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Hong Kong ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup (Registration Open)

Hong Kong ASTC Triathlon Cup will be held on the 25th and 26th October 2014

Course Description

Held on the iconic grounds of Lantau Island on 25 and 26 October, the 2014 Hong Kong ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup is a premier event where recreational triathletes can rub shoulders with age-groupers and professionals.

2014 will see athletes slugging it out to take the Asian Championship crown ensuring this signature triathlon will be a not-to-be missed event.

Swim Course

The swim course is a 1 loop affair of 750m swam anti-clockwise. Athletes will start in the water in front of the floating pontoon and navigate the triangular-shaped course. Water temperature is expected to be between 24-28 degree Celsius and thus wetsuits will not be allowed on the course. The water at Discovery Bay is usually quiet to mildly choppy and swimmers can expect minimum swell on race day.

Swimmers of the Olympic distance will perform two continuous loops before exiting, while swimmers of the sprint distance will exit the water upon completion of one loop only.

Bike Course

The bike course is mostly flat, to the exception of a section going over a bridge where athletes can expect a short progressive climb followed by a mirroring downhill. The course is entirely cut to traffic and bikes will be the only vehicles moving on the roads, alongside race officials and emergency vehicles. The only technicality of the course will be the U-turn points, which are located at far end of the out & back and at the looping point (for Olympic distance athletes only).

The Olympic distance athletes have 3 laps to complete, between Sunny Bay Road and Cheung Tung Road, before heading back to transition area.

The sprint distance athletes have only 1 such loop to complete prior to heading back to transition, making it a simple out & back.

Run Course

The run course is flat and fast on wide and scenic roads. The first part of the course will take the athletes on the promenade on the sea front. Then they will head back towards transition and along the canal, crossing Magic Road up the finish area located below Fantasy Road.

Athletes of the Olympic distance will have 3 repetitions of the seaside promenade to run prior to heading to the finish.

Whilst athletes of the Sprint distance will have to run a single out & back on the promenade and then head straight to the finish.

Race Distances & Courses

The 2014 Hong Kong ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup is a signature triathlon event owned by the TriHK (TriHK), organised by leading multi-sport event organiser MetaSport and sub-vented by Home Affairs Bureau (Arts & Sports Development Fund). The race is to be held on 25-26 October 2014 (Sat & Sun), Lantau Island.

Olympic Swim 1.5km Bike 40km Run 10km Course Map (TBC)
Sprint Swim 750m Bike 18km Run 5km Course Map (TBC)
Youth Swim 375m Bike 10km Run 2.8km Course Map (TBC)
Discovery Swim 375m Bike 10km Run 2.8km Course Map (TBC)
Kids Swim 195m Bike 5km Run 2.1km Course Map (TBC)


To Registration link

If you are interested to participate in the following, please proceed to click on >> Register Me <<

Hong Kong Short Weekend Food Trail

Mind you this was back in 2013 and I never got around posting it, I do hope you enjoy my post as I usually do not post about food and my travelog, if you do have any “DIE DIE MUST TRY” food  in Hong Kong do share

isaac976(me, doing the Keith Leung.. inside joke)

As you guys know my blog is not your regular travel blog or food blog, I wish I can do those hotel posting and detailed food review but I will cut to the chase of all the this is airport this is this ,this is that, am just going to jump the gun and just post the few places I have eaten that made the trip so memorable.

Tourist Map

isaac976(Me doing the Marco impersonation..another inside joke)

Reached Hong Kong on a Friday afternoon, most shops weren’t open yet at about 5am in the morning and just walked aimlessly as usual, saw this noodle store that looks pretty interesting. Just look at the humongous serving, my whole palm could not even cover the bowl.

Restaurant : Eat Together Food

Address: 473 Shang Hai Street Mong Kog

Tel : 2771 9818 They are open 24 hours

website :

Hui Lau Shan

They are every where and this place needs no introduction, this dessert place is one of our usual haunt when we arrive in HK and same for the one I am going to share below…

I came to Hong Kong for this … and this only, This is the only smelly tofu establishment that is worthy of smelly tofu, I can’t really pin a location to this stall but its the one at the corner of Prince Edward MTR. There use to be a uncle that sells smelly tofu on a push cart back in 2001. I ate so much of it that the uncle knows me by name, but that is the past there is no more push cart smelly tofu anymore in HK, but if you do know where are they do let me know.

Thinking of smelly tofu makes one shudder, people should not be afraid of it, just cause it smells like garbage, well this is what smelly tofu is to some Asian as to some Caucasian says about Durian.

I do agree about the smell but this is somewhat a love hate relationship, you just have to bear the smell and sink your teeth into one of these freshly fried tofu, make sure you drench it in sauce (can’t really describe if the sauce was sweet or savoury) but the combination of both and the tofu juice that just oozes it out complements the sauce.

It like a perfect blend of flavor in your mouth, but if you do not dare to try this, I suggest you give it a go but pinching your nose to stop your sense from stopping you eating one of this delectable.

Yee Shun Milk Company is particularly famous for their Doubled Boiled Milk With Egg White (aka Steamed Milk, Two Films) Steam Milk with Ginger Juice.  In chinese wording it would be \港澳義順牛奶公司 Yee Shun Dairy Company or some would call it Australian Dairy, ok I really do not know why its called Aussie Dairy

Standards and quality seems to have dropped over the years, as I usually patronized their Causeway bay branch, this was the first time I stepped into the Prince Edward store and I hope it is the store standard and not the overall.

This place I went for dinner is totally crazy, Most of you who follows Anthony Bourdain “No Reservations” will know of this place. He featured it in his Hong Kong segment and I have been wanting to eat that plate of squid ink balls for as long as I know.  Tung Po is crazy filled with people and please please do make your reservation if you ever want to eat here.

Stratifying my craving for this little black sucker and now I have sunken my teeth on it, verdict is : Noodle was bland, but the squid ink balls was bouncy with very smooth chewy texture.


Fried Oyster Omelet recommended by KK’s mum, looks ordinary but trust me this has got to be one of the best Oyster omelet I have ever had, Not a tad oily yet fried to a light fluffy texture with plump oysters to every bite. If I had the chance I would want to eat this again.


Deep fried spare ribs coated in a mayo and sesame seed sauce, anything FRIED surely taste nice doesn’t it ? need I explain more?


The next dish was the Fresh Water Shrimps with Chinese wine, the prawn were just swimming a while ago in the tank and now they are dished out on this plate served with lots of garlic and spring onions, can you believe how fresh this guys were on every bite and with them cooked in Chinese wine they taste heavenly.

isaac976Glutinous rice with loads of goodies inside, they dont taste like those you eat on wedding dinner.. this rice is so soft and fragrant, I surely dont mind having seconds, in fact I was so stuffed I still made some space to fit some of this in my tummy


Claypot fish slice so so, nothing special .. it was alright


This is the water-spinach in claypot cooked with salted fish, OH MY the fragrant infused vegetable just goes so well together with the crunchy vegetable. This was not on the order list but we ordered this dish cause of the table next to us, we just can’t resist the smell of salted fish. Who can?

Actually this place really need no introduction, if you want to go eat at this place as Anthony Bourdain did, you better make sure you make your reservation if not prepare to wait. You can find these scrumptious dishes dished out at Tung Po Seafood Restaurant, 2/F Cooked Food Center, 99 Java Road, North Point. Tel: 2880 9339. Opening Times: 5.30pm- 12.30am

Anyway here is to my extended family in Hong Kong whom I will always visit when I am in HK. Thank you for having us every time we are there.

my extended family in HK

isaac976(Do I look sexy baby? Do I look Horny ? anyway another Keith Leung impersonation)

Get Energized, Take5

Its a common thing where people down energy drinks to get that extra lift, for me I have tried countless from Monster, Rockstar, Wired, Tilt and the infamous Redbull, I have even tried funkier one’s in Japan , really not sure what I drank but it sure tasted funny,  usually all the servings of this energy drinks are in 12oz sized and it fills me up pretty much. What if i told you, that you can also energized yourself with only 2oz instead. sounds abit dubious ? read on..

This new brand called Take5 caught my eye and it was in packaged in this little tiny 2oz bottle, at first I thought it was for some eye wash or something when I was shopping in the mall. Not sure if you have seen it but this is the picture of that cute little tiny bottle that they sell in store. I got a couple of em to try as it said Brain power and the other Immunity.

Alot of research apparently was done to this little drink, would you believe it if I tell you that it will improve you immunity and you dont have to frequent the doctor as often anymore? dont believe me ? download the research paper BREAKING NEWS TAKE5IVE AJCN-1 , so now you believe me ?

This little energy drink

  • Works instantly
  • gives you 5.5hours of energy (don’t know how they time that exactly)
  • maintain mental focus and clarity
  • Support Vital Brain functions

I didn’t only tried it on myself but got my buddy Jason to tried it as well, He had a sleepless night before and he had to drive about 400km back to Malaysia, so I (more…)

Celebrity ran a 3:55 Marathon but disqualified

Not sure if you guys know Edison Chen? LOL.. who doesnt, he was the one acted in Batman where he ushered Bruce Wayne into the tower in Hong Kong. He was the one created such big news on his naked photos with all the celebrity and models in HK. So with all that bad rep, he tried to be good.. He signed up for the Hong Kong Marathon that was held on the 5th of February 2012

He successfully managed to (more…)

Testing out WordPress App for Android


Just downloaded the android app for my trusty tab. Wonder if it us easier to use.. Dont think I will be writing a full post. As this is just a test.