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Just another few days to Christmas and then its Happy New Year, I want to thank everyone whom have been following and reading my reviews and post on life rambling for all this years, also I want to take this opportunity to say MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you readers out there. As for me, I am ending my new year by keeping much to myself and staying low. I have not posted or done much video as much as I would like to end the year with but I do want to kick it up a notch for the coming 2016


I would like to thank LANEIGE Singapore for sending me the following products (hope they think I was good looking and not looking at my post and thinking YIKES this guy’s oily face sure need our product) I sure hope its the former. Thank you for the early Christmas surprise.

As you know they have  recently release their latest HOMME range which is a fuss-free skincare regime,it is a two-step skincare to help busy people or who travels often by not having to bring so many products on hand and I have to say the Oil Control Cleanser and Oil Control Water Lotion is amazing. Now I can’t wait to try all their other products. Do read on to see what my thoughts are on the two following product


The box has a nice metallic color and it sure does have a masculine feel to it, just holding on to it makes me feel MANLY! never though the Korean to be innovative as well, If you look at the packaging there is a perforated line on the side and it actually opens up from there and instructions in Korean and English are well placed for your reading pleasure.

First off let me talk about the oil control cleanser, it is actually a scrubbing cleanser which is made to clarifies the skin surface by removing excessive sebum and dead skin, I am pairing this with my Clarisonic Mia2 which give it a double boosting action

Firstly when you squeeze out the cleanser you will see blue bits which is the beads of the cleanser and it acts as a scrub, you can instantly feel the minty smell it gives off once you splash it on your face, but it was the “AFTER” effect that I love most. It made my skin felt tight, fresh and had a new bounce to it, or maybe it is the jojoba oil moisturizer ingredient that is in this cleanser

Isaac’s 2 cents worth and Product Rating ( 4.75 out of 5 cleanser ) This is worth purchasing

Since this is a two step product which comes together in a pair, I have the liberty to try it both at once, when I opened this water lotion, there was a separation of lotion and water therefore the instruction clearly states SHAKE IT WELL.


I am comparing this to the current product that I use which is the SKII men’s facial essence which is pretty similar in consistency, just that the other one has Pitera and also am using it cause my whole family is using that brand.

I will try my best to describe the fragrance of this product to you, it has this really luxurious silky smell to it, think of you in a luxurious soapy spa with freshness of the morning grass, well anyway it sure smells DARN GOOD.

All you need to do for this product is after the cleanser you splash a good amount maybe the size of 50cents worth and dab it all over your pretty face. LANEIGE claims this product contains the “Golden Ratio” of one part lotion to 11 parts toner.

The whole idea of this lotion is to control your facial oil and mine sure has it’s own oil collection station on every side of my face after lunch or so, using this product really helped me tone down my shine and darn that smell is so good. I would just buy it and pour all over my body just for that smell. Just want to say that this product works like it said it would.

Isaac 2cent’s Product rating ( 4 out of 5 oil cleaner) I would have given it higher if it was not for the price

LANEIGE Oil Contol cCeanser sells for SGD $28 and Oil Control Lotion sells for SGD $48


Brands I have used: SKII, KIEHLS, LABS, L’Oreal, Shiseido

Diablo 3 Last Boss done in 6hrs

Got to the office this morning and first thing I heard from my colleague was that some Korean have finished the game in 6 hours ? I was like come on whats up with that ?  Respect the developers, they put their mind to it creating a new scene, gameplay and cinematic for you and I bet you just skipped every darn thing. In your mind its gotta be kill kill kill kill kill and kill.

That’s from the opening sequence to defeating the final boss, Diablo himself — playing on the normal difficulty setting. A second group of Chinese players also defeated Diablo in the same amount of time. Both parties even took screenshots of the defeated boss lying dead on the ground as proof of their victory

Korean Finishing the Game

Chinese Finishing the Game

Most people have waiting to play the game must have encountered Error 37, that is why this was mentioned

“Even though the clan defeated the final boss, it apparently could not obtain the in-game items due to, well, a server problem.”

I think even the reviewers need a longer time to write the review then them finishing the game, but no doubt those guys are the best !!

“This launch is a culmination of many years of hard work by our development team, and many years of passionate, dedicated support from gamers around the world,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment. “We’re grateful for the enthusiasm of our players, and for the help of our beta testers in getting the game ready for release. Now that Diablo 3 is live, we hope everyone’s ready to have a hellishly good time slaying demons and collecting loot in Sanctuary.”

Game ON !!

Super Junior Leeteuk’s mobile number (Not a Joke)

Who wants some Super Junior, If you are one of those crazy fangirl/ fanboy for Super Junior LeeTeuk, I am not disclosing his mobile number …. but … Lee himself voluntary gave it up .. here you go girls or boys  010144601117

Hey, He posted it himself ok .. check this out



No joke: This is Leeteuk’s handphone number

For the fans of Super Junior, it must be the best April Fools’ Day ever.

Leeteuk, the affable leader of the hugely popular South Korean boyband, revealed his handphone number on his Twitter on that day.

Yes, you read that correctly. The 28-year-old has boldly gone where no idol has gone before. He started by posting a handphone number and only blocking the last four figures.

Super Junior's Leeteuk has boldly gone where no Kpop idol has gone by revealing his handphone number on Twitter. Super Junior’s Leeteuk has boldly gone where no Kpop idol has gone by revealing his handphone number on Twitter.

Fans wasted no time in trying to call to figure out the last four figures and it soon caused disruption to other users of similar phone numbers.

After getting a few complaints about the disruption on his Twitter, Leeteuk finally revealed his own number in full: 010144601117. Furthermore, he stressed that it’s “100% real”

He received countless calls, text messages and Kakao Talk messages on his iPhone in no time.

Leeteuk's fellow member Heechul posts a picture of the former's iPhone, showing that he has received numerous phone calls and messages. (image source: Heechul's Twitter)Leeteuk’s fellow member Heechul posts a picture of the former’s iPhone, showing that he has received numerous phone calls and messages. (image source: Heechul’s Twitter)

Despite that, it turns out that Leeteuk has no wish of changing his phone number. Yesterday, the star tweeted that he will keep it as a means of staying in touch with his following.

“Ah, I will not change my handphone number. I hope to keep it as a way for us to keep in touch. I will let everyone know if I ever stop using this number,” he wrote.

The group is set to hold their first concert in Paris, France, on April 6.

Sources: Korea Star Daily and

Published April 4 2012

Human that looks like a Doll?

Ok, how is this possible ? how can a human look like a doll ? but apparently this Chinese girls looks the part. To me its kinda eerie to look at her, cause he looks like a … er…. DOLL ?

Not human, where is the warmth in it ? come on guys how can she be the most searched online in Korea, are the girls of Korea jealous ? or are they gonna go under the knife more now to look like this girl. Imagine walking in the streets of Korea will lots of inflatable doll, yup that’s how its gonna look if those search are from girls ! check this article out , I only posted 2 picture of her cause I cant stand looking at her. Sorry definitely not my type.

A Chinese high school student, Wang Jiayun, topped Korean sites as the most-searched item for two days in February. On the afternoon of Feb 17, the number of visits to Wang Jiayun’s weibo surpassed 3.5 million. Chinese and Korean netizens attribute her popularity to her likeness to large eyed characters made famous by Japanese ‘manga’ culture.

However, some netizens say her photos are heavily photoshopped to give her the look similar to what netizens call ‘an inflatable doll’. On the 17th alone, the number of visits exceeded 1.18 million.

Her 30 pictures – believed to be originally uploaded onto her Sina Weibo account – were wildly circulated over the Internet reaching forums and sites across China, Taiwan and Hong Kong where she was instantly labeled as a blow-up doll,