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Held for the first time at the island’s hottest beach destination, ILLUMI RUN saw participants get doused in ILLUMI Glow Water as they ran and danced through five ultraviolet music zones. The fourth edition of the run also included an ILLUMI Glow Slide, making it Singapore’s first night run with a slide

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A wave of neon colours hit Sentosa’s Palawan Green this evening, as the island’s hottest beach destination played host to thousands of ILLUMI RUNNERs, who ran and danced through the night while getting doused in ILLUMI Glow Water.

Held for the first time on the beach, the fourth edition of the ILLUMI RUN also showcased exciting new features such as a ‘Neon Paradise’ route and an inflatable glow slide, making it Singapore’s first night run with a slide. The key feature of the ILLUMI RUN village, the ILLUMI Glow Slide saw participants getting soaked in Glow Water as they slid down the 30-metre long structure, ensuring not one participant got through the night spot-free.

ILLUMI RUN flagged off at 7.30pm and participants ran and partied through the Neon Paradise route, featuring exciting glow zones like Cosmic-Land, which promised neon bubbles and psychedelic rainbow light displays, and Flower Dreams, where runners were treated to a one-of-a-kind neon rain shower as they danced across a colourful field of flowers.

The evening culminated in a party on Palawan Beach, where Asia’s most sought-after DJs such as DJ TiNC, Rave Republic and Taiwan’s DJ Cookie pumped up the luminescent crowd, ending the night on a neon high.

“This was our first time holding ILLUMI RUN at Sentosa, and we cannot be happier with the positive feedback we received. We’re extremely grateful to all the participants who came down tonight, and hope all enjoyed the new experience of running and dancing through the beach while getting splashed with ILLUMI Glow Water,” said Jeffrey Foo, Director of Infinitus Productions, conceptualiser and organiser of ILLUMI RUN. It was indeed very heartening to see runners having so much fun as they took a dive on it and got soaked in Glow Water. We are already looking forward to delivering an even better ILLUMI RUN experience next year.”


Date                                       :           17 December 2016
Time                                      :           19:00 HRS to 23:30 HRS (Flag off at 19:30)

Venue                                     :           Palawan Green, Sentosa
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Singapore, August 2015 – After showing runners a glowing good time in Australia and China this year, ILLUMI RUN is returning to its hometown for the third year running. Early Bird registration opens tomorrow for the non-competitive party run that’s set to ­­­­­­illuminate Singapore’s F1 Village on 28 November, Saturday.

The first local party-run that has ventured beyond Singapore, ILLUMI RUN has been a hit in the region with its iconic brand of splashing participants with ILLUMI Glow Water as they dance and glow through different ultraviolet music zones, ending the night as one enthralling glowing light installation.

Participants can expect an even more epic experience this year, with updated elements introduced on route. Be entertained by live acts at every ILLUMI glow zones and enjoy more glow water stations along the run.

Over 12,000 participants are expected to join the run, which will end with a massive party at the F1 Race Village. There they will be treated to a line-up of DJs including Singapore-based DJ duo Rave Republic, who will spin against the backdrop of psychedelic pyrotechnic displays.

Since its debut on the island in December 2013, the night run has entertained crowds in Brisbane, Beijing, and Guangzhou, and will be splashing across 10 cities by the end of 2015. The party’s not over yet – ILLUMI RUN has also set its sights on Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and Korea.

Early Bird registration opens now, at S$68 per person on


DATES 7 Aug – 7 Sep 2015 8 Sep – 8 Oct 2015


Date                                        :           28 November 2015
Time                                        :           20:00 HRS to 23:30 HRS
Venue                                     :           F1 Race Village
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How to Survive illumi Run Singapore

Just received this awesome SWAG BAG aka goodie bag for this years much anticipated fun run, as much as I am looking forward to it, I wanna share my “Real World Experience in surviving this Fun Run. It may look harmless but you better read up cause you will surely enjoy this run much more, but before I go on, check out my swag bag.


This bag has so much swag that it even has to be in shimmery rainbow material. Eye catching for sure, but really most people would love to know what is inside .


In this bag it comes with

  1. Swag Bag (I will explain later)
  2. T-shirt (Medium Size but runs a size small)
  3. Light Bracelet
  4. Light Spectacle
  5. Foam stick
  6. Race Bib

I started tearing all the plastic off on the accessories and the t-shirt and started putting it on. Swag is me (NOT)



Here are Isaac’s top tips on having so much fun for this upcoming run and if this is your first iLLumi Run, sit up and take notice cause I went bonkers on my previous one (read about it here)

  1. Instead of standard issue T-shirt, grab your scissors and make design, In the previous run, I saw this girl creativity that she snipped the whole back out with designs and she looked absolutely SEXY !

  2. Embrace the illuminator, as they are the one who is going to cover you with glow water


  3. Try not to wear your new sneakers cause your definitely gonna need alot of washing but hey for me I always use my beat up sneakers as I can either throw them away or just simply wash them off.

  4. Do not run the course, do a more like a Brisk walk or jog cause all along the way there will be a mini PARTY and hell yeah we partied on all the stop and this is where you get into the Glow Zone. 

  5. Remember in the swag bag that you have just received ? there is a foam stick that is used to hit the slower runners (just kidding) remember to light it up as it is a glowing foam stick, how do you do that? just look at the bottom of the stick there is a button to turn it on.

  6. Always stay back for the after party and continue the party on at the finish line. The fun continues with an ultimate dance extravaganza hosted by club DJs and other surprises to ensure that the party extends through the night.

  7. and lastly bring extra set of clothes and slipper for a change after your done with the party and this is where the SWAG bags come in handy, put in all your glowing clothes in it and continue partying somewhere else.

Check out the iLLumi run route map

illumiRun Registration Specially for IsaacLoo Readers

Hey all, If you are thinking of signing up for the  illumi Run event this coming 28 and 29 November, wait no more as I am giving all my readers a special discount for this awesome run.

Just so you know I knocked on the organizers office, I slept at their doorsteps, begged,clawed and some punches included to get all you wonderful people some awesome PARTY ON THE RUN discount, last year I had so much fun at the after party I just had to do this again and I know those who went for it knows that too. Just think of it as going for a healthier Zouk Out minus the booze.. wait there was booze and much hunks and babes as well.

I was asking the organizers, how are you able to top last year party as it was already crazily awesome, you know what they replied me? oh you have not seen anything yet just wait and see. ( So I have registered and I can’t wait to see how they gonna be bigger than last year) Check out the awesome sold out event last year and it’s after party. (pics from illumiRun Website)

As this is the  first of its kind in Asia, illumi run is the ultimate party run. Light up the night as you run pass illumi glow paint and experience electrifying energy of our music in the illumi run zones! The fun continues after the run with an ultimate party filled with music, glow lightings and DJs that will rev up your night! For runners, dancers and party-lovers, don’t miss out on being a part of the wildest party run!

This event is exclusive to only Singapore and if you are down here in Singapore on those dates for holidays, Do come party with us.  So as I mentioned, to register with my readers special discount: key in ISAACLOOPARTYONTHERUN, This code entitles my followers to $10 off the current early bird rate, which means it’ll be only $68. Please be reminded that this offer will expire on the 17th of October (when early bird finishes).

So remember to enter ISAACLOOPARTYONTHERUN this code when prompted to enter the LIV3LY code during registration. See you guys there.
To Register Your interest click on —> REGISTER ME <—-

Best Running event on the Planet

WAIT A MIN … HOW IN THE WORLD THIS HAPPENED ???   Why do I look like a drunken homeless person covered in colors


How in the world did I end up dressed like that? well, There was clearly no alcohol involved, no drugs.. I blame it on this run called illumi Run and It definitely lived up to its name “PARTY ON THE RUN”

This is definitely one of the best run ever, I dont think any other fun run would be able to top this one. I have to say this is a Raver’s, Techno, House whatever music you hear in the club, you gonna be dancing to the beat for the whole route. WAIT.. before I go any further. Check this video out.. you tell me if you see a RAVE party or a Run Party …  (Please do not turn your volume up to high, your speakers will burst)

So what do you see, A Rave Party or A Running Event?? I SEE BOTH

That’s why the organizers call it “PARTY ON THE RUN” and I kid you not, I was Running   dancing to all the DJ stations.  The people were all hyped up with all the awesome DJ’s pumping out all music all night. What more can one ask for.

As I am posting this the amount of Instagram pictures with the hashtag #illumiRun is increasing, I believe it has already reached 5000 pics and growing as I am typing this, and not forgetting that is the official Hashtag, I’ve even seen hashtag such as #illumi, #illumination, #illumirin2013 and many more, If you have an Instagram account go checkout the hashtag #illumiRun, you will see all the awesome pics and all the fun everyone had that night,

I have to say this is one… RUN you will not want to miss.

Isaac’s 10 Tips on how to Enjoy this event when it lands on your shore

  1. Register yourself quick once registration opens. It will sell out quick
  2. Get all your buddies to sign up (its gonna be a BLAST)
  3. Get yourself a water proof casing for your phone (see no 8.)
  4. Get some Funky light sticks or anything that will illuminate
  5. Make sure you are ready to get soaked in COLOR and don’t shy away from it
  6. Don’t .. I repeat.. Dont Run (I know its a Run..) but there is no medal, go for a slow..SLOW JOG, what I did was I danced the whole way.
  7. Make Friends Along the way ( I GAVE FREE HUGS too all who needed one) Yes even volunteers ran away from me.
  8. Take Picture along the route (Because you will be changing Colors like a Chameleon in every different Zone)
  9. Do no throw away your T-shirt cause its one of a kind and it is Limited Edition
  10. Stay for the After Party and Pyrotechnics, YOU WILL NOT REGRET !!

I kinda took No. 5 too seriously and I had to drive back in a poncho as I did not bring an extra t-shirt, so bring extra clothes to change after the event and bring a towel (to wipe off the excess Neon Goo) , at the end point there will be volunteers handing out mineral water and sport wipes but that will not be sufficient, use the towel that you have brought and soak your towel with the bottle of water and wipe clean.


Isaac’s 2 cents worth on this event:

I felt kinda sad when I crossed the finish line to be honest, I didn’t want the night to end to be honest cause I was just having so much fun. I wish all run would be like this.. after the run I told the organizers that they should have this in a 42km category (now that would really be rawking)

anyway some tips to better further improve this already awesome event.

  1. Please have a slider zone at the end of the run (so people can slide and soak themselves in more colors)
  2. I suggest installing more of the UV lights all along the way so that way, why ? cause firstly the whole running path will be runners glowing and illuminating with the paint, how cool is that, and all runners do not have to crowd at one place just to take picture.
  3. Hope the volunteers do not stop people from dancing at the DJ zone, people are just having too much fun
  4. Please let me sign up on all your illumi Runs in other countries. I SO WANNA DO THIS AGAIN

Check out all my pics that we took last Saturday. Do wait for next year if you did not manage to sign up for this one.


ILLUMI RUN is conceptualised and organised by event company Infinitus Productions Private Limited. Jeffrey Foo, Director, said, “We are combining two of Singaporeans’ biggest loves – running and partying, to offer an unforgettable event that commemorates the year with a fun, cool and healthy twist. Bring along your friends and join us as we celebrate 2013 with a bang!”

and boy did Infinitus made this the event of the YEAR ! all 10000 participants would agree. KUDOS to you guys and thank you for such a memorable event. Catch ya later.