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ILLUMI RUN 2013 (Registration)

Updated 6 December 2013:

Hi guys, here is a little tip for everyone out there reading my blog on Illumi Run, Firstly Do Hastag your IG pictures with #IllumiRun and who knows You might be selected to Win a few prizes from me.

Secondly, DO NOT WEAR YOUR FAVOURITE SHOES, I repeat DO NOT WEAR ! unless you are rich or insanely hate your shoe then go ahead ..



Start year-end festivities with a 5km party run that is bound to illuminate and more


Singapore, 22 October 2013 – Registration for the first edition of ILLUMI RUN 2013 will begin online today at 1100hrs. Be part of the first night party run in Singapore on 7 December 2013 (Saturday) held at the F1 Village.

ILLUMI RUN is a five-kilometre, non-competitive party race in which participants are splashed with neon illumi glow water as they run past various themed zones at each kilometre. The fun continues at the finish line with an ultimate dance extravaganza hosted by club DJs and other surprises to ensure that the party extends through the night.

Making its debut in Singapore, ILLUMI RUN is conceptualised and organised by event company Infinitus Productions Private Limited. Jeffrey Foo, Director, said, “We are combining two of Singaporeans’ biggest loves – running and partying, to offer an unforgettable event that commemorates the year with a fun, cool and healthy twist. Bring along your friends and join us as we celebrate 2013 with a bang!”

A highlight of the run would certainly be the illumi glow water that participants will be coated with at various zones of the 5km. The water-based, non-toxic neon paint is specially imported from United States to ensure that participants enjoy safe, uninhibited fun with every step of the race. Completely washable from the skin, the neon glow water illuminates in the dark under ultra-violet lights along the route, creating a beautiful spectacle of the night.

Participants can also expect music of different genres en route, including latest Korean-Pop, Trance and Retro-Pop as they dance or run their way through four different themed zones.



Party Bag will include prior to the run, will be equipped with an

  1. ILLUMI RUN T-shirt,
  2. an LED Wrist Band and
  3. Goggles (not infrared)
  4. One of the Wildest party run ever.

Registration Details
Registration period: From 22 October 2013 till event sells out
Entry Fee: SGD68.00

ILLUMI RUN 2013 Details
Date: 7 December 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 2000hrs
Venue: F1 Village
Distance: 5km

Interested runners may register online at from 22 October 2013

Color Run Singapore

UPDATE : Check out the updated details here in my latest post  The Color Run Singapore 2013

the Color Run will be hosted on Sentosa Island – Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th August. Mark your diary now – registration details are coming soon!

have been waiting for this event for like what seems forever,  in fact there are many runs that has not set foot on the shores of South East Asia, and this is one of them but wait .. this run IS coming to Singapore but there is no date set for this event yet, in fact they are (more…)

How do you run away from Zombies?

This is so so so so not fair.. how come someone brought in the Zombie run franchise to Msia and not the little red dot! I have been looking forward to doing this run so much as it looks damm fun seriously.  So I am writing in protest no wait .. Anger …  delight for you people staying up north that this event is happening! YOU GUYS BETTER SIGN UP or not the zombie will come eat your heart out ..

This so called  Zombie Run 2013 will be held on 2nd February 2013.

This event is a new type of event for Malaysia. Introducing the storyline based event, where what happens in the event ultimately affects the storyline and continuity of this event. The ultimate winners of this Zombie Run will be able to choose the outcome of the storyline and see where that leads the next Zombie Run to. Read the story to know why Bukit Utama has been overrun by zombies!

You will be placed in a jungle like setting (both zombies and participants) that stretches almost 45 hectares with broken walls, abandoned huts, destroyed cars and a lot more. This is NOT a normal marathon. Check out some location of the run event


the ticket price for the Zombie Run Malaysia is RM75 per person. I am not sure if you can sign up as a single person , cause for a team of 5 that means RM375 per team. Each person gets a medal, a really cool kick ass limited edition t-shirt (more on this very very soon), an awesome goodiebag and the warm feeling in your heart knowing that you have contributed to our fundraising cause

visit their FB page at

Photo: So before Christmas is over, we would like to throw a small bonus in for you guys! A new piece of artwork for the Zombie Run! Use it as your display picture, share it with your friends and appreciate the undead as they are supposed to be! Merry Christmas once again!

Chrissie Wellington, You will be missed !!

TYR poster

TYR poster

I was shocked when I read on my timeline that Lady Chrissie is retiring / giving up on Ironman a couple of days ago.. to me she was someone that shook the world of Ironman and kinda made it more inspiring to complete an Ironman event, Ironman event it self is famous as it is and there are so many popping out everywhere.. I bet once I drop Chrissie’s name on any triathlete they would know who she is.

Who would not notice her trademark smiles, determination and passion, She has relentlessly promoted this sports and many girls/women took notice of Ironman/Triathlon in the past few years, to me she has this aura of happiness around her when she races or when she speaks to people (not that I have met her but through photographs and video). I am writing this post because she will be dearly missed by lots of girls and guys out there, she gave inspiration to many as she is a role model and idol for most of us.  Who is gonna reign on her spot this time.

On her website Wellington wrote: “Over the past 12 months I have had time to reflect and think, about my past and, of course, also of my future. Being a professional ironman athlete has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I have achieved more than I could have ever imagined, and been so fortunate to travel to some beautiful places, compete against the best in the world, and forge many lasting friendships. Those life-changing experiences and memories will stay with me forever.

As an athlete I sought ‘the perfect race’. That race within myself where I dug to the depths mentally and physically, and that hard-fought race with my competitors. The World Ironman Championships in 2011 was the icing on the cake for me as an athlete. It was my ‘perfect race’ and it ‘completed’ me.

My passion for the sport hasn’t waned, but my passion for new experiences and new challenges is what is now burning the most brightly. Hence, I have got to the point where I know that it is right for me to retire from professional ironman distance racing.”

To me Crowie and Natasha Badmann is my all time favourite athlete in the world of Ironman.

HomeTeamNS New Balance Real Run Race Pack Review

Singapore Runners will know that this weekend on the 21st, there will be three running event held concurrently  Real Run by HomeTeamNS, Nike Run and the Passion North Run.

Guess which one I will be attending… DUH !!

Last year I also have attended this run as the organisers invited me over. It was a blast and I have done Real Run for 4 years in row, for me running Real Run is like a transition from Road to Trail minus the hard core tree roots and stuff.

Real Run has gravel and sand and road all thrown into the course. So I can tell you that if you are running a 50min 10k don’t expect it to be the same.

Here is my review on the Race Pack as usual

Stuff that is (erm) Recyclable

  1.  Soleus 15% discount voucher
  2. New Balance 25% voucher
  3. Something that looked like a CONDOM BOX (YOSH !!!!) but then looking at it carefully it was a deck of cards on being a good Dad by DADS4Life.
  4. Some Citibank card form
  5. 100plus promotion , advert .. etc..etc..

Stuff That We can Use

  1. Jacob Biscuit
  2. some Muscular Balm (really stink smelled strong)
  3. Rollerball pen that has a scroll like message in the centre
  4. whats a Pen to write on but a NOTEPAD , so thoughtful of them.

Well there you have it whats inside my REAL RUN goodie bag.  (OH WAIT)

I was given a NB Shirt which I will adorn on that day, am not showing it now cause its not the official RealRun Tshirt.

Good luck all you runners and gimme a pat when you see me.

I am only running 10k cause of my injury.

The North Face 100

Last weekend was crazy,It was the week for Ironman World championship and the TNF100 race which was held on the 13th of October, surely I did not participated for Kona but I sure did run for the TNF100.

My blog post held a poll a week before to see if my readers would run if they were injured. So I was waiting for the result to see if I were to run for this race and the results were as below, Thank you all for voting

I was surprise that the “No” result jumped 20% in the last two days, but luckily it did not deter me from running, but if it was the majority, I would just be the official photographer on that day watching my training buddies run their trail run. So here I am at the starting line with the 25k runners

The amount of trail runners sure have increased over the years

Benny New Kicks (he got it only 3 days before) but hey its a Saucony TR Kinvara

We before the run, looking fresh and carrying the required water weight. 1.5l for 25km run. Just so you know I did not train at all or even run for over a month  for this 25km so please do not laugh at my finishing timing.

I love the trails as it gives challenges and not just a straight monotonous road, trails enables us to concentrate on what is below our feet, if you switch off for 10 sec you surely gonna trip and fall. My injury was cause I was running at speed and a root was protruding from the ground and my feet his 90degrees and I heard a loud crack and it have not recovered ever since.

the 25k route was a little different from last year but it still had the same elements of torturing us through the hot sun with the open field every year pictured here, I call it the Energy Lab of Macritchie, If you do watch Ironman World Championship, you would know about the infamous Energy Lab where there is no cover from the sun and just plain open road but in this case open field.


Well I notice that I was trying to catch up at KM12 if you look at the endomondo map carefully, It was the fastest lap of the day, I told my self if only I could just do a negative split, but it never happened.

Nevertheless we all finished in good time (except for me) but I do not feel disheartened cause it was just 30min slower than last year.

No doubt my 100km races have all been shelved, I will still press on and start my clocking my mileage once my foot is healed. So far its 80% healed. Can’t wait to pound the street again (trails included)

Special shout out to Jayve for winning 3rd Place in her category.of the TNF15k Awesome much … see ya in the trails.

(Pic of J. taken from her FB page)

Till next year again. I have rounded the boys to participate the 50km and I hope they will do it.

If you want to know your results please visit

or just wanting to browse for hot bods and hot babes in trail gears do check out the TNF Facebook page

New Balance Real Run 2012

It is the New Balance Real Run 2012 and its back again. The  HomeTeamNS-New Balance REAL Run 2012 will be held on 21 October 2012, at Changi Exhibition Centre, Aviation Park Road.  If you have not participated in this event before, do let me explain why this event is call the REAL RUN.

This is not just a run on the road kinda event, this run has complexity and with a bit of fun, how fun is running on the road on and on for 42k ? well yeah its pretty fun but not as fun if there is a mix of trails and gravel and sand. That’s how this Real Run came about.

21km runners will be running on 2km trail + 1.5km Sand + 17.5km taxiway and road.

10km runners will be running on 2km trail + 1.5km Sand + 6.5km of taxiway and road


Last year winner came in a blazing 1hr 08min and I dont think you can even see him blaze by, check out the video and judge for yourself. “Insane Speed seriously”

So if you think you can beat last years winner, This is the Last call for registrations for the HomeTeamNS New Balance Real Run, the ultimate x-terrain challenge.
Those interested can sign up at the HomeTeamNS Real Run Prelude at Novena Square Atrium from 28 – 30 September 2012.

So what you waiting for ? for more information you can click here NEW BALANCE REAL RUN 2012 Registration

Registration Fees :
Distance                     10km        21km
2011 Participants      $40            $50
Public Rates               $45            $55

This is the route map

route map

A little sneak peak of what the runners are entitle to, looking forward to the bag

Event Tshirt & Bag

Please take note of the flag off timing

21km at 6:30am and 10km at 7am

Singapore Triathlon Swim Trials

Eddy had his first swim trials today, Benny and myself kinda pressured him into signing up his first triathlon knowing he could definitely blast through an Olympic Distance (OD) with ease, and registered he did, BUT…  he signed up for a sprint instead. .. anyway its better than not signing up !! +1 for you buddy. Singapore Triathlon here we come.

The assurance of knowing he can do a full OD was because he came along with us on our Ironman training, laps after laps he followed albeit not fast he finished it all.. its the spirit that keep us going is it not?

Knowing very well of his timing, where he is able to run a sub 1hr 10k, swim a good 40min 1.5k it’s the bike equation that was missing because he never tag along (and silly me asking him to buy a bike to train with us).. little did I know he already had a bike, sneaky sneaky , I was even shocked when I was told he was a group cyclist with the Joyriderz before, not a member but he tagged along.. really sneaky dude..

So yup today was his swim trials and I met up with him at Kallang Basin swimming complex in Geylang Bahru to give some morale support,not that he needed it but I could get some time in the pool as well.

It started at 7.45am with a short brief and then the (more…)