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Swimming Goggle Kayenne Aqua Sphere

TYR goggles was my always my first choice in the swimming pool, pronounced as (Tah-Yer), but I usually just call them T-Y-R when I need to buy one from the departmental store, this is because when I pronounce them, the sales person would go What? you can buy them at the car shop, so its easier just to say T-Y-R, just so you know TYR is named after the Norse god of victory (Tier)

Today I wont be reviewing about TYR products but more Aquasphere, This brand has been around since 1998 and has been making waves around the triathlon world,  I went online did some reading on it but nothing much on its website beside their usual product description and all.

The Aquasphere range of goggles are not your usual goggles as it they made them into this odd shape lens or so I thought, recently I got myself the Aqua Sphere Kayenne because my trusty TYR goggles is leaking and fogging up on me

So here is what I think of it after a couple of months using it in the pool.

The goggles had all the Italian style from where it came from, even the packaging it came  was cool, it was packed in a hard, reusable case which keeps the googles from getting scratch in the swim bag.

Fit/Comfort: When I first put the Kayenne on, It felt that it was made to fit my face, I am sure it has something to do with the design, the fit is comfortable and adjusting these goggles to the right fit was the EASIEST thing I have ever felt before, All the tugging and pulling of your google strap is a thing of the past with the Kayenne as it has this button on both side where you just push and adjust to the proper sizing.

Aquasphere Kayenne IsaacLoo

Seal: The seal fits great, once adjusted to my contour of my face, I will usually give it one more push at the bridge to make it seal tighter, Once I’ve had them adjusted properly, they seal just nice and tight. I hadn’t have too much issue with leaks but I did face a slight leak whenever I push off the wall (with excess force) but should be no problem if it is in OWS.

Clarity/Fogging: This goggles are beautiful to begin with for its 180 degree view, the clarity on the smoked lens that I have bought is just crystal clear.  The tint was just about right to be used in any light condition even in the evening setting sun. I am sure they are very versatile in all sorts of light condition . There was no fogging issue even when I have them on for the whole session and in between breaks.

Negative : I only found that this goggles strap moved when I placed it over my head, but that’s about it, maybe I am too rough when it comes to placing the goggle over my swim cap.

Isaac’s 2 Cents Worth:

The good: Goggles fit to a T and it feels like you have no goggles on. Its really comfortable and the 180degree view is just perfect for OWS or in a crowded pool , goggle design are very stunning.

The bad:  My strap moved when wearing them over my swim cap but that should be no problem with the release button to adjust it again.

I can’t wait to try their other range out, but I am so attracted to the Kayenne for its functionality and looks. If you are looking to buy goggles to replace, I highly recommend this to you.

Tri Factor Swim Challenge

Swim drills, swim session and swim post has been popping up on my blog recently, did the swimming craze hit me? did King Neptune came into my dream and told me to swim more often? none of those of course,  it is because I have registered myself on 12 of May for the Tri Factor Swim challenge.

Tri Factor includes all the three elements of Triathlon before their full Triathlon even which will be held later in the year. I actually encouraged this as its like a lead up to the actual event, coming in the Month of May the swim event will take place, then in July it will be the bike session, and then run and then full OD.

You can have only so much Triathlon event in Singapore in a Year, even if they have 50 events I don’t think I want to be doing all of them cause its always the same ole same ole.

Just sharing this cute infograph that I had received from Tri Factor reminding people to join the Swim Event this May. Have fun and Stay safe readers.

isaacloo swim infographic

Why you should learn the Backstroke for Triathlon?

I have always head to the pool doing laps after laps with 80% of front crawl and 20% breast stroke all the time, I am not sure if it was the best way to train as I am only improving those few muscle group.  I was a club swimmer, training with the boys doing 50m freestyle competition but never got to signing up for one, have friends who are on the national squad but never took any swim tips from them.

Since I am doing triathlons and Ironman for the love of it, when it comes to the swim part I can tell you,I am definitely not fast even after so many swim sessions, ,sessions after sessions my time never seem to improve. I also never used other strokes like the backstroke or butterfly, never wondered why I need the them for, this conversation between speedy @trimeon and coach @felog in my feed were conversing about backstroke got me  intrigued.  I went all out and in search for the missing piece to understand why a backstroke was needed in our training session

Twitter Feed Elieen and Felog

Twitter Feed Elieen and Felog

So what happens now is that, I am gonna put in post some backstroke drills that I am gonna use and try on my next swim session..

The backstroke is easy to learn and helpful to triathletes for multiple reasons. It counteracts swimmer’s “shoulder slouch” by engaging upper-back muscles and lengthening pectorals, it can provide an opportunity to calm breathing or clear goggles during an open-water swim and it breaks up monotony in the pool. Plus, kicking while on your back serves as good cross-training for major cycling muscles such as the hip flexors, core and quads.

Try these sets: 

• 4×75 with 15 seconds rest (25 free/25 back/25 free)
• 1×600 [4x(100 freestyle strong effort/50 backstroke easy)]
• 8×50 on 1:15 (25 back/25 free) descend time 1-4, 5-8

Five technique tips:

1. Tilt chin up and look at the sky. This puts head and spine in good alignment. Do not look toward your toes, as it causes hips to sink.

2. Push hips toward the surface and maintain a steady up and down flutter kick. Keep feet just below the surface of the water. Do not rotate feet with the rest of body.

3. Hands exit the water thumb first and enter the water pinky first. This requires a slight wrist and shoulder rotation as a straight arm moves through the air.

4. Arms enter the water straight up from shoulders and do not cross the center line overhead. Swimming backstroke in a straight line is difficult without following pool lines. Keep zigzags to a minimum with consistent arm placement.

5. The key to backstroke is good upper-body rotation with a motionless head. Try to roll your left shoulder to your chin as the right pinky enters the water and vice versa

drills taken from Triathlete Competitor By Sara McLarty

Chrissie Wellington, You will be missed !!

TYR poster

TYR poster

I was shocked when I read on my timeline that Lady Chrissie is retiring / giving up on Ironman a couple of days ago.. to me she was someone that shook the world of Ironman and kinda made it more inspiring to complete an Ironman event, Ironman event it self is famous as it is and there are so many popping out everywhere.. I bet once I drop Chrissie’s name on any triathlete they would know who she is.

Who would not notice her trademark smiles, determination and passion, She has relentlessly promoted this sports and many girls/women took notice of Ironman/Triathlon in the past few years, to me she has this aura of happiness around her when she races or when she speaks to people (not that I have met her but through photographs and video). I am writing this post because she will be dearly missed by lots of girls and guys out there, she gave inspiration to many as she is a role model and idol for most of us.  Who is gonna reign on her spot this time.

On her website Wellington wrote: “Over the past 12 months I have had time to reflect and think, about my past and, of course, also of my future. Being a professional ironman athlete has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I have achieved more than I could have ever imagined, and been so fortunate to travel to some beautiful places, compete against the best in the world, and forge many lasting friendships. Those life-changing experiences and memories will stay with me forever.

As an athlete I sought ‘the perfect race’. That race within myself where I dug to the depths mentally and physically, and that hard-fought race with my competitors. The World Ironman Championships in 2011 was the icing on the cake for me as an athlete. It was my ‘perfect race’ and it ‘completed’ me.

My passion for the sport hasn’t waned, but my passion for new experiences and new challenges is what is now burning the most brightly. Hence, I have got to the point where I know that it is right for me to retire from professional ironman distance racing.”

To me Crowie and Natasha Badmann is my all time favourite athlete in the world of Ironman.

Shimano’s Triathlon dedicated Website

Triathlon has been gaining attention over the years and with the help of the Dot M franchise it will only get bigger.

Shimano seize the chance to have a dedicated website just for Triathlon specific and I can foresee them having a dedicated shop just for triathletes. How cool will that be?

Take a look at the font of their webpage.

the website has a feature gallery where you see all the latest happenings for Shimano and you can even link with their Twitter or RSS feed for updates.

Do visit their website at

I click on the page cause I saw CaitSnow.. LOL.. Have a great week ahead

Ironman 70.3 Singapore

Not sure what has happened to the titled sponsor Aviva as they have always sponsored the event, but this time the page seems to have changed into this …

So whats a triathlete got to do but to wait for it…. wonder how long its gonna take. ..

Running Motivational Posters #RunnersWorld #Fitness #Runners

Its Tuesday, I figured out lets share this while we are heading to our midweek work week, Hang in there guys Running Motivational Posters part 3 by #RunnersWorld #Fitness #Runners

Have you ever felt that you gonna make a big one half way through a Marathon race ? or any race for the matter… would you stop ? I know I wont !


Aren’t we all just Ordinary People?

This is what I have been telling my friend all this while, You don’t have to be a HERO to do an Ironman, run a Marathon or do the things you think you can’t achieve.

What excuse do you want to give yourself when a person with no legs can complete an Ironman, a Blind person crossing the Marathon.. look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE”

This poster by Edmund Hillary was shared by my buddy cKwane from Zenpencils, and he himself from a non-athletic person to a awesome hiker/climber who just did the summit of Everest! RESPECT that truly my friend.

In my RoadID I have this little motto that I tell myself “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF” and I hold that closely to my heart.  What quotes or motto do you truly believe in ?

57. EDMUND HILLARY: An ordinary chap