah has been an important part of my recovery and comeback. I believe they make an excellent product, but more importantly, I believe in the people at the company. After receiving a pair of the Zensah compression leg sleeves, I was impressed with the quality and technology, and I reached out to Zensah to learn more. I absolutely love the compression socks and calf sleeves.”

Zensah prides itself on creating products using their cutting edge seamless technology made using high-quality computers and machines that do all the precision engineering, providing athletes with the following unique features of their products:

Currently Singapore only carries the White, Black and Neon Pink but there will be product expansion and product placement in stores in 2016, so look out for it.

  • Shin Splint Relief
  • Pinpoint compression- Provides compression at the exact problem areas
  • Soft Hand – Provides the most comfortable workout experience
  • Zensah® Silver Ions- Reduces bacteria growth & odour
  • Moisture Wicking and Ultimate Comfort
  • Improved Circulation and Faster Muscle Recovery
  • Calf Support and Injury Prevention
  • Seamless construction – Eliminates abrasion

Price Range $39 to $149

Do check out the official distributor website at




International Bangkok Bike Exhibition

Early May I was in Bangkok Thailand to cover the International Bangkok Bike 2015, as you know this is not the first time they are having this show and it is now into their fifth installment, they have grown in size since 2010.

The exhibition is held annually here at the Impact Muang Thong Thani hall and getting here seems to be a hassle if you want to take a bus or sky train as I believe there is none but the beautiful thing of being in Thailand is their affordable taxi services unlike Japan or Hong Kong which will cost us a arm or two,

Anytime you need a cab you can just flag one down but make sure they use their meter so that you don’t get cheated (I always tip them if they do turn on the meter. but hey, if you feel adventurous do read on below for directions to Impact Muang Thong by public bus or train.

This year installment had plenty of exhibitors as well as distributors despite the decline of high end cycling demand in Thailand, the bike show features new bicycles, accessories, clothing, and cycling related products on display and available for purchase. I got myself an awesome helmet for about $50 (check out the design)

The show charges no entrance fee but all you need to do is register at the counter before you go in, you will be presented with a sticker as for all exhibition and do remember to paste in on the board when you exit the hall.

If you like you can watch my walk-about and interviews at the Bangkok Bike 2015

BangkokBike (3)

The show may not be as big as the Taiwan or the American bike expo but it stills attracts a huge number of visitors on each day, I was hoping to see more of the latest cutting edge technology from all the major brands, but it seems that most distributors and exhibitors are very much independent and local retailers which show case their own products which is not too bad.

It is cool because you get to see items you don’t normally see overseas, I had my hands full interviewing and looking at all the local bike retailers such as e-Bike and Bomb Bikes Jersey

Bangkok Bike (1)BangkokBike (10)

If you are ever in Bangkok Thailand next year around this time, do make your visit to this place and it will not disappointed for sure.
Do click on their webpage for more information but do watch out this space for nexts year event info

Directions and Transportation

Located in the suburb away from the traffic congestion in downtown Bangkok, IMPACT is:

  • 30 minutes from downtown Bangkok via congest free expressways
  • 45 minutes from Suvarnabhumi International airport via expressways
  • 15 minutes from Don Mueang International Airport

Array of Transportation Services

IMPACT is being served by an array of transportation services such as on-call taxis, minibuses, public buses, IMPACT Link, inter-fairground shuttle buses


On-call taxis are available at our various taxi stands and kiosks operated by our staff at IMPACT Challenger 2 and Hall 5

IMPACT Link Shuttle Bus Services

We offer our IMPACT LINK bus shuttle services between Bangkok city and IMPACT. Our fleet of minibuses, donning the distinctive logo of IMPACT serves the 30-minute route between Mo Chit Sky Station and IMPACT, interval daily from 6.00 am to 10 pm.

Public Mini-Bus and Van Services at Ruam-Jai market

Public mini-bus and van services are available to/from IMPACT from the following downtown areas:

Terminal – A

  • Muang Thong – The Mall Ngamwongwan (06.00-21.45)
  • Muang Thong – Ramkhamheang (06.00-21.30)
  • Muang Thong – Sanam Luang (05.50-21.00)

Terminal – B

  • Muang Thong – Major Rangsit (07.00-21.00)
Terminal – C

  • IMPACT Link (06.00-21.30)
  • Vam (05.00-24.00)
  • Public bus no. 166 (04.20-22.00)
  • Muang Thong – Lat Lum Kaeo (06.00-19.00)

Terminal – D + E

  • Muang Thong – Victory Monument (04.20-22.00)

Terminal – F

  • Motorcycle Taxi
The public bus station is situated at Aktiv Square, opposite IMPACT Arena. Buses services available to/from IMPACT
From Changwattana Road/Vipavadee Rangsit Junction

  • Bus No. 29, 59, 95 and A/C bus no. 4, 10, 13, 19 (to the North of IMPACT)
  • Bus No. 29, 52 and A/C bus no. 4, 10, 29 (to south)
  • Bus No. 59, 95, 150 and A/C bus no. 13 (to east)

From Pakkred

  • Bus No. 33, 90, 367 and 359 (to north)
  • Bus No. 32, 33, 51, 90, 104, A/C bus no. 56 and special A/C Bus no. 1 (to south)

From Changwattana

  • Bus No. 52, 150, 356 and A/C bus no 150, 356 and 166
  • Bus No. 166, 166 (blue) Nam Non Quayside-Muang Thongา)
Inter-Fairground Shuttle ServicesComplimentary inter-fairground shuttle services run every five minutes within IMPACT fairground.

Enjoy the pictures from the Bike Show.

BangkokBike (4) BangkokBike (5) BangkokBike (6) BangkokBike (7) BangkokBike (8) BangkokBike (9)

Beat the Saxo-Tinkoff Pro Cyclist (Press Release)


Saxo Capital Markets and visiting professional rider Takashi Miyazawa to raise money for Children’s Cancer Foundation through sale of limited edition Team Saxo-Tinkoff water bottles and challenging local cycling enthusiasts to “Beat the Pro”
(11 October 2013, Singapore) – As a subsidiary of Saxo Bank, the Singapore based Saxo Capital Markets will leverage on their parent company sponsorship of the professional cycling outfit Team Saxo-Tinkoff to help raise funds for the Children’s Cancer Foundation through a unique “Beat the Pro” challenge this November.
The “Beat the Pro” challenge, which will take place in the early morning of 7 November at Athlete Lab situated along Amoy Street, will see 10 of the fastest qualifiers going up against Japanese pro-rider Takashi Miyazawa of Team Saxo-Tinkoff in a simulated race along part of the famous Tour de France course.
Cycling : Team Saxo Tinkoff 2013
In addition Saxo Capital Markets is selling-limited edition Team Saxo-Tinkoff water bottles at $40 each in conduction with the Tour de Bintan (9-10 November 2013) event, for which Saxo Capital Markets is also a sponsor, with all proceeds to be donated to CCF. The two initiatives are expected to raise about S$20,000 in total.
Team Saxo-­Tinkoff can boast of two-­time Tour de France winner Alberto Contador of  Spain in their ranks and is  considered one of  the    top  teams in the UCI ProTour.

 The  challengers  and  Miyazawa will  each be racing on bicycles mounted on special stands, which allow the local cycling enthusiasts to pit    their skills against the 35-­‐year-­‐old Miyazawa, who is one of Japan’s  top sprinters. He was also the Asian champion in 2007 and represented Japan  at  2008  Summer Olympics.

 Miyazawa is well known by fans of Asian professional road racing as one of a few Asian professional cyclists riding for top-­level teams     outside of Japan. He appears regularly on cycling road race TV programs (JSPORTS -­ Japan’s biggest sports cable channel) as a    commentator and has gained good reputation for his insightful  comments based on his considerable  experience in Europe.

 The 10 qualifiers will be selected from special time trials to be held over three  weeks starting from the week of 14th October. The  participants will each have to make a  $50 donation to CCF to take part in the challenge, with Saxo Capital Markets matching it dollar-­for-dollar.With the sport of cycling gaining in popularity in recent years,   particularly amongst PMETs, the organisers are hopeful that all 120 slots will be snapped up.

Cycling : Team Saxo Bank Tinkoff / Team building camp 2013

 Said Mr Kazuaki Takabatake, Asia  Pacific CEO of Saxo  Capital Markets: “Cycling is fast becoming the new golf and we can see that the port has grown tremendously over the past couple of years in Singapore and the region.

 “Saxo  Capital Markets has been a keen supporter of cycling, and of the Tour de Bintan for years.  This is the second year that we have invited Takashi Miyazawa down for the Tour de Bintan to help raise the profile of  the event.

 “This  year, we thought that it might be a good idea to let the local cycling enthusiasts test their  abilities  against Miyazawa  to  help raise funds for charity. Since quite a  few of our colleagues are already training at Athlete Lab, we came up with the idea of conducting  a simulated race of the  Alpe d’Huez, which is one of the big Tour de France  at this unique venue, since most people would probably never get the chance  to ride the actual course.”

 Come the day of  the  “Beat the Pro” challenge, the online trading service provider will also donate up to S$6,000 to CCF if any of  the amateur riders manages to match or do better than Miyazawa during the race.

 Together  with    the    sale    of    the    Team    Saxo-­‐Tinkoff    water    bottles    and    the    registration    donation,    Saxo    Capital    Markets    hopes    to    raise    cash    in    excess    of    S$20,000    for    CCF.

water bottles may varies

 Said  CCF Chairperson,  Dr  Tay Miah Hiang: “CCF is touched by Saxo Capital Markets’ kind  gesture and support for CCF and our    beneficiaries by  choosing to work with our Foundation for this special  and meaningful event. We hope that the local cycling community will respond to this challenge in support of a good cause.”

 To sign  up for the “Beat the Pro” challenge, please contact Athlete Lab at Tel: 6224 4410 or visit  Athlete Lab

Cyclist passes 589 cars on way to work

Updated 3 Sept 2013:

This is my bike vs my car to work on any other day Do make a wild guess  which one arrives faster and earlier against morning rush hour?

Bike vs car


I have been cycling to work since about 2 months back now, and when I was reading on blog post this was worth a repost. I have to say that swaying around in traffic is not a easy thing nor its for the fainted heart, this require skills and great flexibility. I will do a post and a video clip (if I manage to get someone to borrow me a GoPro)

Lets just say that Cycling to work Pro’s outweigh the Con’s

  1. Healthier
  2. Faster
  3. Feels Great
  4. Laugh at Traffic when you wheeze past their expensive cars

Anyway please read ..

In bumper to bumper traffic, bicycles are often the only vehicles moving.

“War on our roads. Cars versus cyclists, the new front line on Australian roads. Depending on which side you’re on …”

So began a report on last week’s Sunday Night program on Channel 7. Fuelled by confronting footage of cars colliding with cyclists, the promos had preceded the shows for days.

Good news cycling stories are everywhere – and they’ll often catch you by surprise.

And just to get the pulses racing, there was a clip of radio announcer Derryn Hinch encapsulating his view of cyclists: “Cockroaches on wheels.”

To read more click on ——–> Cyclist passes 589 cars on way to work.

Road ID iPhone App For Cyclists And Runners

I have been following “All Season Cyclist weblog” for a while now and this Trek loving, Park tool using knowledgeable Bike Guru sure hits the spot for all bikes information. He surprised me even with new stuff that I didn’t know about. Do check out his post on Road ID iphone App, Sorry Android boys I have tried looking for it but its not available.

But please do read his post attached below on his review of the Road ID iPhone App for cyclist and Runners, I believe everyone should download it as its a pretty good safety app.

Road ID iPhone App For Cyclists And Runners

26 Jul

As I was watching the Tour de France last week I saw an interview with Edward Wimmer, one of the co-owners of Road ID (the most essential piece of cycling gear I own). During the interview Wimmer mentioned that Road ID had recently introduced a free iPhone app that would allow your friends or family to track you while you are out on a ride or going for a run. I downloaded the app this past Monday and it has quickly become one of the most important apps on my iPhone!

Road ID iPhone App For Cyclists And Runners

The Road ID iPhone app is very simple to set up and even easier to use. Once you download the app from the iTunes Store you input your basic information (name, address and email address), then you can select up to five of your contacts who will receive either an email or a text message when you are ready to go ride or run. The contacts you selected with get a brief message telling them that you are going out—and in the message there is a link they can click that will allow them to see exactly where you are at any given moment while you are out (Road ID calls this an eCrumb—an electronic breadcrumb). They can watch you on any smart phone or web browser.

Road ID iPhone App For Cyclists And Runners

The Road ID iPhone app also allows you to turn on a stationary alert—if you don’t move for five minutes the app will send an email or text message to your selected contacts warning them that you are not moving. The message does not necessarily mean that you are lying face-down in a ditch somewhere—it just means that you have not moved more than 15 feet or so in the past five minutes. However, one minute before the text message or email goes out the app will sound a loud alarm to warn you so you can cancel the message (the alarm reminds me of a klaxon horn from a WWII battleship). At the moment this…… to read the full post please visit his blog at ——> “All Season Cyclist”

Bicycle Safety Hand Signal

It is the last week of the 100th Anniversary of the Tour De France and today (Stage 17)  is one of my favorite stages which is the individual time trial.  As I have mentioned this month will be dedicated to the Tour De France.

For all cyclist we all need to know the basic hand signals when we ride as courtesy to other road users, unless you have invented a signaling mechanism on your bike we still use good old hand signal. So check out the hand signal that all cyclist should know.


Right/left turn: Arm straight out to the side you’re turning. (It’s more common than the old cycling manual bent arm.)

Slowing or stopping: Hand down low, palm side out. Hand on butt is also common.

Runner or car door on the side of the road:Tap side of your leg and point, or point to the side and swing arm behind back.

Shaking hand at waist: Pothole, roadkill, nails, rough surface, anything you want to avoid. Always yell “GLASS!”

Wave: A nice gesture to thank cars or pedestrians for letting you go.

Wave forward: To cars: It’s safe to pass. To other bikes: Go ahead, you’re riding faster than I am

*Special Situation Signals*

Middle finger: Only for when someone intentionally (1) threw something at you (2) almost ran you over. (Use with caution.)

*Special Situation Signals*

Hand out to side, wrist bent: What the *#&^ are you doing?!

*Special Situation Signals*

Simple point followed by thumbs-up: As if to say, “That girl is pretty” or “That’s a good restaurant.”

Thanks to Oliver Baker for his Illustrations. This was shared by Jené Shaw in