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Love Knows No Limit

PK Mahanandia and Charlotte Von Schedvin in 2014

“I did what I had to, I had no money but I had to meet her. I was cycling for love, but never loved cycling. It’s simple.”

I was in awe when I read this article (link of the article below in red) about how this guy cycled all the way from India to Europe, it didn’t only touched my heart but I felt that their love was real. This is certainly no fairy tale but surely some director in Hollyweed will be milking movie out of a movie of them, seems worthy of the big screen. I would watch it if it comes out.

but what made this story so interesting is that, how in the world did the mother predicted the shit out of her son’s love life ..DAMM.. that is some real shamazam there, spooky but it’s real pure luck I say but surely awesome predicting skills she got there, for all it’s worth he could have rep his country in the Tour De France cycling those miles and maybe made a name for himself as well.

Anyway from the look of their face, that is truly love and good for them. Would you cycle across country for LOVE? in this day and time, I think people just swipe left and right, who cares about REAL love.

The story of PK and Charlotte Mahanandia



Ended 2014 on a High Note

Ending 2014 was a blast for me and it shows in the video below, for me I had the most amazing year where by I get to spend the last week of the year with the people that matters most to me.

This will be my 1st posting for the year as I have intended this to be scheduled for the 1 of January but I did not have any access to internet or a proper laptop with decent specs to edit my video with.

Spending quality time with my family and friends are top priority to me for now as I understand that no matter how much money you make you will never buy that time and bond you will make when you are spending it with your family.

Living the moment is also something close to my heart now, if you stop and think about the tragedies and life lost back in 2014, life is certainly a very sad thing, imagine that you working hard earning a living and all is gone in a flash. No time to even say “I Love You” no time to even Hug or kiss your love one. Slow down , breathe, take some time off, talk to the people you loved, or even you don’t know.

Making resolutions used to be one of my priority in life until recently, like I said looking at the tragedies happening around the World recently, the life lost without reasons, the people breaking down on TV and crying their heart out asking for their loved one back which is impossible, so my resolution for this year is to “Live the moment” and try to spend as much time with loved one as possible, I know money helps sugar coat the time together like buying better meals, better materials, and expensive locations, but to each his own.

Instragram is pretty much slow for me these days as I share less and less on that platform, if you don’t see me liking your pictures it does not mean I don’t like it, it just mean that I am not logged in.

Well looks like I started my year with a blog and a video specially prepared for all my family and friends who have spend my wonderful 2014 and for those who I have wronged I am sorry and for those that has yet to come to my life, I welcome you with open arms and no judgement. I love everyone equally.

Do you have your resolution prepared for the year? or have you sights on earning big bucks?

#RunTweetUpSG Happening This Week

In the world of social media we know some people to have hundred and some even thousands of followers, but in actual fact do have they actually seen them physically?

Most of the time social media peak my curiosity when it come’s to people on the other side of the screen, actually If I have a chance I would like to meet up with my readers, yeah you the one reading this now and every reader from all over the world too…… but… I don’t think that is possible.

So some how or rather one morning over at twitterville, a bunch of us were having a discussion and am not sure how this topic came up, suddenly out of no where we decided to have a meet up and we instead of the usual TweetUp, we are going to call it RunTweetUp because being in twitter we follow our passion and our passion is in Sports, Fitness, Tweeting, you get the point, so as mostly fitness advocate, we decided not to only do a TweetUp but a RunTweetUp instead, and with that a couple of meeting and talking over whatsapp. If you are in twitter do check out the hashtag for #RunTweetUpSG and you can find all our crazy ramblings and discussion over this.

Then finally the rumours is now true, and the word on RunTweetUpSG is finally out.

Mike Awesome poster

This is a Fun Run and nothing competitive, do join us for something real not just hashtag & twitting or Facebook or Instagram and some Youtube maybe.

No hefty cost of registration fees, no crazy training to be in top form as this is not a race, just real people with a social media account meeting up, don’t need a twitter account to join us. Crash the party we dare you.

As this is the First RunTweetUp in Singapore we do not want to let you go back empty handed, with great connection we manage to hook up the first few registration with goodie bags, and yes you do not need to collect it in advance, we will personally hand them to you on the day itself.  Remember to click on  —-> Sign Me up for RunTweetUpSG

Date: 17 October 2014

Time: 6:30pm

Venue: Stadium MRT Exit B.

Distance: 5k (non-competitive FUN Run) ok maybe the winner gets a kiss from Holly or Mike

Post Run: Brewerkz, get your drinks on

RunTweetUp has been brough to you by main sponsor


Organising Committee

@Mikeh71a , @RunWithHolly , @endorphynn and @isaac976

What Happened to Life?

Have you ever wondered what you want to be when you grow up ?

Are we suppose to know what we want to be when we grow up? like when you are 6 years old and the teacher asked you in class.. (insert name) what do you want to be when you grow up? and (insert name) says I want to be a Astronaut, Race Car Driver.. etc..etc.. Well I sure hell don’t know what I still want to be now. Life has so many possibilities and its so dynamic that it changes every now and then. We are a person that has so many factors affecting us everyday in our life decision.

We can plan and arm ourselves with goals and aspiration but things affect us like family, friends, time, strangers, forums and now even worst.. this thing called the  “INTERNET” .  I can tell you  internet is a sure wonder of the world, heck Award it the NOBLE PRIZE for all I know, without it you wouldn’t be able to read this right now. The internet sure has gotten us all up to speed in fact too fast for my liking. Life is not slowing down. People are not spending enough time with their families, children and friends.

I am not sure if you realize this, but I feel that everyone these days are so impatient. On the walking pathway, on the road.. etc..etc.. I do blame this on the connectivity of Internet that we have. Remember how we receive our mails in the past? not electronic for sure but snail mail, wasn’t it a joy when you got your hand written mail to you from your pen pal from another country (do they still have that).  These days its just WHAM BAM THANK MA’AM no thanks to Skype, Viber, Tango, Kik, Chat Roulette, Google Voice, Grasshopper, VoXoX, Vbuzzer.. I can go on and on with just VoIP and I have not started with the instant messaging. The art of hand written letters are long gone,

Everything seems so instant, Does the word “Stop and smell the roses” means anything anymore?  I see families with many kids but parents that has no time to play with them. I see friends living in the same town but yet only manage to meet up on their BUSINESS trips in other countries.  I see neighbors but I don’t see smiles. What’s Happening World ?? really What’s Happening?

Just expressing this feeling I have in my heart, I want to share “The Paradox of Our Age” with you.

Paradox of our Time by Dalai Lama

So please take some time off, spend it with the people dearest to you, have a good look at them, cherish the moment. What ever hatred you have with them forgive and forget. Life is too short for all the squabble and fights.

Life is not all about making BIG Bucks but rather spending BIG Laughter with your loved one. Do share , reblog , re-tweet , stumbleupon if you agree with “The Paradox of Our Age”  some where along the line.

Have a Sporty Valentine

Valentine is just 10 days away and this is the time of the year the florist will turn to Pirates and charges $10 / stalk of rose, if that is not pointing a gun to consumers head then what is?  Poor guys spending dumb money on roses on Valentines day and teddy bears. Why not 5 Romantic Sporty Valentine ways you can spend your time with your loved one.

1. Picnic

Bring a Frisbee or a soccer ball, A picnic is a great idea for Valentine’s Day. All you need to do is pack some of your favourite foods and maybe try something new to create a special memory with your loved ones this year.

2. Biking trail

Do visit the East Coast or the West Coast park for some evening night ride, rent a bike or two (tandem) and serenade  her with your love while coasting to the windy breezes of the Park

3. Roller Skating

If you are those that has been wanting to hold your girls/guys hand but have not pluck up the courage, this is the best sport for your to do it, but make sure one of you is good at it before you start roller skating,  cause falling on your bum every inch is not gonna be a fun date for you guys unless you think spending time in the Hospital treating for bruise and cut is also a romantic venue.

4. Kite Flying

Bring champagne and fruits over to Marina Barrage and fly them kites, proclaim your love by flying the highest one there, or better yet why don’t you guys make your own kite as a per-activity at home and bring it over. Now wouldn’t that be wonderful (I suggest you guys to make a Heart Shape Kite) if you ever do post it on my blog.

5. Star Gazing

Ok, not all are sports, I am not all crazy of it as well, drive your girl/guy up to Mt Faber or maybe just to Sentosa and lie down on the beach, look at the stars and talking all lovey dovey hugy snugy ! ok that last bit was a bit too much. Hey can’t blame me for wanting some.

I wonder if there are any other sporting events that a couple can do together…  have a Fabulous Valentine guys !

Valentine’s Day around the World

Only 5 days to the “Saint Valentine’s Day” or commonly known as Valentine’s day.  This is the day where some poor kid will be spending all his savings on Flowers , Chocolates and Gifts for their love one, be it a girl or boy its the same.. come to think of it I have not really spent Valentine’s day before. What does it feel like? a day filled with Oozing love? Romantic gestures? hugs and kisses ?  (getting goose bumps typing this out)

I decided to give you (more…)

Everything Has Beauty

Just wanna share this with you guys, I do like this poster a lot.

Do Girls need makeup ?

It’s conventional wisdom that women wear make-up to appear more beautiful, but according to a new study, there’s another effect: they appear more competent. this was posted in NeatOrama recently. What da hell !! studies done on Makeup?  Think you professors better do more on BREAKUP!

But quite honestly, personally, I was much more concerned – I mean, there’s not much I can do about my appearance obviously other than spending four hours in hair and makeup. – Diane Kruger

For what I think, all girls do need a little “just a little” like … er.. I am not good with make up but I think its called concealer ? not too much as you will clog your pores, and the one that makes your eyes big big, er.. is it called Mascara ?
I hate the girls when the really slap on those makeup and turn to a totally different person check out this famous blogger who I believe is a master of disguise, she even makes Gene Simmons looks like an amateur
Her name is Ling Luan NiNi, to me I think she could be pretty with just a simple makeup and not the whole nine yards.  Tell me what you think, I believe you guys have seen her somewhere on the internet but if not here she is
When you look at those pretty babes on the picture,  you must be going wow Hot BabE, Sweet Chick, Er..  before you jizz in your pants, please look at the last girl at the bottom, that outta make your stiffy down in a jiffy.
I am not saying Ling Luan Nini is not pretty, maybe if she just show her natural self,  she could be pretty also.
Yup thats the girl and she is all off the above.  All I am saying is if your gf has ton’s of make up on her, please tell her to tone down cause “Au Naturale”  is best. When she goes out with you with full on makeup you may feel like walking on cloud nine, but wait till you marry her and she shows you what she actually looks like, bet that would make you drop from your little cloud to hell straight away.
To me inner beauty is what counts, no really, I do tell my wife that she don’t need make up on, I love her the way she is.
Just my view don’t kill me if I just like things “unedited”
As human beings, we’re very materialistic and have all this stuff – furs and cars and diamonds and money.
Smokey Robinson
I think Smokey Robinson forgotten about BABES and HUNKS !