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McDonald’s How Hot Can You Go “Spicy Challenge”

McDonald’s started this “Spicy Challenge” where it’s says How Hot Can You Go, about last week ago, they blasted their ads everywhere promoting the burgers and it looked like this. It will feature 4 level of spiciness where the highest is a unannounced burger. (I hope they put in Ghost Chili or the Naga Viper, well at least flakes will do , but for now it will just be level 3)

If you guys are reading this in America, sorry guys, I believe this is only in Asia .. cause you guys can’t take the HEAT ! LOL

McDonald Spicy Burger

The first burger is Sizzling Citrus and I dont think it’s any more sizzling than sipping a Pina Colada under the hot sun as that is the only spicy effect you get, Level 2 burger is the McSpicy and it has been on the menu for quite some time now, I am trying out the Flaming Green Curry today.

I do not advocate eating McDonald’s but it is ok if they have funky challenges like this, cause I always say BRING IT ON!! I am a heat freak.. I love the burning sensation and sweat dripping down my temple, not only that I once eaten drank a whole bottle of Tabasco on one sitting. That got me a Swollen Lips bigger than …

Burn Baby BurnWell you get the point.. been thinking about the latest burger since last week after they introduced it, I had time after my lunch and I went out to get it just for kicks to see how spicy it is. If you are curious to know how spicy this level 3 burger is for me read on

Here I have the box and it say’s “FLAMING GREEN CURRY”

isaac976On the side of the box it says, This Thai Thiller… is packed with juicy, hot action – succulent green curry whole muscle chicken, spicy lemongrass and coconut sauce, crunchy whole leaf lettuce and a split corndust bun to top. Question is, can you take the heat?

I am like WOAH .. u guys really bringing it on…

isaac976 20140412_204436 20140412_204444

Opening the box you will discover that the burger looks like ….


Well, Kudos McDonalds, the burger does look like how it was advertised.. until…

isaac976Well after splitting the bun and seeing whats inside it is utterly disappointing because the so called Lemongrass Coconut Spicy sauce must be really expensive or hard to come by, I was smeared on with such sad amount that I think McDonald is making employee count the gram of sauce going into the burger, Anyway can’t wait to sink my teeth into this baby


First BITE !! NOM NOM NOM … ARGH !! … BURNS … SPICE … KILLING ME …. WATER… MILK … ANYTHING …  (ok that was just in my head)

The actual thing was … nom nom nom .. first bite taste salty from the chicken fillet, a bit of spice kicking in (wee bit)

Second bite, Nom Nom Nom .. same heat nothing fantastic..

Third bite, Nom Nom Nom.. all gone..  remember the box where is says “Can you take the heat?”

What HEAT !?

well at least the saving grace was the promise of a crunchy lettuce and boy wish they could give me more of those, the chicken fillet was tasty and juicy and boy the bun is soft and fluff. So there you go.. If you like a bit of sting on your burger go try this out.

Can’t wait for McDonald’s to come out with their level 4 Burger.. hope it’s not a wash down.. NOW MY TURN TO CHALLENGE YOU !!