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Triathletes Swim First

First and foremost I am very thankful to the connectivity of internet, without it I wouldn’t have made friends from all over the world. Type type type and click click click,  I’ve sent a tweet , email, or chat a thousand miles away and then another person response instantaneously . I can’t say It’s 100% a good thing of course it has its ups and down but I am not gonna talk about that

This post is dedicated to the The Waterblogged Triathlete, especially to Maria Reeves. This is where the internet comes in, I was looking to improve my swim like forever and I manage to look up for swimming drills, and guess what? I stumble upon their website and twitter as well do follow them @SwimTrainTri

A conversation here and conversation there, I found out that they are have just finish the cover of their first book which is “Triathletes Swim First 100+ Beginning Swim Workouts for Triathletes” a couple of exchanges through emails and BOOM!!  guess what?? This landed on my door step a couple of weeks later.


Yup, I shamelessly admit that I have been secretly training for my swim with this,LoL, My secret weapon, I didn’t not bring this to the pool as first its not waterproof and secondly its really a sentimental item for me now that it comes with the autograph from Maria herself, Thanks Maria.

I have to say the front cover looks like the typical all out swim there which is good, reminds me of all my swims out there.  So whats in this book ? Basically this is a book where by if you are looking to improve your swim with drills and workout, this has got to be it, it has all the good stuff, with many explanations on terminology, and trust me I really have not heard of some but hey take it from the pro’s and yes They are pros .. all three of them , Kathrine Paglini, Maria Reeves and Victoria West. All them girls have hold records in their swim careers and I have to say AMAZING. check out their BIO here if you want to know more about them Meet the Water Bloggers


A little Preview of whats inside


This really helped me in understanding the jargons of swimming, coming from the pros I have definitely learned a few extras terms that could be useful if I wanted to pick up a swimmer chick 🙂 LOL

Waterbloggers isaac976 (5)Interval Training 101

The water bloggers preaching on Interval training and yes I believe in it too, its kinda like TEMPO runs but for our swim, good and sound advice ladies. Thank you.

Waterbloggers isaac976 (4)

Level One Workouts

Here I am only gonna share the #1 workout of the many hundreds of which are all awesome in the book, I have so far only gone as far as workout 20+ but do mix and match, I do say they really offer a plenty of variety but read on for a special bonus.. below

Waterbloggers isaac976 (1)Yes they even have a Write your own Drills, and if you have any good one, If the girls still have not thought about, do share with me so I can put it in my book. This to me I think is pretty good as they not only let you do their workout but also let you have your own creativity at play. I for one have none that’s why I got this book,LOL  I do have one which is the “BONUS” by the way, I always use my single drill before I got this book, you can call it the “976 drill”  its easy to remember


2 x 50m  (general warmup)

Main Sets

9 x 50m (3 x 30% effort, 3 x 60% effort and 3 x Race Pace)  = 450m

7 x 100m (freestyle concentrating on form) = 700m

6 x 50m (Alternate Breast Stroke and Free style) = 300m

Warm Down

2 x 50m (choice)

I hope you would add that into your book if you think its good enough, if you do thank you thank you.

Waterbloggers isaac976 (2)

Anyway I would like to thank the Waterbloggers again for sending me this book for a review, I have to say I really did have fun using this book and what a journey it has been for me after my last OD, this time I will be even more confident in the water thanks to the guidance and tips from these wonderful girls. The book retails for only $29.95 and if you are interested and looking to improve your swim you can go to the link attached below to purchase your very own book and best part is they come in e-Book version as well.

Sprial Bound Copy: Click Here

E-Book on Amazon : Click Here

Thanks for dropping by guys and have a great weekend

Vertical Kicking drills

Ultraswimfast blog has posted this very cool drill on their website about a month ago, and I find it practically useful to strengthen our legs as well as allowing us to rest and relax when we are doing this, The ladies at Ultraswimfast has written their own swimming drills and experience in the pool and open water, I can wait to be featuring their book real soon and when I get my hands on it

Do follow their blog for real cool and neat drills and tips for your “Ultra” Swim “FAST” .. Thank you ladies (Maria, Katie, Vicky) for sharing this and now I am sharing with all my readers.

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Vertical Kicking is a fun and different way to work your legs in the pool. 

Vertical kicking 3 ways: hands above the water, elbows above the water, and  arms in a streamline.

Vertical kicking 3 ways: hands above the water, elbows above the water, and arms in a streamline.

To vertical kick, all you need to do is practice kicking in the deep end of the pool. You can do any kick (flutter, breaststroke, or dolphin) but some are more difficult than others. We think breaststroke kick is the easiest, dolphin is a little more difficult and flutter kick is the most challenging.

There are many different ways to vertical kick. You can kick with your hands above the water, your elbows above the water, or even with your arms in a streamline position. Kicking with just your hands above the water is the easiest and kicking with your arms in a streamline is the most difficult. Often, when I kick with my arms in a streamline I begin to sink and have to time my kicks so that I’m able to breath when I’m ready to.

I have done so many different versions of vertical kicking – everything from wearing 35 lb weight belts to tossing water polo balls or medicine balls to my teammates. I have also passed a 10 pound diving brick back and forth with a partner where the only rule is that the brick always has to be above the water. Sometimes, when I’m vertical kicking by myself, I’ll hold a wet towel above my head and vertical kick with that. I get the towel wet so that it is heavier than it would be if it were dry.

Vertical kicking is a good tool for triathletes because it can be used for everything from active rest, to endurance, or even sprint training. It can build ankle flexibility and also help build confidence in deep water.

Point to note: Never practice vertical kicking if you are uncomfortable in the deep end. Never vertical kick alone or without proper supervision. Don’t vertical kick with weights or any kind of resistance unless you are practicing with a team that is properly insured/certified by USA Swimming/USA Masters swimming and you have a certified coach on deck. SWIM SAFE!!!

Learn how to Sink in the pool.

Breathing in the water or rather constant exhalation is a necessary skill for an efficient freestyle stroke, but many athletes (especially newbies) have a tendency to hold their breath underwater even for myself. To master your exhale, try this sink-down exercise from coaches Paul Newsome and Adam Young of If you’re surprised by how hard you have to exhale in order to sink to the bottom, the coaches say this means you’re not exhaling strongly enough in your normal stroke.

How To

1. Tread water in the deep end.

2. Take a deep breath, bring your arms to the side or above your head.

3. Picture yourself letting out a big sigh as you start to exhale. Try to sink straight down to the bottom with no pauses.

4. Once your lungs are out of air, push off and come back to the surface.

If you struggle to sink, you may be subconsciously holding your breath. If you sink a little but pop back up to the surface, you may need to exhale more quickly. The coaches also suggest making a “brrrr” sound through your lips, to help your exhale. Once you’ve nailed the exercise, do three sink-downs in a row before your workout to release tension and remind yourself of proper breathing technique.

If you have notice most of my current training post are regards to swimming , its because Tri Factor swim is just around the corner, In the last few months 80% of my training regime has been in the swimming pool doing drills and laps, I have not totally neglected my bike and run its just that priorities first. If you have a good training program for the pool do share with me and the readers.

Next post, what I think of the Aqua Sphere Kayene goggle that I have tried out for a couple of months now

Why you should learn the Backstroke for Triathlon?

I have always head to the pool doing laps after laps with 80% of front crawl and 20% breast stroke all the time, I am not sure if it was the best way to train as I am only improving those few muscle group.  I was a club swimmer, training with the boys doing 50m freestyle competition but never got to signing up for one, have friends who are on the national squad but never took any swim tips from them.

Since I am doing triathlons and Ironman for the love of it, when it comes to the swim part I can tell you,I am definitely not fast even after so many swim sessions, ,sessions after sessions my time never seem to improve. I also never used other strokes like the backstroke or butterfly, never wondered why I need the them for, this conversation between speedy @trimeon and coach @felog in my feed were conversing about backstroke got me  intrigued.  I went all out and in search for the missing piece to understand why a backstroke was needed in our training session

Twitter Feed Elieen and Felog

Twitter Feed Elieen and Felog

So what happens now is that, I am gonna put in post some backstroke drills that I am gonna use and try on my next swim session..

The backstroke is easy to learn and helpful to triathletes for multiple reasons. It counteracts swimmer’s “shoulder slouch” by engaging upper-back muscles and lengthening pectorals, it can provide an opportunity to calm breathing or clear goggles during an open-water swim and it breaks up monotony in the pool. Plus, kicking while on your back serves as good cross-training for major cycling muscles such as the hip flexors, core and quads.

Try these sets: 

• 4×75 with 15 seconds rest (25 free/25 back/25 free)
• 1×600 [4x(100 freestyle strong effort/50 backstroke easy)]
• 8×50 on 1:15 (25 back/25 free) descend time 1-4, 5-8

Five technique tips:

1. Tilt chin up and look at the sky. This puts head and spine in good alignment. Do not look toward your toes, as it causes hips to sink.

2. Push hips toward the surface and maintain a steady up and down flutter kick. Keep feet just below the surface of the water. Do not rotate feet with the rest of body.

3. Hands exit the water thumb first and enter the water pinky first. This requires a slight wrist and shoulder rotation as a straight arm moves through the air.

4. Arms enter the water straight up from shoulders and do not cross the center line overhead. Swimming backstroke in a straight line is difficult without following pool lines. Keep zigzags to a minimum with consistent arm placement.

5. The key to backstroke is good upper-body rotation with a motionless head. Try to roll your left shoulder to your chin as the right pinky enters the water and vice versa

drills taken from Triathlete Competitor By Sara McLarty

Top Three Swim Drills

I know most of you Ironman/Triathletes are always worrying bout your swim, unless you have your own personal coach or you are already a pro, as for myself I am always worried cause no matter how much I train, I can’t go fast enough, It always cause I have no discipline when it comes to performing drills in the pool, Let me share some good drills that might improve the swim leg if I am discipline enough. Enjoy ..

I also added the following video of Michael Phelps doing Freestyle in Multi angle underwater cam, this video “I LIKE”

This is another favorite video of mine by Pro Triathlete Scott Neyedli showing off a very good freestyle stroke

Have fun training and I do hope this post got you inspired ! NOW GO GET EM TIGER !!